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Apple tree Grushovka Moscow: planting and care at their summer cottage

apple tree pear Moscow planting and care The apple tree is a favorite fruit tree that can be found in every garden. Moreover, this is the first seedling from which the planting of summer cottages begins. For what purposes only ripe and aromatic fruits are not used: homemade cakes, compotes, jams and juices. An honorable place is taken by the Grushovka Moskovskaya apple tree, planting and caring for which will not be difficult.

Apple-tree Grushovka Moscow for your garden

ripening period Apple variety Moskovskaya Grushovka obtained by natural selection. The tree grows powerful with a branched crown, densely leafy, the height is 7 meters. Fruits are generally medium in size and globular. During flowering, the tree is covered with pink buds. The weight of one fruit reaches 70 g, rarely – 120 g. The taste of apples has a characteristic sourness, their surface is covered with a waxy bloom. It is also worth noting that this variety is divided into subtypes: early and winter pear.ripe fruits of the apple-tree variety Grushovka Moskovskaya

Main characteristics

early ripe varietyGrushovka Moskovskaya has many positive characteristics that distinguish it from other varieties..

Before purchasing this variety, it is important to consider the following parameters:

  1. Productivity – this variety has a high yield, up to 200 kg of apples are harvested per season.
  2. Fruiting – the first fruits can be obtained in the 6th year after planting, subject to the necessary grafting of dwarf rootstocks.
  3. Winter hardiness – high enough, the variety is able to withstand temperatures down to -50 ° C.
  4. Pollination is a self-infertile variety and will require pollinators to get a good harvest. The following varieties should be planted nearby: “Antonovka”, “Papirovka”, “Cinnamon”, “White filling”, “Kitayka”.
  5. Ripening time – pear belongs to the early varieties, since the fruits ripen by the beginning of August.
  6. Disease resistance – the tree is susceptible to apple scab, black cancer and moniliosis.

The main advantages of pears are increased resistance to frost, as well as early ripening of fruits. A feature of this variety is the presence in apples of a large amount of pectin and vitamins B and C.

The apple tree Grushovka Moskovskaya has drawbacks: the fruits do not tolerate storage well, and the variety also bears fruit unevenly..

Planting and caring for an apple tree

apple tree care Grushovka MoscowTo plant this variety, you will need an elevated, windless and sunny place with slightly acidic soil..

The best option is sandy loam soil with normal acidity. As a rule, the seedling is placed in late April or early autumn..

Landing scheme:

  1. A 1×1 pit is being prepared with the installation of a support. The deepening must be at least 70 cm.
  2. A nutritious substrate is placed at the bottom of the planting pit, which contains organic and mineral fertilizers.
  3. The seedling is not deepened into the soil – the root collar should not be lower than 5 cm above the ground. The root system must be carefully distributed and sprinkled with a layer of 10 cm.
  4. Next, the seedling must be attached to the support peg..
  5. Immediately after planting, abundant watering with settled water is required – at least three buckets.

The variety does not like high humidity, therefore, when planting in a lowland, drainage will be required.

Also, in the first year after planting a seedling, 80% of the flowers must be removed from it – this increases the chances that the tree will take root..

After that, the apple tree will need regular care:

  1. Watering – from the beginning of spring to the end of summer, young plantings need to be watered three times a week, adult trees are watered several times a month. In drought, the number of irrigations increases.
  2. Pruning – Formative pruning is required in the first year, and regulatory pruning after the first fruits. Damaged and diseased branches should be removed annually.
  3. Top dressing – fertilizers are applied from the second year of life. In early spring, the seedling is fertilized with manure or sod soil, nitrogen mixtures are added in summer, and in the fall they are fertilized with complex mixtures without nitrates. During the season, the tree will need at least 3 additional fertilizing..

At times, it is necessary to loosen the trunk circle, eliminating weeds. Preparation for winter consists of mulching the soil.

Diseases and pests

disease and pest controlThe apple variety Grushovka Moskovskaya has low disease resistance, and therefore is extremely susceptible to fungal diseases. In this regard, gardeners are advised to regularly treat trees with fungicides. In early spring, it is recommended to treat the apple tree with Bordeaux liquid. To prevent the appearance of scab, it is necessary to keep the near-trunk circle clean: remove weeds and remove the carrion in time. Preventive measures to combat diseases and pests are carried out before the beginning of the growing season or after flowering.

Apple tree Grushovka Moscow in the garden – video

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