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Design of tables for the kitchen – 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

Kitchen table design

How to choose a table in the kitchen? Have you wondered this question? At the table, we are accustomed to taking food and just sincerely chatting – this is a great place for family tea parties. For this reason, it is important to make the right and, most importantly, objective choice..

Features of tables

Kitchen furniture differs in different parameters. Today we will consider the distinctive features of tables and figure out what points to pay attention to when choosing.


Glass furniture looks elegant and gorgeous. It will look good on your kitchen. Despite the glass construction, it is very reliable, since the glass has an increased level of strength and protection against mechanical damage. As a result, the glass surface becomes resistant to scratches, temperature extremes and other negative factors..

Glass furniture looks sleek and gorgeous

Glass furniture looks sleek and gorgeous

It does not require any specific maintenance, and the glass surface can be easily cleaned from visible dirt.

Such a kitchen accessory can have wooden, plastic or metal legs, which look great in combination with glass. Such a surface favorably emphasizes the special style of the kitchen..

Also, the glass itself can be:

  • matte;
  • transparent;
  • colored.

Such a surface favorably emphasizes the special style of the kitchen.

Such a surface favorably emphasizes the special style of the kitchen.

An original ornament or photo printing can be applied to the glass surface. Many designers emphasize that plastic or chrome chairs are great for glass surfaces.. This combination will fit perfectly into the style. minimalism, loft or high tech.

AdviceThe surface should be made of high-strength tempered glass. Such glass does not shatter into fragments in case of serious mechanical damage..

You also need to take into account the fact that transparent glass does not visually take up a lot of space. Many owners of small apartments prefer to use this furniture..

The surface must be made of high-strength tempered glass

The surface must be made of high-strength tempered glass


It is followed by the process of taking food, the celebration of the celebration. It should be truly comfortable, practical..

You need to choose a color in advance. To do this, you need to pay attention to the shade wallpaper or headset color. Also, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the quality of the furniture, because you want it to last as long as possible.. A modern table should have the following qualities:

Lunch optionLunch option

Lunch option

  • Moisture resistance. Due to the increased moisture resistance, the furniture will last a very long time. Moisture resistant countertops very easy to clean from dirt. Typically, a damp sponge and soapy water are used for this..
  • Environmental friendliness. This condition must be met. Kitchen accessories made from low-quality raw materials become unsuitable for further use.
  • Reliability. A very important parameter that should not be neglected. If the tabletop is strong, it will be very difficult to damage it..

There are acrylic, metal and plastic countertops, but wooden tables are popular. First, wood is an environmentally friendly material. Secondly, the tree looks rich. Thirdly, wooden furniture models can be selected for a different style, for example, country, classics, aristocracy, modern, high tech.

Should be really comfortable, practical

Should be really comfortable, practical

But there is one small drawback – natural wood furniture is overpriced..

However, some lovers of the classics are not at all afraid of this circumstance. A better option is chipboard solutions. In such models, only the legs are made of solid wood, and the tabletop itself is made of wood board.

In order for the chipboard surface to last as long as possible, it must be protected from an excess of moisture. Otherwise, delamination or swelling of the wood board may occur..

But in this matter, you can cheat and buy furniture made of wood board, which is covered with a water-repellent layer. So you will kill two birds with one stone – money and get a quality product. Such countertops are absolutely not afraid of moisture and have a beautiful appearance..

Table with chairs

Any table is complemented by chairs, almost everyone knows about this. Chairs should be:

  • reliable;
  • sustainable;
  • practical.

Any table is complemented by chairs

Any table is complemented by chairs

If you want to purchase high-tech furniture, then chrome or glass elements should be present in its design. If you are a lover of classic style, then we advise you to buy furniture made of solid wood..

Acrylic or plastic chairs are ideal for a modern kitchen. As a rule, such models have an original shape and highlight the dining room zone. Such a non-standard solution will surely attract the attention of your guests..

Buying chairs can be a little creative. For example, it is not at all necessary to observe a uniform color background. You can pick up black chairs for white table or experiment with other color variations. The seat of the chairs can be made of hard, semi-rigid or soft material.

For a large family

For a large family

You can also purchase a separate tabletop, and already order chairs for it. Combined solutions always look unique and unusual.

AdviceWhen choosing chairs with upholstered seats, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material used. For example, low-quality leatherette can crack over time..


