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Strawberry varieties for giving Siberia

Strawberries in the greenhouses of Siberia You can buy strawberries beautifully packaged in small containers almost at any time in the supermarket, but you really want to plant some of the best varieties in your summer cottages in order to enjoy the natural taste of unprocessed berries. The breeders took care of summer residents not only in warm regions, but also created amazing varieties of strawberries for Siberia. Now in this harsh climatic region, a large number of strawberries of different varieties are grown in the beds..

Requirements for strawberries for Siberia

In the southern regions, with proper planting and care, any variety of berries can be grown. Juicy fragrant fruits of different sizes delight kids for a long time. The choice of varieties for growing in Siberia must be approached more carefully, given that plants should:

  • Be frost-resistant to withstand the harsh frosts of Siberia.
  • Quickly restore the green mass of the bush.
  • Resist fruit rot and damage from strawberry mites.
  • To be distinguished by a plentiful harvest of berries with good taste and suitable for transportation.

It is difficult to find strawberry varieties that fully meet all the points described above, but you can always choose the best ones. To please the family with fragrant berries, several varieties should be planted with different fruiting periods, tastes, and berry sizes..

Growing strawberries in Siberia

Open cultivation of strawberries First you need to choose a planting site, prepare the soil, and then buy carefully selected varieties. Does not like strawberry beds, where nightshade crops were grown before planting. Choose a landing site that is not flooded in spring, open to sunlight, with rich in humus and loose soil.

Growing strawberries in Siberia, subject to the regimes of watering, weeding, nutrition, removal of whiskers, mulching, will not cause any particular difficulties. The preparation of the beds and holes should begin in the fall. Before digging, a mixture of a bucket of humus, 0.5 liters of wood resin and 30 g of mineral complex fertilizer is applied per square meter of the garden. If it is planned to plant remontant varieties, the amount of the applied mixture should be doubled..

For large-fruited strawberries, prepare beds no more than 50 cm wide. Leave the distance between the beds up to 80 cm. Repaired varieties are best planted in wide beds in one row. The optimum width is 1 meter. A distance of 40 cm is left between the holes.In the fall, 1/5 of a bucket of humus, 0.5 cups of ash and 20 g of mineral fertilizer are added to each hole.

Planting seedlings in early spring. Immediately cover the seedlings with a covering material for 10 days. Do not open the repair strawberries until the first berries ripen. After three years, transplant the plants to other beds. You can add wood ash to strawberry beds at any time..

Recommended varieties for growing in Siberia

We have made a selection of the best strawberry varieties for Siberia, early, medium ripening.

Berdskaya Early

Berdskaya Rannyaya varietyThe non-remontant variety pleases with matte red berries of a conical round shape, medium size, sweet and sour taste. Subject to the rules of care, the plants give a stable high yield. Recommended for growing under cover in Siberia.


Strawberry DaryonkaThe variety was bred by Russian breeders. On large bushes with wide large leaves of light color, red medium-sized sweet and sour berries ripen. The harvest is early and abundant. The variety is great for growing for sale. To obtain a good harvest, timely feeding and watering is required. Low temperatures for the plant are not particularly dangerous. This variety is resistant to attacks of harmful insects and fungal diseases..


Kama varietyThe variety was bred as a result of crossing by Polish breeders of famous varieties: Kavaler and Zenga Zengana. Summer residents call this variety the Black Prince. During the period of technical ripeness, the berries have a bright red color and sour taste. Ripe berry has a burgundy color and a sweet taste. Fruits with juicy, dense pulp, rhombic rounded shape weighing up to 36 g. Dark green bushes yield up to 1 kg of berries. It tolerates low temperatures well, is particularly resistant to drought, but is often exposed to white and brown spots. Timely processing with special preparations will help preserve the quality of the crop.

Omsk early

Strawberry seedlingsThe specially eaten strawberries for Siberia are the result of the work of Russian specialists. The high-yielding early variety is rarely affected by disease. Small pink and red berries with an amazing aroma and sweet-sour taste ripen on a medium-sized bush..


Amulet gradeNon-repairing medium-early ripening variety. Refers to dessert varieties. From one bush, you can collect up to 2 kg of berries weighing up to 30 g. Ripening occurs together, and the berries taste sweet. Children just love these strawberries. The hostesses are happy to preserve it and freeze it. Plants practically do not get sick and tolerate frosts well. To achieve good yields, planting is recommended only in spring. Mustache formation is minimal.


Strawberry TanyushaThe variety with an average maturity is an excellent result of the work of the employees of the Novosibirsk Experimental Station. Powerful bushes are distinguished by a small number of rosettes and mustaches, bright foliage. Small juicy dark red berries develop on thin stalks.

Festival Chamomile

Mid-season Festival ChamomileAn excellent result of the selection work of Ukrainian scientists. The variety is distinguished by an average ripening period, the first large harvest, a rich aroma and a special sweetness of the berries. This strawberry is suitable for transportation, fresh consumption, canning, juicing, desserts. The variety is resistant to various diseases, perfectly tolerates low and high temperatures.

Carefully selected varieties of strawberries for summer cottages in Siberia will delight you with their harvest, if you can provide them with good care. Regular watering, timely fertilization, transplanting plants to prepared areas will improve the taste of the berries..

Video about strawberry varieties for Siberia

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