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Beautiful wardrobe-wall in the Living Room: 140+ Photos of large and modular Walls

Beautiful wardrobe-wall in the living room

If you have long been interested in what should be the closet-wall in the living room, then this article will help to clarify many questions..

Why a wall cabinet is a good idea?

To live in a comfortable and pleasant house, you need to think over a plan for arranging furniture in an apartment in advance. Usually it is very difficult, because you have to choose between quality, convenience, beauty and economy, sometimes it does not work out to find a compromise. A particularly important room in the house is often considered the living room, which receives people and serves as a place for rest for the family and everyone else..

Contemporary wardrobe

Contemporary wardrobe

Although there is a stereotype in their heads that the search furniture for a guest room is complicated, there is one object often used in the interior – a wardrobe-wall. In any home, he is the main detail and decoration of the living room.. There are many reasons why you should put it in your living room:

  • This design is very compact, which will make it possible not to buy a large number of separate pieces of furniture..
  • Convenient design scales also allow you to put it even in a small room, satisfying the need for a place to place objects and things.
  • Wall cabinets are easily installed even without the help of a wizard.
  • If you have some kind of design idea, you can buy separate parts of the structure..
  • The modular design will make it possible to quickly replace one specific element without touching other parts.
  • A different number of elements allows you to embody your own design ideas and maximize the use of square meters.

Develop stereotypes

Develop stereotypes

The popularity of this type of furniture in our homes dates back to Soviet times. Then the walls were quite bulky, awkward, scarce for decoration, but still sold out by everyone. Today, a significant number of unusual and beautiful wardrobes are being created and sold that can decorate your room..

AdviceWe must not forget that the vast majority of manufacturers make it possible to make a model to order. If you have thought out an unusual interior design plan or the size of the room is not quite standard, use this offer.

The popularity of such an element of the interior arose back in Soviet times.

The popularity of such an element of the interior arose back in Soviet times.

What you should pay attention to?

Choosing any furniture for your at home, think over different offers of sellers or think in advance what characteristics it should meet. Basically, when choosing a wall cabinet, it is best to evaluate the following criteria:

  • How does it fit into the overall concept of the room.
  • Will it fit into the dimensions of the room.
  • Is it functional enough and can it perform all the necessary tasks like storing wardrobe items, dishes, photographs and electronics?.
  • Is it roomy enough to hide the right amount of master’s things from prying eyes.
  • Is the material from which it is made is suitable for you, and how high-quality and environmentally friendly it is?.
  • How securely the structural parts are fastened to each other.
  • Is the price of the whole structure affordable for you?.

When choosing a model, think about the style of the interior correctly

When choosing a model, think about the style of the interior correctly

Nowadays you can find a wide selection of wall panels in stores, both in classic points of sale in the city and in new catalogs on the Internet. When making a choice, do not cling to offers that may not suit you with something; cold calculation will be needed here. If possible, you can hire an interior designer who can help you with the preparation of a rational, competent planning and selection of furniture for it..

Varieties of wall cabinets

Manufacturers are trying to surprise buyers with the most interesting variations of cabinet-wall models, but there are only a few main categories into which this furniture is divided. When searching, rely on these options.

Classic frame version

Classics can be called the most ordinary, no frills, designs, mainly made of different types of wood.. They usually consist of:

  • wardrobes;
  • shelves for books;
  • pedestals with a stand for television equipment;
  • separate racks for dishes.

Such a frame, that is, a structure fastened to each other, is located along the wall along one line.

Classic model

Classic model

Its significant inconvenience is that having assembled such a model, you will not be able to change the position of the elements in the composition in any way. Most of all, these walls are suitable for Soviet apartments and classic and vintage styles..

Modern modules

The current wardrobes look somewhat different, and are much more diverse and convenient: the modular design creates different combinations of elements that are assembled into separate modules. Here, a person has the ability to arrange racks, both linearly and creating corners. By the way, specifically the corner types of walls are more popular due to their compactness and lightness, given that in big cities, rooms are often small in size..

Modern modules are more diverse

Modern modules are more diverse

Obviously, modular designs are much more functional than classical ones. Here it becomes possible to select and quickly replace some more inappropriate element of the composition.. Such walls are often installed in fashionable high-tech apartments and in children’s rooms..

Slide walls

Slides are such modular structures that differ in different heights and, as it were, create a wave pattern, otherwise they are similar to classic wardrobes.

They really consist of the same elements as the previous variations, but precisely because of their compactness, the slides are in great demand. Such designs look more original than the classic ones and help to decorate the walls above the racks and shelves..

