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Why and with what cantaloupe can not be eaten?

Aromatic sweet melon We do not think about the compatibility of products when we get to the festive table. Later we complain about the malaise, referring to poor-quality cooking. In fact, we ate a lot of different treats and paid for it. A special effect with such promiscuity is the use of melon as a dessert. What you can’t eat a melon with and why, let’s figure it out.

What is known about product compatibility

Melon does not mix well with other foods A product incompatibility table has long been developed. She indicates what can be eaten in one meal, and which dishes are best divided. The meaning, translated into the language of an ordinary consumer, is that for the decomposition of products into components, a different composition of gastric juice is required for each product. They were grouped according to acidity and degradability. In this case, there is a slight decomposition of food, and the stomach is not overloaded..

If, however, foods that require different components in the gastric juice are served at the same time, then they mutually neutralize each other and digestion is slow, severity and other problems arise. Therefore, they talk about the compatibility of products for simultaneous administration.

Melon is best consumed on its own.Types of products that are included in a person’s menu:

  • protein, requiring acidic enzymes for digestion;
  • acidic plant foods;
  • slightly acidic, non-starchy plant products;
  • starchy foods fermented in an alkaline environment.

A traditional second dish, meat with a side dish of porridge or potatoes is poorly digested, but well with a cabbage side dish. With the wrong food intake, it is poorly absorbed, most of the nutrients go to waste.

The excellent vitamin greens of lettuce and spinach, when added with salt, completely lose their benefits. Green tea with milk is a useless combination. Coffee and sandwich mutually destroy usefulness.

Melon is incompatible with any food. It is eaten between meals of at least two hours. Fresh milk belongs to the same incompatible products. It is a protein product, but in an acidic environment it curls up.

Why you can’t eat melon with other foods?

Consume melon on an empty stomachMelon belongs to the pumpkin family and is a close relative of the cucumber. From the very appearance on the tables of the nobility, it has become a favorite dessert. No one knew then that improper eating of a melon could cause death. After the death of another lover of food, it happened that the servants of the poisoners were executed. Later we figured out that melon cannot be a dessert. Its taste and aroma are enjoyed at the moment when the stomach is unloaded and ready to take a new portion of food..

It turns out that the sweet vegetable will stay in the stomach for a few minutes, the melon mass will be digested in the intestines. If you prevent it, keep it in the stomach, you won’t end up with problems. Here it will ferment quickly without being digested, with all the consequences – flatulence, diarrhea, colic, nausea. Therefore, to fully enjoy the honey taste of the Charju melon, you need to empty your stomach and slowly put a piece in your mouth with a fork, closing your eyes from pleasure. There are many benefits to this eating. This is why melon should be eaten separately from other foods..

Melon with milk will cause a lot of troubleThe low-calorie product contains 35 kcal per 100 g, but contains:

  • energy components are mainly carbohydrates;
  • alimentary fiber;
  • vitamins and minerals.

However, melon contains 10 times more iron than chicken and milk. Potassium is present 120 mg, a lot of niacin, vitamin C. Due to the high concentration of folic acid, the product is recommended for people with weakened brain activity, the elderly. Melon is also useful for liver diseases, anemia, diseases of the cardiovascular system. The substance seperoxide dismutase, present in the melon, restores peace of mind, relieves fatigue.

Melon honeyAt the same time, a sweet product is not recommended for weight loss patients with diabetes mellitus. For medicinal purposes, melon is introduced into the diet under the supervision of a doctor.. In support of the fact that melon is an independent product that is incompatible with others, let us give the body’s reaction to the simultaneous intake of different components:

  1. Melon with milk or fermented milk products will create a violent laxative effect. Therefore, you should not buy yogurt with melon for children. Despite the assurances of manufacturers, if the products are natural, diarrhea will not keep you waiting.
  2. You can not eat a melon completely on an empty stomach, problems with bloating and nausea will begin. It is dangerous for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract..
  3. Alcohol and melon are incompatible. There are three paths of problems here. Some complain of severe constipation, others pass the TRP standards on the way to the toilet. There are still others who are taken away by an ambulance for gastric lavage..
  4. Breastfeeding moms shouldn’t feast on melon. The baby will inevitably experience loosening of the chair. All mothers are afraid of this, since dehydration of the child’s body instantly sets in..
  5. It is also not recommended to drink a melon with water, fermentation, colic and diarrhea may occur soon.

The combination leads to trouble and explains why melon should not be eaten with other foods. In a special place is the interaction of two medicinal products, honey and melon in the stomach..

Why you can’t eat a melon with honey?

Melon with honey can create a stone in the intestinesSince ancient times, the order has been passed not to eat melon with honey. In those days, intestinal obstruction was called volvulus. So, it was believed that honey with melon creates a stone in the intestines, permeability is impaired, and terrible torment awaits a person..

However, there are people who eat honey and melon at the same time without consequences. Doctors believe that the compatibility of melon and honey, even for a healthy person, is questionable. For those who have undergone abdominal surgery and have adhesions and scars, bowel obstruction may occur. Therefore, it is not worth risking your health and turning two medicinal products into an explosive mixture for the body. There are only a few people who always eat melon with honey and do not experience any unpleasant sensations. Before experimenting, think about who needs it.?

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