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Cherry grafting in spring and summer

grafting cherries in spring and summer Grafting is the transplanting of a small fragment of one plant with vegetative buds to another. Cherry grafting is performed on cherry plums, plums, cherries and, in fact, cherries. The operation is needed to give a delicate heat-loving tree more durability, to limit growth. When two trees become one, a more winter-hardy cherry stock will allow cherries to bear fruit in the Moscow region.

Basic rules of vaccination

grafting cherries on a stone tree The plant that has roots in the ground is called a stock. The part that is implanted by any means into the mother tree is called a scion. For plants to connect, you need to select related crops, such pairs are called compatible. Stone fruits are compatible for grafting cherries. Plum, cherry and apricot are more suitable than others..

The scion and stock take root best during sap flow at an ambient temperature above + 5 degrees. Petioles are harvested in the fall. If the winter was warm, the rods for the scion are cut in the spring. Green twigs take root badly.

ways of combining scion and rootstock tissuesThere are different ways to combine the tissues of two trees, gardeners use one or another method of grafting sweet cherries, like other fruit trees.

Vaccination is a complex operation. In order not to spoil the stock, it is necessary to master the vaccination, fill your hand with waste material. The tool should be hand-tight and sharpened. By combining two even cuts, their connection is achieved.

Which season to choose for vaccination

grafting cherries in springSweet cherries are grafted during the growing season. But the best period for grafting all fruit trees is spring. It is important that there are no frosts at this time. Cherries are grafted in spring with prepared stalks. They were taken out of the cellar in advance, saturated with moisture and root. In the spring, all methods of splicing scion and rootstock are used:

  • budding;
  • copulation:
  • grafting for the bark;
  • lateral incision grafting;
  • cleft inoculation.

Sometimes an experienced gardener uses ablation – two young cherries are grafted into the trunk. After accretion, an inch is taken from one tree, a root is taken from another.

Early June is still a good time to graft cherries onto cherries in the summer. It is important to saturate the soil under the mother tree with moisture in the summer before vaccination. Water the plant regularly for 3 days. The cuttings are also kept in water with a stimulant at this time. Most often in the summer, cherries are implanted by the method of budding, with an eye.

grafting cherries in summerIn the summer, it is possible to carry out inoculations in the cleft and behind the bark. It is important to prepare cuttings about 1 cm in diameter for better survival. Cherries are a good graft. The established stalk feels good. But after a few years, the sweet cherry becomes noticeably thicker at the junction. She has a strong sap flow. To prevent this from happening, so that the branches do not break off under the weight of the crop, it is necessary to furrow the junction. How to plant cherries on cherries depends on the condition of the scion and stock. partial graftWith a partial scion, the tree can bestow cherries and cherries. Cherry varieties serve as a good stock:

  • Megalebskaya cherry has high winter hardiness;
  • Pica – excellent scion compatibility;
  • VSL – goes well with any varieties of cherries;
  • Vladimirskaya cherry – high winter hardiness, good survival rate of the scion.

If there is an old cherry tree in the garden that no longer bears fruit, but has long been adapted to frost, this is an excellent rootstock for new cherry cuttings. They can be placed along the trunk, on a cut, take different varieties, from this a fruitful tree will become picturesque.

Is it possible to plant cherries on cherries if the tree bears fruit? Inoculation can be carried out in the stem shoot and skeletal branches. This is how the pollinator variety is usually planted if the garden area is small. Grafting can correct the taste, size, yield of the stock.

You can experiment with vaccinations in the fall for a short period. It is necessary for the cutting to start before the frost sets in and the sap flow stops..

What fruit trees can cherries be grafted on

Cherrygrafting cherries on plums akin to stone fruit, but the growth rate of all trees is different, the structure of the wood is also different. Therefore, for better survival, grafting of cherries on plums is performed. The grafting can be done partially, and then the plums and cherries will share the nutrition from the roots. But sometimes the stock is taken to create a seedling. In this case, the stock must be at least 1 cm in diameter..

At a height of 20 cm from the ground, a reed incision is made on both parts. The rootstock with the scion is connected and secured with a winding. The surgical site is sealed with a bag to retain moisture. When the leaves appear, the bag can be removed. On the rootstock, all shoots are removed. After 2 years, the seedling should begin to bear fruit..

What else can you plant cherries on? On the cherry plum. It makes cherries more resistant, and allows you to place the tree where there is an excess of soil moisture.

Cherry grafting on cherries – video

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