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Growing marjoram: reproduction, care and use in cooking

growing marjoram Growing marjoram on your site is gaining more and more popularity among gardeners and chefs. Its uniqueness lies in the exotic taste and unique aroma that this spice gives to various dishes. In addition, the plant has medicinal properties, restoring the nervous system and relieving signs of depression..

Description of the appearance of the plant

marjoram blooms If earlier many did not know what marjoram was, now everything has changed. This spice is used both in cooking and cosmetology. The shoots of the plant are straight and branched, reaching from 20 to 50 cm in height.

The twigs are gray with a silvery sheen. In young plants, the stem base is flexible, but it hardens over time..

Garden marjoram contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper development of the human body.

As for the leaves, they can be spatulate or egg-shaped with a solid outline. The flowers are white, pale red and pink. The buds open in the middle or at the end of summer. At the end of flowering, fruits are formed. They are nut-like and egg-shaped..

Place for planting marjoram

marjoram in the gardenThe spice is very fond of light. In this regard, for cultivation, you should choose places protected from harsh winds with sufficient sunlight. Growing marjoram in the shade can negatively affect the number of fruits and the quality of essential oils..

As for the soil, the best option is an airy, loose earth, with the presence of limestone rocks in it. Sandy and clay soil can also be used to grow marjoram. Such soil warms up well and keeps moisture for a long time..

It is recommended to plant marjoram in the former potato beds. Planting can be started after loosening the soil with the addition of humus or compost..

Sowing and sprout care methods

Growing marjoram from seeds is not an easy task for gardeners. Spice requires special attention to planting and care..

Planting marjoram seeds

seedlings of marjoram seedsReproduction of marjoram is possible with the help of seeds, as well as by the seedling method. Planting begins after sufficient warming up of the earth. In order for the grains to sprout quickly, and young plants to develop well, you need to prepare the soil. To do this, you will need to dig up the area 14 days before sowing by adding fertilizer. Per square meter of soil, you should put about 5-6 liters of humus.

Seeds should be placed at a depth of 10-15 mm, after mixing them with dry sand. The distance between the beds should be within 0.7 m.The first shoots can be seen 2-3 weeks after sowing marjoram seeds.

Care methods and sowing marjoram in open soil

sow marjoram in the gardenSpice seedlings are planted in open ground only after the soil warms up well. Usually, this time falls at the end of May and the beginning of June..

You need to plant from 15 to 20 sprouts per garden bed. It is recommended to choose only strong and large specimens..

The area for planting seedlings should be bright and protected from drafts. Important nuances of sowing:

  1. Priming. The spice grows well on a sandy and clay substrate, due to effective heating by the sun’s rays.
  2. Watering. Marjoram can withstand dry days well, but you shouldn’t forget about watering. The bushes should be irrigated periodically with warm water. It is recommended to carry out the procedure early in the morning or late in the evening..
  3. Top dressing. Fertilizers should be added 3 weeks after planting marjoram in open ground. For this, superphosphate (0.02 kg), urea (0.01 kg) and potassium salts (0.01 kg) are used. Connect all components and distribute on a garden bed in one square meter.fertilization

The crop is harvested twice a season – July-August, late September and early October. To collect, cut the leaves 0.6-0.8 m from the ground using a well-sharpened knife. Next, you need to thoroughly wash and dry the raw materials..

Using marjoram in cooking

marjoram in cookingThis plant is a good helper for the cook. Marjoram leaves, grains and stalks are used to prepare a variety of dishes. Fresh plants are consumed in any form. Often, ground parts are added to various toasts and sauces..

At home, marjoram is used for cooking:

  • meat dishes:
  • soups:
  • various types of salads;
  • drinks.

Marjoram is often used in cooking for pickling vegetables..

Marjoram green leaves are packed with many beneficial essential oils. Because of this, they are often used to prepare medicinal infusions..marjoram drink

Many countries boast of their traditional dishes, which include marjoram. The French use the spice to make hare-based pâtés. Czechs cook dishes from potatoes, mushrooms and pork, while Italians cook rice soups. Spice is a must in German sausage products, and Armenians use marjoram as an alternative to salt and pepper..

marjoram in saladThe dried spice is very popular in many European countries and America. It is increasingly used to make burgers and other street meat dishes..

Marjoram can also be added to fatty foods due to its beneficial effects on digestive processes..

“Sausage herb”, as marjoram is also called, is in perfect harmony with various vegetables. It is recommended to add the spice to potatoes, cabbage and beans. With the help of this spice, low-alcohol drinks, wine are made, added to sour cream or tomato sauce. Diabetics use marjoram as a substitute for salt.

If you want to grow marjoram in your backyard, then follow all the tips and tricks. For good growth and development of the plant, you should adhere to the instructions for watering, and also do not forget about the timely application of fertilizers..

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