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Petunia sophistry lime bicolor – a chameleon in your garden

petunia sophistry lime bicolor Petunia today has about 25 varieties, which differ from each other in an unusual color scheme, bush shape and flower size. The super-fashionable novelty petunia sophistry lime bicolor, surprising with an unusual play of color, will leave few people indifferent. Her spherical bushes, covered with large flowers, look luxurious both in flower beds and in hanging flowerpots..

Characteristics of petunia lime bicolor

Petunia sophistry lime bicolor photo, which can be seen on this page, is a perennial plant, but is most often grown as an annual. In the process of growth, forms a powerful spherical bush up to 30 cm in diameter and up to 40 cm in height.

lime bicolor Its unique color scheme is of particular value. From June to October, the bush is abundantly covered with two-colored yellow-pink funnel-shaped flowers up to 10 cm in diameter. Depending on weather conditions, degree of illumination and age, petunia can change shades and color saturation..

Shows excellent growth in well-lit flower beds. It can also withstand slight shading. Sophistry lime bicolor is not demanding on the soil of petunia series, it tolerates short-term rains, drought and slight frosts well. But with prolonged dry weather, it requires additional irrigation.

Growing petunias sophistry lime bicolor

To obtain an adult plant at an earlier date, it is recommended to grow petunia in seedlings. This page shows a photo of petunia sophistry lime bicolor, which is grown by a similar method.

Sowing seeds for seedlings can be started as early as January. In this case, sowing is done superficially, without sprinkling them with earth on top..

To obtain early shoots, it is recommended to water the seeds with a growth stimulator. The containers are covered with glass or foil to create the necessary microclimate. Usually the first shoots appear after 2-3 weeks at a growing temperature of 18-20 ° C.

petuniaThe picking of seedlings is carried out after the appearance of 2-3 true leaves in cassettes 3 x 3. At this stage of growing petunia sophistry lime bicolor requires additional lighting and nutrition. Reflective surfaces (mirror, foil) can be used as light sources, but as practice shows, the plant shows the best growth results when the illumination is carried out by LED lamps. As for additional nutrition, it is better to fertilize with liquid complex fertilizers every 10-12 days..

Watering the seedlings during this period should be moderate. The soil should not be allowed to dry out, but it is also not recommended to make it too wet..

Plants are ready for planting in open ground after they reach three months of age.

Sophistry series petunia care

Young plants are planted in open ground only after the threat of frost has completely disappeared. When choosing a place for laying out a flower bed, preference should be given to well-lit places. Since in too shaded areas, the bush begins to lengthen and loses its spherical shape. Petunias grow well on drained, sandy loam or loamy soils with neutral acidity..


In the process of growth, petunia needs constant feeding, since the abundance of flowering depends on this. You can apply to the soil both complex fertilizers and a prepared solution of organic fertilizers. In addition to additional nutrition, the aisles of the bushes should be periodically loosened, which will allow the roots to more easily receive nutrients and moisture. To maintain a well-groomed flower bed from petunias, it is necessary to regularly remove dried flowers and leaves.

Video: growing seedlings of petunias 100% germination

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