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It is very important to know when to plant beans outdoors in different climatic zones.

growing beans in the open field Beans are an irreplaceable vegetable crop in the diet of any person, both as a dietary product and for the full replenishment of protein and energy for people involved in sports or hard work. To grow a good crop, it is important to know when to plant beans outdoors..

Preparatory work

outdoor bean harvest Beans are unpretentious to the quality of the soil, but you need to pay attention to some of the intricacies of growing this crop, from preparation for planting and ending with possible diseases of the legume crop. If you know in advance the nuances of growing and the period when it is correct to plant beans in open ground, then the harvest will delight even novice gardeners with its abundance.

Starting preparatory work, you should determine how the beans will be planted in the soil. Planting is possible in two ways: by seeds or pre-grown seedlings.

Before sowing seeds in any way, they should be prepared:

  1. Selection of “healthy” beans and removal of damaged.
  2. Soak before planting for at least 12 hours in room temperature water;
  3. Immediately before planting in the ground, treat each bean with a solution of boric acid. It is prepared in a proportion of 2 grams of acid per 10 liters of water..

Planting beans in open ground with seeds requires presoaking them. This is done as follows: the amount of seeds required for planting is wrapped in any natural fabric, it is better if it is cotton. Then the beans, wrapped in a cloth, are placed in a bowl and moistened abundantly with water. It is important to keep the seeds moist at all times..

Small sprouts will appear in a few days. Such seeds are already suitable for planting in the ground. Already, when the beans are planted in open ground, it remains only to wait for the harvest with proper care.

harvesting beansIf waiting for the appearance of the pods is not part of the plans for a long time, then you can accelerate their appearance by planting beans with seedlings. To obtain it, pre-germinated beans are seated in small pots or containers. There they will be until the emergence of shoots. 2-3 weeks after their appearance, the seedlings are ready for planting in the ground..

In a similar way, asparagus beans are planted in open ground..

Soil requirements

planting beans in open groundThe best yield of beans will be on loose soil. Ideally, if it is black soil. Growing beans outdoors in Siberia is also possible, but it should be borne in mind that the yield of a crop growing in clay and waterlogged soils is much worse..

The ability of beans to enrich the soil with oxygen is known. Often it is planted for just such a purpose. Experts advise choosing a site for planting it, based on what has grown on it earlier. Ideal precursors for beans in the selected area are:

  • tomatoes;
  • potato;
  • cucumbers;
  • White cabbage.

Preparing the soil before planting is also important..

Before lowering seeds into it, the soil should be enriched with oxygen. For this, the site is dug up, large clods of earth are loosened. In this state, it is left for a maximum of 3 days, after which the legumes are planted..

Climbing crops can be planted along fences and fences. Firstly, it saves space, and secondly, it makes it easier to care for the culture..

Beans planting and care in the open field

mulching beansIf growing beans is new, then don’t worry about it. It is an unpretentious crop that requires minimal maintenance. It is worth considering a few simple nuances of planting and further care of the crop, so that later on throughout the winter you can enjoy bean dishes..

Subtleties of landing

Beans are a rather thermophilic culture, so it is recommended to plant them in open ground when it is already warmed up enough. For example, planting beans in open ground in the Moscow region is possible in late May or early June. At this time, the risk of frost on the upper layers of the soil is already minimal and at the same time there is enough sunlight.

Experts recommend that when planting a culture, be guided by the following scheme:

  • observe the distance between the rows within 40-50 centimeters;
  • there must be a distance of at least 20 centimeters between the holes with seeds;
  • the denser the soil, the shallower the planting depth should be, and it should not exceed 5 centimeters.

Before lowering the seeds into the hole, the soil should be well moistened.

Beans will grow faster if you create a kind of greenhouse for them. To do this, simply cover the beds with polyethylene or other material that will allow sunlight to pass through and keep warm..

Crop care

outdoor care for beansNo specific care for bean sprouts is required, but if you want to get a good harvest, then some effort will need to be made. Timely watering, weeding and loosening of the beds is important. It is important to provide air access to the roots of the plant. To do this, the soil should be regularly loosened and a dry crust should not be allowed to form on the surface of the earth..

beans have sprung upThere are times when diseases appear on the leaves of a plant. To exclude their spread in the early stages, it is recommended to periodically inspect the leaves. Early detection of diseases and pests is the key to effective control of them.

Experienced growers know one little trick that attracts a large number of insects to the bean flowers during the flowering period. To do this, they spray the bushes of the plant with sweet water or place containers with sugar syrup or honey along the bushes. Such a simple procedure helps to increase the yield of the crop several times..

Proper watering

caring for asparagus beansFor beans, proper watering is essential. But at the same time, you should not overdo it with him. It is enough to organize watering once a week. Before flowers appear on the bushes, the amount of water is calculated at the rate of 6 liters per 1 square meter.

During flowering and pod formation, the amount of water should be at least doubled. If watering is not enough, it can lead to the death of flowers and ovaries. Also, the lack of watering will be felt in the taste of the fruit of the beans..

Excess moisture is also undesirable. This leads to active growth of leaves on the bushes and slows down the growth and formation of pods, which in turn affects the yield..

For a long time, beans have been planted in open ground in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, and every year the methods of planting and growing are improving and improving. This helps to ultimately get a good harvest of this healthy crop, from which you can prepare a lot of healthy and dietary dishes..

Planting beans video

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