As a rule, round countertops look especially impressive directly in the middle of the kitchen. No wonder the knights of King Arthur sat around a giant round table. Agree, the rounded shape of the table top disposes people to communicate and evokes pleasant emotions. Such furniture visually expands the space and does not create the impression of massiveness.. Due to the fact that the tabletop has no sharp corners, it will not create inconvenience in a confined space.

Round model

Round model

Round furniture is the best choice if:

  • The family is small. The rounded tables are designed for a maximum of 6 people, even if you choose a large countertop. If you want to accommodate more than six people, in this case, comfort can be difficult. This kitchen accessory is ideal for a family with one or two children..
  • Small room. For small kitchens, round countertops with a diameter of up to 1.5 m are perfect. Due to the fact that the countertop has no sharp corners, it is easier for those sitting at the table to be squeezed. It is also very easy to maintain a casual conversation behind him, since the rounded shape of the table top is conducive to this..
  • If you have small children. To prevent possible injury, choose furniture without sharp edges. It is very difficult to keep track of the running little fidgets. Sharp corners are a serious danger to children. Of course, you will say that you can hit a round tabletop painfully, but such a blow will be much safer and less painful than, say, hitting the back of your head against an acute angle.
  • The shape of the room itself. For example, if the table is planned to be placed on the aisle or in the bay window, then it is better to choose a round tabletop. Thus, it will be much easier for guests to wade deeper..
  • If you already have a certain shape of chairs. As a rule, matching chairs, also on one support, are ideal for round tables on one leg. Often such models can be rotated 360 degrees, which is very convenient.

The rounded shape of the table top encourages people to communicate

The rounded shape of the table top encourages people to communicate


The most compact are sliding models. When folded, they take up very little space, and when unfolded, the whole family can dine behind them. When folded, the furniture has a fairly modest size..

Have you heard of round sliding tabletops? If you start to rotate it clockwise, the diameter doubles. Rotation in the opposite direction, accordingly, decreases the diameter. Very convenient and practical, don’t you find?

The so-called book tables are also very popular. If necessary, one edge can be folded or unfolded to accommodate a large number of guests.

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

The main purpose of sliding furniture is to save kitchen space. However, when choosing, it is worth considering how it will look in the kitchen when folded. For example, a table should equally complement the interior of the kitchen, both folded and unfolded. In the first case, it serves as a simple bedside table, and in the second case, it is a full-fledged kitchen table..

As a rule, in order to unfold or vice versa to fold folding kitchen furniture, much effort is not required, this procedure takes little time..

Window sill table

Interior designers recommend choosing the space in front of the window.. A tabletop-window sill is an excellent option when every free meter of free space is worth its weight in gold.

A window sill table top is an excellent option

A window sill table top is an excellent option

The window-sill countertop is very popular due to the fact that it is easy to make it yourself from the available means, given the style of the room’s decoration. At your discretion, you can create various interesting options where the tabletop-window sill can be stationary or fold.

The easiest option is to place the countertop along the entire window sill. Many small apartment owners do just that. The result is an additional work area and a place for eating..

Also, the table-top-window sill can be of large sizes, smoothly flowing into the bar-counter. This is a great design solution for modern kitchens. Such U-shaped furniture can divide the room into several zones..

Saves space in the kitchen

Saves space in the kitchen

AdviceIt is best to use solid wood, laminated chipboard or granite slab as the selected countertop. In this case, the window sill tabletop will last a very long time..

Table transformer

As a rule, it takes a minimum of effort to fold or unfold this furniture. After simple manipulations, a rectangular table turns out to be square, and from a round one – an oval one. Real magic or engineering genius! Such an acquisition is suitable for small-sized premises..

Also, some transforming tabletops provide for retractable chairs. But it is worth noting that the models have significant drawbacks in terms of ease of use.. It is not always convenient to sit on retractable chairs, and over time they loosen.

Such an acquisition is suitable for small-sized premises.

Such an acquisition is suitable for small-sized premises.

Before buying such furniture, you should make sure that it is working properly. Also, the furniture should be very easy to break up and fit together.. Chairs can be purchased separately for such furniture, which can be adjusted if necessary..

