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Delicious Apple Silver Hoof in Your Garden

apple tree silver hoof The Silver Hoof apple tree is a summer variety that can be grown in all regions of the country. The plant differs in unpretentiousness in care and abundant fruiting.

Description of the appearance of the plant

apple tree silver hoof in the garden The tree is average. The plant can grow up to 3 m tall. The crown is quite compact, rounded. The bark is light with a reddish tint. Opened buds have a small diameter.

At the end of flowering, fruits are formed weighing from 80 to 110 g. They all have the same size. The apples are of the correct shape, the skin is smooth with a whitish bloom. Fruits have a creamy shade with a deep red blush.

The size of the fruit depends on the fertility of the soil..

The grains are small, brown in color. The flesh of the Silver Heart apples is juicy, dense and grainy. The aroma of ripe fruits when cut is medium. Sweet taste with slight sourness.

The advantages of this variety:

  1. The tree tolerates a drop in temperature at the beginning of winter well, even if the culture has not been properly prepared.
  2. Ability to resist as low as possible in the middle of winter.
  3. Does not die in the event of a thaw, which is accompanied by sharp fluctuations in the thermometer.

Thanks to these characteristics, the Silver Hoof apple tree can be grown even in those regions where there is a severe winter..

Apple tree Silver hoof: planting rules

landing rulesThe plant’s resistance to frost and diseases depends on compliance with the planting rules. Therefore, in order to get a bountiful and high-quality harvest every year, you need to follow some rules..

Boarding time

This variety can be planted at different times of the year. It is best to carry out the procedure in the spring (in April) or in the fall (in October). If landing is carried out in the summer, then the optimal time is the second part of June..

Choosing a landing site

The site for planting a plant should be chosen light. Planting a tree in partial shade or in the shade is not recommended, as this will negatively affect the fruiting and quality of apples. Also, special attention should be paid to groundwater. They should not go closer than 2 m.

Soil for the apple tree

nutrient soilThe choice of soil also needs to be approached with care. Silver Hoof thrives best on loam and sandy soils. The substrate must be well fertilized with organic products.

If the soil is sandy, then its quality can be improved by adding a small amount of peat and clay.

Seat preparation

The plot, or rather the dimple for the tree, needs to be prepared in two weeks. The depth and diameter should be the same, about 60 cm. At the bottom, you will need to immediately put a mixture of soil and ash. Then fill in a small mound and place a seedling on it. Spread the roots thoroughly. Sprinkle on top with a mixture of fertile soil and humus. The soil is slightly compacted and watered abundantly.

How to properly care for an apple tree after planting

apple tree careAlthough the Silver Hoof variety is not demanding to care for, it is still worth following the watering rules. Irrigate the soil near the trunk circle sparingly. Use clean and preferably separated water. If spring and early summer are dry, it is recommended to irrigate once every 14 days. Stop the procedure after harvesting. The last irrigation is carried out just before the onset of frost.

Soil mulching

trunk circle mulchingThis procedure is very important. Sawdust, humus or peat are used as mulch. The layer should be about 10 cm.Less mulch will not give the desired result.

Mulch will not only help retain moisture but also prevent weeds from growing.

Apple fertilizer

fertilizationMuch depends on the quality and quantity of dressings. The first time fertilization is applied in the second year. This should be done in the month of April..

To do this, connect:

  • 30 g of saltpeter;
  • humus bucket;
  • 500 g urea.

After the first flowers appear, the plant is fed with superphosphate and potassium. Potassium and a small amount of phosphorus are added in the summer season..

In order not to harm the root system and not cause it to burn, it is recommended to apply the mixture only after watering in a day..

Tree pruning rules

pruning rulesThe silver hoof needs sanitary and formative pruning. It is carried out in the spring, before sap flow begins. Among the many methods, it is best to use bush pruning. Such a crown will be well warmed up by the sun, which will have a positive effect on the number of apples and their taste..

Sharp garden tools should be used for pruning. They must be clean and free of rust. Carefully process the cuts with garden varnish..

Possible harm and disease

scab hitMost often, you can see a scab on an apple tree. The main signs of this ailment are spots on the leaves, buds, fruits, which have a rich brown color. Excess moisture, high indicators of soil acidity, too thick crown can lead to this. Also, excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers leads to the appearance of scab..

Less commonly, the plant is affected by fruit rot, aphids. With improper care, you can observe the stalk, which feeds on the pulp of apples..

Collection and storage of apples

picking applesThe ripening time of the fruit depends on the region. It often falls in the middle of August. If the apples are plucked from the tree, and they are not damaged, then they can be stored much longer than those that are harvested..

If you adhere to certain conditions, then you can keep apples for more than 2 months.

The fruit room should be dark with high humidity values ​​(about 90%). Particular attention should also be paid to the air temperature. The indicators on the thermometer should be within 00 С.bookmark for storage

It is better to take a wooden storage container. Stack the apples in several layers, shifting them with straw.

Apple Tree Silver Hoof is a popular variety that has many positive qualities. Observing all the rules of care, it will not be difficult to get a tasty and bountiful harvest. It is enough to choose the right place for planting, water, fertilize and cut the tree in a timely manner.

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