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A fast-growing winter-hardy pear variety in Memory of Zhegalov

pear variety Memory Zhegalov The Pear of Memory of Zhegalov, the description and photo of which you can study in this article, got its name in honor of the famous geneticist S.I.Zhegalov. It is fast growing and is well suited for growing in the vastness of our country. This is a late autumn variety, which breeders bred by crossing the varieties Olga and Lesnaya Krasavitsa.

General description and characteristics of the fruit

tree in spring The pear variety Pamyat Zhegalova is in demand among summer residents because of its good winter hardiness and the ability to yield crops already 3 years after planting. The fruits are larger in comparison with other early-growing varieties (for example, Chizhovskaya or Pamyati Yakovlev). On average, the weight of a pear is about 130 g, however, there are cases when in nurseries using professional equipment, fruits weighing more than 200 g were harvested.

There is a good yield of the variety. One tree bears up to 40 kg of fruits.

The skin of a ripe fruit is yellowish-green, shimmery. The pulp is sweet and sour and juicy, with medium graininess. The fruit has a characteristic pronounced aroma.

The crown of the tree is rare, has good foliage, and is easy to care for. Skeletal branches have a gray bark and move away from the trunk at an angle of about 45 degrees, tending to the vertical.

flowering pear Memory ZhegalovThe tree bears fruit in late autumn. According to reviews, the pear of Zhegalov’s Memory is quite resistant to scab. Thus, we can distinguish 3 main advantages of the variety:

  • early maturity;
  • winter hardiness;
  • disease resistance.

Planting process

planting pearIf you already have experience in growing other varieties of pears, then planting the Pamyat Zhegalov variety will not be difficult for you. Choose a sunny, draft-free location. Also make sure that the groundwater does not pass close to the surface..

When planning a place for planting, remember that the pear of Memory of Zhegalov is self-fertile, therefore, you will additionally need to plant pollinator varieties.

The three-year-old pear in Memory of Zhegalov is already bearing fruit. How to plant it correctly, and what period is most favorable for this, we will tell further.

The ideal soil would be a mixture of loam and black soil. In the middle lane, the tree is mainly planted in the second half of spring, in the period from late April to May. In the southern regions, planting is often carried out in the fall..

we plant the pear correctlyIf you are planning a spring planting, then the hole should be dug in the fall, and the earth should be saved until spring. Shortly before planting, mix the spring fertile soil with organic fertilizers and a glass of superphosphate. With this composition we will fill the seedling.

If you have added lime, then planting should be postponed for 10 days..

Install a peg or pole to support the still-mature tree. Then plant a seedling, tie it to a support and cover with the prepared mixture.

After that, pour abundantly with three buckets of water and mulch the trunk circle. Dry peat or sawdust is well suited for this..

Pear care

pear bears fruit memory of ZhegalovRegularly renew the layer of mulch around the trunk and weed weeds that break through. The soil must be well moistened. Young green leaves are a favorite delicacy of aphids, so special attention should be paid to getting rid of the tree from this pest..

pest controlWhen the pear grows up, the need for frequent watering will disappear. It will be optimal to carry out the procedure 4 times per season.

If the weather is dry and hot, then the frequency of watering will have to be increased up to twice a week..

Do not forget also about feeding with manure (2 kg per year). Due to its composition, it is able to neutralize harmful substances accumulated in the soil as a result of spraying the tree with chemicals against pests. In the spring, it is also recommended to add 500 g of urea to improve the vegetative function of the pear after hibernation.whitewashing in spring

Pruning requirements

pruning pearSkeletal branches of a young pear are pruned immediately after planting, defining their shape and forming a crown. Pruning a mature tree should be done in the spring. Sanitary pruning is best done in the fall, when the pear has shed its leaves. You can easily find damaged, dry or diseased branches and remove them.

When pruning in spring, pay attention to the air temperature. It must be at least +8 degrees.

How to properly prune a pear in Memory of Zhegalov can be clearly seen in the photo below:crown formation from 1 to 4 years

When deciding which pear variety to plant in your garden, weigh the pros and cons based on your climate and the nature of the soil. The Pamyat Zhegalova variety has established itself as a reliable and fruitful fruit tree, which has taken root well in the regions. In addition, the fruits are well transported and stored for a long time, so you can both sell them and harvest them for your own needs..

The best place to plant pears – video

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