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Varietal features of the Agave blackberry and the rules for caring for it

blackberry of Agavam variety Blackberries are not as common in Russian gardens as their closest relative, raspberries. This is due to the fact that the plant does not tolerate winter well and is demanding to care for. The blackberry Agavam is devoid of such disadvantages, the description of the variety of which allows us to speak of its unpretentiousness and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Therefore, every gardener needs to remember several features of this plant and the rules for growing it..

Varietal features

large berries of blackberry agave North America is considered the birthplace of the blackberry of the Agavam variety. It is distinguished by a large bush height and a powerful root system. In length, its shoots reach 3 meters. As it grows up, it grows a lot. Such a plant will be an excellent option for decorating country arches and pergolas..

Young shoots are colored light green. Gradually, they acquire a reddish-purple hue and are slightly pubescent. Blackberries have large thorns. The leaves are also studded along the veins. A distinctive feature of the variety is that all leaf blades come out from one point.

The plant does not discard the leaf until the very frost. Often it goes under the snow together with the leaves. Flowering begins in May. Flowers are collected in large racemose inflorescences.

Studying the description of the Agavam blackberry variety, it becomes clear that it bears fruit abundantly. Up to 20 large juicy berries grow in one brush. Each of them can weigh up to 4 grams. They fully ripen closer to mid-August. They are characterized by a pleasant sweet taste. The total yield reaches 15 kg of berries from one bush.

One bush can bear fruit annually for 15 years. The plant perfectly tolerates frosts down to -30 degrees. Drought tolerant. With a prolonged lack of moisture, the berries become smaller. Feels good on wet ground. Shade tolerant.

Basic landing rules

rules for pruning blackberries before plantingPlanting and caring for blackberries Agaves does not require special skills and knowledge. To grow a healthy plant, you should remember a few basic recommendations for proper planting:

  1. Planting a seedling in the ground is carried out in the spring. Only in this way will blackberries have time to take root well and adapt to new living conditions..
  2. If the soil on the site is too acidic, it will need to be limed..
  3. Based on the description of the Agavam blackberry variety, it follows that it tolerates shading well. Better to give preference to well-lit areas for planting.
  4. Before planting in the prepared hole, it is recommended to add a little mullein, humus, and superphosphate.
  5. After planting, it is recommended to cut young plants so that no more than 25 cm of shoots remain above the ground. The near-trunk territory is mulled with sawdust or coniferous needles.
  6. Plants can be planted in rows or bushes. Each seedling must have at least 2 square meters. meters of free land.
  7. Blackberries require a trellis garter. To do this, a wire is pulled between two rigidly fixed posts. The first thread is at a height of 0.4 m from the ground, the second is 1.2 m and the third is at a distance of 1.7 m.As the plant grows, its shoots will be attached to such a trellis.

Given the description of the Agavam blackberry variety and the rules for planting it, it will be possible to breed a real blackberry on your site. It will delight you with high yields for many years..

Competent care

blackberry agave plantationCaring for this variety of blackberries is simple, even an inexperienced gardener can easily handle it. The main thing is to follow a few basic rules:

  1. Plants that have reached the age of two years are pruned in the fall. It is necessary to cut off all shoots without exception. Shoots of young seedlings are tied into a bunch and bent to the ground and tied to the bottom wire of the trellis. This must be done before the onset of cold weather..pruning blackberries
  2. Blackberries need regular watering. This should be done with warm water once a week. Several buckets of water are poured under one bush.
  3. Periodically, the soil around the bushes is loosened. This will provide better oxygen penetration to the roots and will avoid weeds..
  4. The variety is resistant to diseases and pests. Occasionally it is attacked by the beetle or bear. To avoid this, plant marigolds and calendula around the bushes. Essential oils contained in these plants repel pests.blackberry agave is pest resistant
  5. At the beginning of the growing season, fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers is carried out. In addition, potash fertilization will be required once a season..

There are many photos and descriptions of the Agavam blackberry variety on the Internet. Remembering just a few recommendations, you can easily grow this berry in your area..

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