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Choosing the best varieties of broccoli cabbage for summer cottages

varieties of cabbage broccoli Broccoli has long been popular in the West for its taste and vitamin composition. With the development of vegetable breeding, Russian gardeners also became interested in vegetables. Consider which varieties of broccoli are most suitable for growing in different climatic conditions (see Romanesco cabbage).

What to consider when choosing a broccoli variety

selection of cabbage broccoli Further in the article, the characteristics of the most popular broccoli varieties among Russian gardeners will be presented. To determine which of them is most optimal for growing in your case, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Climate. Most varieties of broccoli are thermophilic, so they can only be grown during the warm season. If the above zero temperature in your region lasts a long enough time, you can choose any early, mid or late ripening variety, except for specially bred cold-resistant hybrids that do not tolerate heat. If you live in the northern region, you should choose varieties suitable for growing in a greenhouse, cold hardy or early maturing.
  2. Gardening experience. If you are a budding gardener, it may be worth starting with hybrid varieties. They are marked with the special designation F1. Such varieties are derived from crossing broccoli with other types of cabbage, which allows them to be more resistant to pests and less demanding to care for, (* have a high yield *). The advantages of non-hybrid varietal varieties are that they often have a more pronounced taste and can be grown from their seeds the next year..
  3. Ripening time. According to the ripening time, broccoli are divided into early ripening (ripening period up to 100 days), mid-ripening and late ripening (ripening period from 130 days). Early ripening varieties are usually more suitable for consumption raw, and late ripening varieties for heat treatment and storage in frozen form. To consume broccoli throughout the year, you can take several varieties of different ripening times..
  4. Productivity. Depending on the variety, 1 to 7 kg of fruits can be harvested from 1 square meter.
  5. Storage methods. Some varieties of broccoli can remain usable for several months without additional processing, others are suitable for long-term storage only in canned or frozen form.
  6. Taste qualities. Each variety of broccoli has a special flavor, but it is impossible to understand which one you will like without tasting.

Early maturing varieties

Early varieties of broccoli are ideal for regions where the weather is warm enough to grow vegetables outdoors. Such plants ripen within 2-3 months after planting. Basically, early ripening broccoli varieties have a fragile structure and do not retain their freshness for a long time without heat treatment. They are ideal for consumption raw..

Variety View Ripening period Boarding time Preferred climate Yield Head weight Side shoots weight
Batavia F1 Hybrid Up to 100 days Mid March – mid April (from seedlings) Warm 2.5KG 0.7 to 1.5 kg, From 200 grams
Linda Varietal 85-105 days End of March – April

(from 35 day seedlings)

Any 3-4 kg 300-400 grams 50-70 grams
Lord F1 Hybrid 60-64 days From April 20 (from monthly seedlings) Any Up to 4 kg About 1.5 kg Up to 200 grams
Vitamin Varietal 75-80 days March, April Any From 2 kg About 300 grams
Monaco F1 Hybrid 70-75 days Planting 45-55-day seedlings in the warm season Any About 4.2 kg 1.5-2 kg
Tone Varietal 70-90 days Planting seedlings in March, outdoors – in early May Any 1.6-2 kg From 200 grams 50-70 grams
Caesar Varietal 95-110 days April Any
Curly head Varietal Up to 100 days March, April Warm 500 gram

Photo and short description

variety BataviaBatavia F1 tolerates heat well and bears fruit until the first frost. It is an ideal broccoli variety for the middle strip. This variety is best consumed fresh, although it does not last long. Retains its taste when frozen.

Linda cabbageLinda broccoli is a medium-sized bush with 7 fruiting shoots. Fruits are rich in easily digestible iodine.

grade Lord

The lord is more suitable for outdoor cultivation than in a greenhouse. The bush is resistant to powdery mildew. Fruits are fortified with potassium, which prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.

broccoli vitaminThe fruits of broccoli Vitamin must be harvested 80 days after planting. Otherwise, they become too loose and unusable..

Monaco varietyThe fruits of the Monaco variety are very juicy. The bush of the plant grows up to 80 cm high and has no side shoots, but this variety is one of the most productive. Plants are resistant to bacteriosis.

variety TonusThe photo shows that the Tonus broccoli cabbage has an unusual appearance. Its fruits have an unusual delicate taste. The plant can bear fruit even in frosts, therefore it is ideal for planting in the northern regions, although the yield of the bushes is not great.

broccoli caesarCaesar broccoli has a record vitamin C content.

broccoli curlyBroccoli Curly head grows well at a temperature of 16-25 degrees.

Also worth noting is such an early ripening variety as broccoli Lucky F1. The head of the plant has a weight of about 900 grams, despite the fact that the fruits become ripe as early as 70 days from the moment of planting.

The hybrid variety is resistant to powdery mildew and has a high yielding capacity. Ideal for greenhouse cultivation in cold regions. The broccoli variety Fiesta also has similar qualities..

Early maturing varieties also include white broccoli, popular in European countries..

Mid-season varieties

Mid-season varieties ripen mainly 100 – 130 days after planting. Some of these varieties produce high yields and are dense enough to be transported over long distances, making them ideal varieties for commercial production. These varieties are mostly thermophilic, but some of them can also be planted in cold regions..

Variety View Ripening period Boarding time Preferred climate Yield Head weight Side shoots weight
Ironman F1 Hybrid 64-81 days For seedlings – in March, after 50 days planting in the ground Any 2.9 kg 400-600 grams _
Dwarf Varietal 70-75 days

(you need to plant 40-day seedlings)

March, April Any 2-4 kg 300-400 grams 200 grams
Fortune Hybrid 80-85 days After the threat of frost has disappeared Warm 2.6KG About 150 grams

Broccoli IronmanBroccoli Ironman grows well in open areas, belongs to the high-yielding varieties.

cabbage gnomeBroccoli “Gnome” has a high content of phosphorus, calcium and substances that promote the growth, strengthening and healing of bone tissue.

Fortune is kept fresh for a long time, despite the fact that the structure of the fruits is very juicy.

Residents of the northern regions should pay attention to the Calabrese cabbage. It tolerates cold weather and frost well both in the open field and in the greenhouse.

Late-ripening varieties

Late ripening broccoli will ripen for about 130 to 145 days. The ripening time of seedlings is also taken into account, if necessary. However, these varieties also have their advantages. Some late-ripening broccoli are not only cold-hardy, but also bear fruit outside of the broccoli season. They are even in frosty weather (the fruit grows frozen, but edible). In addition, late-ripening broccoli has a special delicate flavor..

Variety Ripening rate Head weight Productivity (per square meter)
Marathon 80-85 days 800 gram 3.5 kg
Agassi F1 65-75 700 frames 3.5 kg

broccoli MarathonMarathon broccoli variety has a very delicate taste.

grade AgassiAgassi can be kept fresh for up to 5 months.

Broccoli is known for its rich dietary composition. Each vegetable variety has not only a unique composition, but also a special taste. By experimenting with the varieties of broccoli, you can choose the variety that suits you best in terms of taste, ease of growing, and yield. Some hybrid varieties also differ in an exotic look..

Broccoli fruits do not lose their beneficial qualities when frozen and can be stored in the freezer throughout the year. Thanks to the variety of colors and shapes, the vegetable can be a decoration of any table..

Choosing the best varieties of broccoli – video

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