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Repairing strawberries: planting and caring for it

rassada-klubniki The popularity of remontant strawberries, the care of which everyone can master, is explained by the fact that it gives two or even three harvests per season. This allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma of the berry from the first hot days to the onset of cold weather. Such varieties differ from garden ones in that their bushes are smaller. However, this does not affect the taste of strawberries and its usefulness. Plants quickly form new buds after the previous crop has been harvested, which requires a lot of energy from the plant. For this reason, the care of strawberries of such varieties is special..

Features and care of strawberries, its varieties

strawberry flower Repaired crops live shorter lives than ordinary crops. Two years is a normal period for them. Experienced gardeners know this and take it into account, and also try to choose varieties that are more resistant. These are species with small and large fruits. They also differ from each other in the way they reproduce. There are varieties that do not give antennae, so such varieties of strawberries reproduce by seeds. Planting and caring for different varieties is very similar. But there are many differences..

Varieties with small fruits are unpretentious, resistant to heat and frost. Their landing is easier due to the fact that they do not develop tendrils. Markings “DSD” or “NSD” can be deciphered as varieties for long and neutral daylight hours. When purchasing any of the varieties, you need to learn about the method of reproduction, cultivation, resistance to pests and diseases. Some gardeners choose hybrids – species obtained by crossing different varieties. They rarely get sick and are less likely to be affected by pests, and hybrids also have higher yields. Their disadvantage is the lack of the ability to reproduce. Hybrids are designated as F1.

Features of some of the popular varieties are shown in this list:

  • Alexandria is a small-fruited strawberry variety that propagates by seed. Possesses great frost resistance and good “immunity”.
  • The Ali Baba variety is in many ways similar to Alexandria in its characteristics. Produces a good harvest. Strawberries of this variety are very tasty..
  • strawberry variety snow whiteSnow White is also a small-fruited strawberry that is propagated by seeds. The yields are quite abundant. The berries themselves taste like pineapple and have white flesh, for which they got their name..
  • Experts choose the American strawberry variety Diamant for its resistance to disease and frost, as well as for its large berries. They have an elongated shape, orange-scarlet color, characteristic luster and amazing taste. The yield of this variety is also high..
  • Beam rome varietyThe variety, originally from the Netherlands, Vima Rina is also distinguished by its large fruits, drought and disease resistance. It can be recognized by its dark, slightly curled leaves. Wim Rina’s berries are pointed, red, with a sour taste. The density of these berries allows them to be successfully transported.
  • Queen Elizabeth is a Russian variety with large berries that are well suited for neutral daylight hours. He has tall bushes, a little mustache, the berries are cone-shaped and have a sour-sweet taste. Their flesh is dense, which makes them easy to transport. The yield of this variety is high – during the season you can get up to 3 kg of berries from each bush..
  • Laurent varietyThe Laurent variety is marked F1, that is, it is a hybrid, it also has the designation NSD. The bush of this variety is powerful, has large leaves and dark red berries with a sweet, slightly sour taste. It can be grown in the middle lane.
  • The Inexhaustible Strawberry is a German variety. Its bushes are recognizable by their large, dark leaves. The fruits are very tasty and large. The second collection of berries from these bushes is carried out relatively late, so it is convenient to freeze these berries for the winter..

Planting, growing and caring for remontant strawberries

The strawberry plantation should be constantly renewed. This is usually done in late July or early August. Before the onset of autumn, the bushes have time to take root and prepare for wintering. So, you need to choose antennae with well-developed rosettes and plant them. The flower stalks that appear on them should be removed so that the bushes will give an early harvest next season. At the end of summer, you need to repeat the replanting. This method of growing strawberries is best practiced with NSD varieties..

Strawberries need light soil with a neutral pH. The plant is usually planted in the spring, but you can do this at the end of August. Planting method – nesting. Renovation strawberries, which are more difficult to plant and care for than garden strawberries, need more space. It is necessary so that new shoots can take root. The plot is dug up and fertilized before planting strawberries. Care for strawberries in spring (in April) consists in preparing the soil – manure is introduced into it. Sand is also added to heavy soil. Plants are planted in mid-May. Leave at least 65-75 cm between the holes. Young bushes require daily watering. And the autumn landing is actually carried out at the very end of summer..

Pruning the tendrils of strawberriesRepaired varieties need to be watered often; water for this purpose needs to be taken warm. An infusion of herbs – nettle, wormwood and yarrow – is useful for strawberries. They are crushed and poured with water, left in the sun and after 7 days used for watering. After watering or good rain, you need to gently loosen the soil at the roots. Pruning strawberries is also considered important in care..

The mustache should be trimmed regularly. In the fall, it is necessary to prepare the bushes for winter – remove all peduncles, cut off the leaves.

It is also necessary to check that the roots are not exposed. The land must be loosened up, and then the plantings must be mulched with deciduous humus. The bushes are covered with grass only with the onset of frost. Insect pest control and disease prevention is carried out both in spring and autumn. Just like garden strawberries, repair varieties also require care. Even more intense. But the harvest is richer..

We recommend watching a video about growing remontant strawberry varieties:

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