Slide walls differ in different heights and, as it were, create a wave pattern

Slide walls differ in different heights and, as it were, create a wave pattern

Designers love to insert slides into high-tech, modern and retro interiors. Slides are also different, and it will not be in vain to look at their possible types:

oneWith a sideboard for dishes – in slides of this type, the presence of a bedside table or chest of drawers at the bottom of the structure is standard. This creates a separate zone, where both beautiful plates and glasses and napkins with tablecloths can be stored. Often, such sideboards also have drawers that are used to store cutlery.. Slide wall with sideboard for dishes

Slide wall with sideboard for dishes

2Straight – this slide is the most frequent guest of apartments in Russia. It stands on the wall as standard and consists of the most classic set of elements. A straight wall-slide will best fit into the classic style of interior design, and will allow you to arrange a place in the guest room for storing souvenirs, figurines and gifts. A straight wall-slide will best fit into the classic style

A straight wall-slide will best fit into the classic style

3Corner – an idea for small rooms that can rationally use the extra space in the corner of the room. Often this design is used to store dishes and souvenirs, less often – clothes. Technique like a TV will stand here only if you decide to put a very long and long slide, which not everyone can afford. Corner - for small rooms

Corner – for small rooms

4Mini slide – such a structure consists mainly of long shelves and two rather narrow cabinets or a small cabinet. It is a very simple and tasteful composition, well suited for guest rooms in a city apartment. It allows you to store books, paintings, photographs and other knickknacks on its shelves. Miniature version

Miniature version

Mini wall for clothes

Already from the name it becomes obvious that this option is very suitable for small apartments and communal apartments. Compact mini-walls consist mainly of shelves with dressers for clothes, but their appearance is more noticeable.. Often small structures are deliberately made non-standard:

  • original convex shapes;
  • clear geometry of lines;
  • play on the contrast of different colors.

Suitable for small apartments and communal apartments

Suitable for small apartments and communal apartments

Mini-walls will be a wonderful decoration for any living room and will look especially organic in the interior. studio apartments. By the way, in the latter case, this furniture will also come in handy in order to separate two zones in a large room. Mini walls are just perfect for style rooms loft and futurism.

Corner with wardrobes

In principle, this type is quite similar to a corner wall-slide, with the difference that the modules here can be absolutely any. Corner structures help save space by placing various things of the owners in wardrobes and additional interior elements such as vases with flowers and paintings on their shelves..

Corner structures help save space

Corner structures help save space

Such moves look really harmonious, without focusing on the wall itself, but organically fit into the style of the room. By the way, in the case of studios, the zoning effect of the room will also take place here – a corner wardrobe-wall will stand as a border between two zones, for example, a living room and kitchen. Most often, in this case, the role of the wall plays just closet for clothes.

Walls of this angular type do not fit well in rooms with low ceilings. A layout with a not very high corner wall for low ceilings will not help, because spaciousness will suffer.

What can be the design?

Now you practically will not see the monolithic structure of the cabinet-wall, because it is completely inconvenient in our everyday life. That is why you will have to look at different sets of elements to find the one that suits you best. The composition may contain:

Ordinary wardrobe

Variations can be different: either this is the most classic wardrobe, standing in the center of the composition, or a pencil case, located on the side. As standard, it stores a variety of clothes from jackets to socks, and inside you can find an empty space with hooks or a beam for hangers, drawers and shelves.. Often these wardrobes are hinged, but many buy instead sliding wardrobes with sliding doors with a vertical mirror.

The most classic wardrobe in the center of the composition

The most classic wardrobe in the center of the composition

Bedside table with drawers

This is a kind of stand for equipment. On the countertop most often stand television, speakers and a game console, but everyone can decide what to put in there on their own. This element is standardly located in the middle of the structure..

Glass sideboard

An element of composition suitable for services and other tableware, due to the ability to store really beautiful items that you want to show and you want to be proud of. For example, awards or gifts can be located behind the glass of the sideboard door. Particular care should be taken with sideboards with glass shelves – check how securely they are fixed, and also do not place too heavy objects on them..

For the ability to store beautiful items

For the ability to store beautiful items

Shelving with open shelves

A frequently used wall cabinet element, essential for storing pots with flowers, vases, books and small trinkets. Typically used to store various household items and decor items that maintain the atmosphere of the room.

Shelving with open shelves

Shelving with open shelves

AdviceDo not overdo it with items on the shelves – too many items will create the effect of clutter and chaos.

Racks for electronics

Some configurations have separate stands where you can place a system unit or speakers from a home theater.


Often we are talking about a work area with a computer, where the previous item is also attached. The elements are both the tabletop itself and the additional drawers above.

Work area with computer

Work area with computer

Closed boxes

They are located mainly at the bottom, but in different places. A home bar can be set up there.