Kitchen corner with chairs

What do we associate the kitchenette with? That’s right, with comfort. Such sofa, will surely please your friends and family. This is a great place for homemade teas, socializing or simple relaxation.. The use of this type of furniture has significant advantages:

Comfort at the table

Comfort at the table

  • The ability to place a large number of people at the table. If we take into account that some of the guests will be seated on a soft corner, and the other on chairs, then the number of available seats increases. In addition, it is much easier to make room in the kitchen corner than, for example, on the same chairs. In crowded but not mad.
  • A charming atmosphere of warmth, softness, comfort. Once in the kitchen, where there is a soft corner, you involuntarily realize that this is not only a place where food is prepared, but also where friendly tea parties are arranged.
  • The couch is an excellent place to relax and watch television. Such a solution is relevant for apartments with one room, when family members disagree on how to view a particular television program..
  • Sofas have additional compartments and bedside tables in which you can store dishes.
  • Textile upholstery corners can be of various colors and shades. By the way, the upholstery itself can be changed over time if it loses its appearance, gets dirty or becomes unusable..
  • The corner can serve as a sofa. Let’s say that guests unexpectedly come to you, and sleeping places are limited. Use the corner as a sleeping place.

Great place to be at home

Great place to be at home

AdviceWant to buy a quality corner? In this case, we recommend choosing models made of genuine leather. Genuine leather will not crack over time, and it is very easy to care for it.

Work table in the kitchen

In order for the hostess to facilitate the cooking process, she should have a comfortable table at her disposal. In this matter, the main role is played by the worktop, because, in fact, the main cooking process takes place on it..

Option for the interior

Option for the interior

Many sincerely do not understand that thanks to a convenient work surface, you can speed up and simplify the cooking process. What are the advantages of a worktop? First, the table top must be solid.. Scratches and traces of sharp knives will not remain on such a surface..

Secondly, there should be shelves and drawers in the table. This is incredibly convenient, because the hostess will have access to dishes at hand..

What other characteristics should the working surface have:

  • be resilient;
  • the raw materials from which the countertop is made must be resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage;
  • the surface of the countertop should be easily cleaned of visible dirt;
  • there should be no backlashes and gaps on the surface, in which, as a rule, dirt and water accumulate;
  • furniture should not only be reliable, but also beautiful.

The surface of the countertop should be easy to clean

The surface of the countertop should be easy to clean

Worktops can differ not only in their configuration and available characteristics, but also in their location. As a rule, they are located in the center of the headset. It can be a regular cabinet with two doors and additional drawers for storing dishes..

Also, for kitchen studios, work surfaces on wheels are often used, which can be moved depending on the needs of the hostess..

It is very popular to place such furniture in the center of the room. In this case, the work area is separated from the kitchen unit..

AdviceThe marble coating looks especially profitable and rich. This material has excellent characteristics. Steel countertops also look great, which are almost impossible to scratch with a knife while cooking..

The marble coating looks rich

The marble coating looks rich

Stand table

Bar counters are most often installed in kitchens-studios. The rack can be a continuation of the working area, or it can divide the space of the room.

Corresponding chairs are matched to the rack, most often with a long leg, which is equipped with a swivel mechanism. This duet looks just great..

Undoubtedly, bar racks are a rather unusual solution. But let’s look at what other advantages this furniture has. For example, saving space, the atmosphere of a cozy bar right in the kitchen, where it will be nice to spend time with friends.

Bar counters are most often installed in studio kitchens

Bar counters are most often installed in studio kitchens

Ordinary dining countertops are designed exclusively for eating. Bar counters have convenient additional compartments for storing dishes. This is incredibly convenient, because any kitchen is full of utensils that need to be stored somewhere. Also, if desired, large household appliances can be built into the rack, for example, a coffee machine or an electric oven. Such a design move will emphasize the originality of the room..

The bar counter is, first of all, compact and practical furniture. Any room with this furniture will look special. If you are a fan of the classic style, then this solution is unlikely to suit you..

Bar counters are a rather unusual solution.

Bar counters are a rather unusual solution.

But that’s not all, many will be interested to learn about the types of this furniture:

oneMain bar counter

In this case, the bar counter is the center of the room space. Such a project is suitable for spacious rooms..

These racks can vary in shape:

  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • Semicircular.

As a rule, this is a separate part of the headset, made in a certain style, which creates the effect of overall integrity.

2Rack built into furniture

In this case, the rack is a continuation of the worktop. There are many variations of placement: as part of a work area, an “island” or even an extension of a window sill.

