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How to grow Ruben blackberries on your site?

blackberry of Ruben variety Blackberry Ruben, the description of the variety of which cannot fail to attract attention, belongs to the remontant. This is largely the reason for her special popularity. With proper care, the berries grow unusually large and fragrant. To achieve high yields, you will have to remember several features of this variety and the rules for its cultivation..

Varietal features

Ruben blackberries are highly transportable The Ruben blackberry variety is considered one of the youngest. It was bred in 2011 by American breeder John Reuben Clark. He managed to cultivate the remontant blackberry, which is distinguished by a special berry size. Thanks to this, the variety quickly began to gain popularity all over the world..

The shoots of this blackberry outwardly resemble raspberry ones. They are upright and do not need a trellis tie. They have medium sized spikes. They are not located very often, so they do not obstruct the harvesting process..

According to the description of the characteristics of the Ruben blackberry, it belongs to the early maturing varieties. You can start harvesting in early August. The last berries will ripen in November. At the same time, blackberries begin to bear fruit from the first year of life. With proper care, it is possible to get up to 6 kg of ripe juicy berries from one bush. Each of them weighs up to 16 grams. The fruits are distinguished by a refined taste with a slight sourness. They perfectly tolerate transportation and short-term storage.

Landing rules

preparation of the pit for planting blackberries RubenIn order for the description of the Ruben blackberry variety to be consistent with reality, it must be planted correctly. The plant propagates with the help of seeds, cuttings, layering or dividing the bush. If you want to feast on delicious berries already in the year of planting, then it is better to divide the existing bush or purchase a ready-made seedling. When planting, be guided by the following rules:

  1. It is better to choose slightly shaded places for planting. Blackberries will do well near trees or tall shrubs..
  2. If the groundwater on the site lies at a depth of less than three meters, then the organization of a drainage system will be required. Otherwise, the root system of the plant can quickly rot..
  3. Planting Ruben blackberries in open ground is carried out in early spring, as soon as the soil warms up. It is necessary to place the bushes at a distance of about 1.7 meters from each other. Otherwise, they will grow and begin to interfere with each other..
  4. Pour a couple of buckets of humus mixed with the ground at the bottom of the planting pit.
  5. Carefully place the seedling in the hole, cover with soil and spill abundantly with water. Cover the top with coniferous needles or peat.

the result of proper fit and careObserving these planting rules, you will be able to grow strong healthy Ruben remontant blackberries. She will delight you with a rich harvest for at least 10 years..

Care features

pruning blackberries in autumnRuben blackberries are easy to care for. It is enough to adhere to simple recommendations:

  1. Water in a timely manner. If the weather is dry, then this should be done every day. In spring and autumn, blackberries are watered no more than a couple of times a month. At least a bucket of water is poured under one bush.
  2. The plant is fed once a month. For this, nitrogen fertilizers or humus are used. In the summer, top dressing is carried out using mullein.
  3. In November, the bushes are pruned. All shoots are completely removed. This increases the frost resistance of the plant and allows it to rejuvenate..
  4. From the description of the Ruben blackberry variety it follows that the plant is resistant to diseases. If the berries have been in contact with moist soil for a long time, then signs of gray rot can be found on them. Other diseases are extremely rare.
  5. Pests bypass blackberries. In rare cases, leaf aphid infestation occurs. Spraying the plants with a solution of tobacco dust will help to cope with it. To prepare it, 200 grams of dust is diluted in 10 liters of water and insisted for about 2 days. About 50 grams of laundry soap is introduced into the resulting infusion and irrigated.pest control

With proper planting and proper care, Ruben blackberries will delight you with their delicious berries before the onset of cold weather. They can be eaten fresh or used to make jams, jellies and compotes..

Acquaintance with blackberry Ruben – video

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