Wall cabinets

Mezzanines are standardly connected to the rest of the structure with ties. Less often, structures are created in which the hanging cabinet is part of the composition, but is attached to the wall separately with brackets in any other place. It usually stores bed linen or clothes that are unnecessary in the current season, or other household items like extra towels. In such closed lockers, you can store important documents..

Hanging cabinet can be part of the composition

Hanging cabinet can be part of the composition

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of construction for the house, think in advance what specific tasks the wall cabinet you are buying should perform. Think about what you can arrange in other places of the room, and what exactly such furniture is needed for.

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We select for the style of the room

Obviously, in different apartments, and in different rooms, the overall style of the interior may differ, and it is worth choosing a wall in conjunction with the design of the rest of the apartment.. If your home is decorated in the Art Nouveau style, then you can afford to make such a bright accent.. You can find a wall that is completely different from the rest of the room, but then you will have to find a model in bright colors and with interesting finishes..

AdviceModern is the style of a new generation, which has conquered many with its originality. He allows anyone to express their imagination and satisfy desires. By the way, additional decor in the form of diode illumination is often used here..

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

If you are going to stick to the classics, then, as already mentioned, it is worth choosing standard sets made of natural wood. Will fit well here:

  • beech;
  • Cherry;
  • oak;
  • Red tree.

The classic wall model should be made in strict lines with a simple, uncomplicated decor, perhaps a gold finish.

French glasses are not bad for additional finishing. It is such a wall that will look expensive and very elegant, and most importantly, it will suit the atmosphere of the room. The nobility of the classics will be emphasized and highlighted with such an elegant decoration.

Classic style model

Classic style model

In the technological high-tech style, chrome and chrome-plated metal in general are most quoted. It is also customary to use glass as a decoration, but it is better to avoid wood – it does not help to achieve the effect of lightness and airiness in the construction of furniture. In addition to materials, one should not forget about the shape of the elements, which should be minimalism, useful and practical, but at the same time remain stylish.. What is noteworthy is that such wall cabinets are much cheaper than classic ones..

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style

As for plastic structures, they are not used almost anywhere, except for non-residential premises, and are more often placed in playrooms, rest rooms and offices..  Plastic walls are simple and convenient, mobile and easily replaced in case of breakdown, therefore, they are suitable in appearance for an office business style. They do not play the role of decorating the room, but only help in storing various items..

For a large room

For a large room

AdviceTry not to buy structures whose elements are attached to screws, because such fasteners are too short-lived and unreliable, which is confirmed by reviews. The best and worthwhile option will be confirmations. Remember that you cannot even mount small wall cabinets on a plasterboard wall..

Which color suits best?

When you decide what structural elements you need, choose the style of the stack and the material for its manufacture, it is time to choose the color. Here, too, the emphasis should be mainly on the rest of the design of the room, but do not forget that each color carries its own idea. Let’s take a closer look at which color is right for you..


The most basic color of the entire range, considered a symbol of purity and harmony. In the interior, it is necessary not only to add tranquility and freshness, but also to create the effect of airiness and lightness. This allows you to put even fairly large furniture in a small room without losing space, at least visually..

White symbol of purity and harmony

White symbol of purity and harmony

A large amount of light and similar light accents will help remove clutter not only in the room, but also in the head. In addition, this effect can be supported by adding intelligent lighting to the top of each element.. The main advantage of white is its versatility.. Shelves with accent spots in the form of books, vases and other things will look extremely organic on a white background.


Another calm and relaxing color that constantly working people really need. Light shades of green help you calm down and relieve stress, and bright colors add light colors and positive mood to your state of mind..

AdviceRemember that dark shades are only suitable for rooms with rich natural light, taking into account that artificial should also be well established..

Calm and relaxing color

Calm and relaxing color

Swamp tones should be abandoned altogether, they will suit, perhaps only in the classic version, but even there you can apply more interesting ideas.

Green goes well with wood and bronze, so it works well for an eco-friendly style. By the way, green will also be nice to combine with yellow.


As the warmest color in the range, yellow is best suited for a strong family’s apartment. If additional lighting is very asking for in the room, but the effectiveness of artificial light does not suit you to the end, then just the shades of yellow will help you.

The warmest color among the range

The warmest color among the range

Remember that this color is very rich and juicy, so don’t go overboard with it. It is better not to add too many other bright colors, it is better to make a combination of two opposite ones, for example, juicy yellow and calm blue.


The brightest color that may not work for everyone, although you can create a very aggressive and disturbing design for your living room. It must be understood that this idea can have a bad effect on the condition of a person in the case of his permanent residence in such a room..

Red tones must be skillfully added to the interior, therefore it is worth conducting an experiment in advance on other sites.

