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Why is the Leningradskaya black cherry variety so popular?

sweet cherry grade Leningradskaya black Scientists of the Pavlovsk Experimental Station of VIR have been tirelessly creating hardy varieties of various crops for the environs of St. Petersburg and the North-West region for several decades. Among them are the Leningrad black cherry. Description of the variety, photos of fruiting trees and ripe cherries will help to make sure of the success of Russian breeders.

In the Soviet years, gardeners of the Non-Black Earth Region and the North-West of the country were deprived of the opportunity to even dream of growing cherries. These crops have traditionally been considered southern and unsuitable for industrial horticulture. Therefore, the breeding of productive winter-hardy varieties has become possible relatively recently. Not a single variety for the northern and western regions of Russia has yet been officially included in the State Register, but thousands of summer residents are already enjoying sweet juicy fruits from their own plots. This is indicated by reviews of the Leningrad black cherry, as well as a description of the features of the fruit plant.

Characteristics of the Leningradskaya black cherry variety

non-simultaneous ripening of fruits The variety of medium ripening times is rightfully considered one of the most frost-resistant, hardy varieties. It can be successfully grown from the central black earth zone to the Leningrad region..

In frosty winters, not too warm and sunny summers, early arrival of cold weather and spring frosts, the variety demonstrates high resistance and productivity..

In the first years after planting, seedlings grow rapidly and bloom at the age of three, forming the first ovary. In the future, the growth rate decreases slightly, which does not prevent the Leningradskaya Black cherry variety, according to the description and photo, from forming a voluminous, spreading crown up to 3-5 meters high. Growing, branches can make the crown overly dense, impervious to sunlight and air. Large elliptical foliage with jagged edges, pointed tips and elongated petioles complement the effect, so trees need extra careful pruning.

After flowering in May, an ovary appears on the bouquet branches. Collected in bouquets of 2-5 pieces of fruits are quickly poured. In the Chernozem regions, the harvest can be harvested at the end of June, in the North-West this period is postponed by 2-4 weeks. For cherries of the Leningradskaya Black variety, non-simultaneous ripening of fruits is characteristic. When the first of them have already acquired a thick, almost black color and a sweet dessert taste, others are still preparing to pour.

Features of fruiting cherries Leningrad black

large fruits of dark colorFruits, which have a heart-shaped or almost rounded shape and weighing from 3 to 4 grams, are inferior in weight to southern varieties of sweet cherries. Deep red flesh lurks under the dense burgundy dark skin. The berries have a pleasant sweet taste, subtle sourness and light spice. The sugar content depends on the growing conditions, the place of planting and care of the Leningradskaya black cherry. The warmer the spring and summer, the more fruits are filled and the better their taste. If June is rainy, the sugar content drops and the flesh seems a little watery. The same happens with excessive watering..

To ensure maximum yield and quality of fruits, places protected from wind and frost with light, aerated soil are chosen for planting cherries. In addition, a self-sterile variety needs pollinators that are planted in the immediate vicinity..

bloom of Leningrad blackThe pulp of the Leningrad black cherry, according to the description of the variety and the photo, hides a medium-sized, oval-shaped bone. In ripe fruits, it is easily removed, which helps the summer resident, without unnecessary hassle, turn fresh cherries into an excellent ruby ​​red compote, delicious jam or jam. In the refrigerator, the fruits removed from the branches are well stored for a week and can be transported.

Another feature and advantage of the variety is the ability of ripe cherries not to crumble for a long time, which is very important in case of non-simultaneous ripening. During the season, one adult tree produces from 20 to 40 kg of sweet black and red berries..

seedling planting rulesSuch varieties as Iput, Tyutchevka, Fatezh, Ovstuzhenka, Veda, Bryanskaya rozovaya and Bryanochka, Michurinka, as well as varieties of Leningradskaya cherries with yellow and pink fruits are used as pollinators for Leningradskaya black cherries. When selecting pollinators, not only the flowering period is taken into account, but also the frost resistance of trees. In addition to the winter cold, the spring sun can threaten sweet cherries. It is this that causes burns on perennial wood, its cracking and weakening..

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