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Growing a pear correctly Just Maria

pear grade Just Maria The most recently bred pear Just Maria exceeded the planned results, and firmly established itself as a desired and fruitful tree in almost all summer cottages. Belarusian breeder Maria Myalik introduced the world to a new variety resistant to various diseases in 2010.

Description of the variety

The tree reaches 3 m in height and has a pyramidal crown, the diameter of which in adulthood is 2.5 m. The branches, located almost perpendicular to the trunk, create an average density of the entire tree. Rich green oval-shaped leaves without jagged edges and bright veins.

ripe fruits Pear Just Maria, description, photo of which makes it clear how useful and beautiful fruit it is. The mixed type of fruiting allows pears to germinate on spears and ringlets (simple and complex). The fruits begin to ripen only in October, which prolongs the pleasure of enjoying fresh fruits even in autumn and winter. Smooth fruits are light green in color with a red blush. juicy large fruitsRipe pear usually reaches 200 grams.

It is better to pick a large batch of pears unripe. They tend to ripen when plucked, and can be stored in this case for 90 days..

Planting and leaving

planting a pear seedling Just MariaPear Just Maria, planting and caring for which requires compliance with some rules. During planting, the following principles should be adhered to:

  1. For planting in spring, sometimes you need to prepare pits for the winter in advance by fertilizing them.
  2. Autumn planting requires careful selection of moist and nutritious soil. In the absence of such, the land must also be fertilized..
  3. When choosing a place for a future tree, you should remember that it is thermophilic and capricious to drafts..

Pear variety Just Maria is capricious and requires scrupulous care.

The fruit tree is not frost-resistant, therefore it needs additional insulation. To preserve the roots during low temperatures, before the onset of winter, an earth mound or carpet of leaves is made around the tree..

protection from cold and rodentsIn the fall, fruit tree lovers, mice, can gnaw the bottom of the trunk. This will have a detrimental effect on young trees, therefore, after planting, the bottom of the trunk should be tightly wrapped with cardboard or Whatman paper. You should constantly weed and loosen the place near the tree to ensure unhindered access of air to the root system..

A few tips for fertilizing:

  1. Nitrogen. Mix this chemical element with the ground and add it to a small depression next to the trunk before the tree begins to bloom..
  2. Potassium. In this way, the soil is fertilized every five years. Potassium is poured into a deep dug ditch.
  3. Urea. After the beginning of flowering, add a 0.4% solution of this chemical compound, also known as carbonate.

Table varieties almost always need pollination, including the Just Maria pear. Pollinators of various varieties, but with the same ripening season, will come in handy on the site next to your new tree.


planting cuttingsThis type of tree can be propagated by cuttings, seeds, grafting and layering. The first and most common type – grafting involves growing a green shoot in greenhouse conditions at a temperature of +25 degrees. This warmth can be achieved by covering them with a film. It is necessary to moisten such a shoot 6 times a day, if it is very hot and 3 times in relatively warm weather..

Heteroauxin can be used to accelerate the strengthening of the root system..

propagation by vertical layeringReproduction by vertical layering of pears Just Maria involves placing the shoot vertically to the sunny surface and abundantly covering it with earth. When a lot of roots appear, the shoot can be safely cut off from the mother plant..

To obtain an effective result when propagating by layering, branches from a pear should be separated 12 months before laying the roots..

graft varieties Just MariaPear grafting is the most difficult and longest type of reproduction. The essence of this process is attaching a branch of someone else’s tree (scion) to the main tree (rootstock). The admission in the considered variant is the Just Maria branch. At the beginning of winter, cut cuttings with several buds from the crown of a pear, tie and send to the cellar / basement for the whole winter. In the spring, before sap flow, graft the cuttings on thin branches of the tree. Fasten them with tape or electrical tape. It is necessary to connect the stock with the scion so that their bark coincides. Treat the cuts with garden pitch.

Vaccination should be performed strictly before the start of sap flow or at the end of it.

growing pears from seedsUsually, seed propagation is rarely used, but nevertheless, if you decide to grow a tree from the seeds of a freshly eaten pear, they should be removed from the pulp and washed with hot water. Fill a plastic bag with peat and place washed seeds in it, moisten. Refrigerate for three months. Get it out after the specified time, and plant in regular flower pots. Further grow according to the principle of ordinary seeds for seedlings.

If you follow all the above points for growing pears Just Maria, you will achieve high yields, as well as excellent fruit quality..

Video about pear yield just Maria

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