Can create a very aggressive and disturbing design

Can create very aggressive and disturbing designs

There are many warm shades of reds that make a great addition to the overall picture in the form of decor and furniture finishes. For effect, it is best to combine red with white and gray..


A fairly measured and a bit strict color, which is most often used for the interior of business premises like offices. All light shades of blue are completely neutral and can serve as a backdrop to any other color.

Measured and slightly strict color

Measured and slightly strict color

Classic additional colors for combinations are white and black, and from bright to blue, red is most often added. Such a color is cold, therefore it requires support in the form of warm lighting, if the design decision is to use it for a room in which people will often be.


A rather unusual color for room decor, which is most often used by creative and non-standard people.

It is important to remember that purple is quite cold even when it is in pastel colors, so you will need to correctly set the lighting..

Used by creative and non-standard people

Used by creative and non-standard people

This color is not suitable for those who first decorate their premises and do not know how to do it, because experiments with purple often lead to unpleasant results..

On a noteThis color works best with white and beige, but in good light it can be used with shades of brown and dark indigo..


As you might guess, black is very bad for the living room if you like to gather noisy and cheerful company. Such a guest room will look elegant and noble, but it will only create a fairly strict and intelligent atmosphere. This idea can be refined and used if the owners need a room where they can get away from the rest of the world and immerse themselves in their thoughts or creativity..

Such a guest room will look elegant and noble.

Such a guest room will look elegant and noble.

Metal and specifically chrome will be best combined with black.. Do not forget about the classics – black and white combination. Add bright red or orange objects to the composition to spice up the composition. You can also play with the contrast of gloss and matte surfaces..


A calmer color than black, and the same refined and noble. Quite obviously, it also requires good lighting that can convey the beauty of the different shades of a similar brown tone. Chocolate goes well with pastel shades, especially with beige and milky, and it also looks good with gray.

Requires good lighting

Requires good lighting

This color adjusts to well-being and creates a sense of harmony with relaxation. In a well-chosen interior in brown tones, it will be cozy to spend time with the whole family and with close friends..

Most importantly, do not forget that dark tones greatly narrow the space, so do not overdo it with them..


When they want to use pink in the interior, they think mainly about the coral shade, if it is, of course, not about children’s room girls. Most often, this color is associated with something youthful, popular and fashionable, and a similar feeling of freshness and novelty will be transferred to your apartment..

If you settled on pop art or techno styles, then the wall should be done in a combination of bright coral with milky, and the texture of the outer finish should be glossy. If you add green to the coral, you get a very cute and cozy atmosphere..

Pop art style

Pop art style

In all fairness, the most popular wall cabinet color seen in a significant number of apartments is dark brown with a natural wood look. A large number of residential premises still remain in the Soviet and post-Soviet style, when such stylistic solutions were considered the most expensive and valuable. Now you can afford any color, pattern and decor..

AdviceFind out about all the technical characteristics of each model in advance, so that later there will be no problems as a result of assembly.

What should be the decor of your closet wall?

If all the previous options were required to obey the style of the room, then in terms of decor, you can roam. First of all, you can try matching matte and glossy elements at the same time to create a rather interesting contrast.. Also, do not forget about the remarkable options such as painting on wood or a skillful hand-drawn pattern, which also work well on wood..

A mirror will remain a worthwhile decor idea..

AdviceThe mirrored surface on the cabinet door from the outside will give you the opportunity to easily see yourself in a selected outfit and will visually increase the space of the apartment, and this will especially work if the mirror is opposite the window opening.

This is important for rooms with small dimensions, so the owners of such should install a high wide mirror, which may require just a wardrobe.

It will visually increase the space of the apartment,

Will visually increase the space of the apartment

Unlike mirrors, glass is mainly used in sideboards. It can be completely transparent, but it has a rather pleasant unpretentious pattern, achieved by alternating a transparent surface with a matte one, and a backlight located right behind the glass will be a worthy addition. Lighting can be realized both with the help of separate bulbs built into the board, and with the help of LED strips if the shelves are too thin.

Hardware plays an important role in the interior

Hardware plays an important role in the interior

Do not forget about the accessories, which play an important role in the decor. Basic the emphasis should be placed on the handles of drawers and cabinets – they can be very beautiful carved or unusual:

  • convex;
  • luminous;
  • minimalistic;
  • iridescent sequins.

Such pens, depending on the materials from which they are made, carry different messages:

  • Bronze ones are more suitable for vintage and classic noble style;
  • Wooden ones are more comfortable and interesting in terms of decoration;
  • Metallic ones will always look new and very stylish;
  • Glass ones look airy and elegant, but not very practical and comfortable;
  • Plastic ones are good for constant interaction with them, but not very beautiful.

Choose the option you like that suits the atmosphere of the room or come up with your own.

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