Such a project is suitable for spacious rooms.

Such a project is suitable for spacious rooms.

The latter option is suitable for small kitchens.


Such furniture is most often used for redeveloped apartments. In this case, the bar counter separates the two living areas. The counter is a continuation of the wall, and is located parallel to the kitchen unit.

Also, the installation of a bar counter will be an option, in the case of combining a kitchen and a loggia.

A unique design solution that you will surely enjoy.

AdviceBefore you start combining the loggia and the kitchen, you need to look at the project of your apartment and designate the load-bearing walls.

There are many variations of placement

There are many variations of placement

2DIY kitchen table

It will be interesting for you:

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How to choose a desk with drawers and a shelf: (190+ Photos) Practically organizing space

You can do it in several ways:

  • To order.
  • Do it yourself.

If you chose the first option, then first you should draw imaginary furniture on a piece of paper and indicate the exact dimensions.

But you can make it yourself for the kitchen. At first glance, this may seem like a rather complicated undertaking, but it is not.. First, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • wooden boards, at least 3 cm thick;
  • bolts;
  • covering varnish;
  • plane, hacksaw;
  • grinding and milling machine;
  • electric drill, screwdriver;
  • varnish brush.

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

Options made of wood look great. Your best bet is to use an array. Such furniture looks equally beneficial in the kitchen and in the living room..

Also, if you have some experience in the carpentry craft, you can make a wooden tabletop with steel elements in the overall structure. This type of furniture is popular. The combination of wood and metal looks unusual and, at the same time, mesmerizing. It will not complement, but decorate your kitchen.

AdviceBefore starting work, it is necessary to carefully measure everything and carry out additional calculations. You also need to follow the established safety rules..

In beige tones

In beige tones

Decor on the table

Many are accustomed to creating a unique decor on a festive table in order to make it look in line with the decor. However, the decor can be not only festive, but also everyday.. It should be noted that decorating a dining table is a real art. Thanks to this, you can create a unique cozy atmosphere in the kitchen..

In fact, you don’t have to be a designer to decorate furniture in a special way. It doesn’t matter where exactly the table is, it needs to be decorated with a central composition.

Most often, the decor is placed in the center of the tabletop, just at the point of intersection of the axes, and already around the central decoration, the cutlery is placed when serving. In the case when the table is pushed against the wall, and is not standing in the center of the room, the decor may shift from the center..

Flower decoration

Flower decoration

Of course, the most common decor option is a vase with artificial or natural flowers. Undoubtedly, this piece of jewelry looks great. Flowers add elegance and brightness to the dining area. They also bring a touch of natural beauty to the overall interior..

The choice of the vessel in which the flowers will stand is also of great importance..

A universal solution would be to choose a transparent vase that will look appropriate against any background and in combination with any tableware. You can also choose a vase that matches the color of the kitchen utensils, or vice versa, will contrast with it..

AdviceUnfortunately, it is not always possible to decorate the table with fresh flowers. Well, sprigs of fir or willow are ideal for these purposes..

Decoration with decorative utensils

Decoration with decorative utensils

However, the decor of the table with flowers is a rather banal decision, because absolutely everyone does this, no matter what celebration you come to. In this regard, the question arises, what options for furniture decor exist still?

Well, let’s take a look at them:

oneBasket, vase or dish of fresh fruit

This solution looks no less elegant than the option with flowers. Fruits make the dining area feel cozy and appetizing. Moreover, you can select fruits by color that will match the overall interior. For example, if the room is dominated by orange shades, then you can decorate the dining area with oranges..

Instead of fruits, you can also use vegetables, this is especially true in the autumn season..

In white

In white


Candles look especially beneficial in stylish candlesticks. But you can also use thick candles for decoration without candlesticks.. Candles give the dining area a romantic touch, and look just cozy and gorgeous on the everyday dining table.

By the way, it is not at all necessary to light a candle, it itself looks elegant and beautiful..

3Empty vase

It is not at all necessary to put flowers or plant twigs in a vase. The original vase itself brings its own unique flavor to the setting, complementing the dining area. It is best to choose a vase to match the kitchen furniture. But, at your discretion, you can experiment with the color palette.


Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style

4Transparent container with some kind of filling

The main advantage of this solution is that the color of the decoration is easy to change..

All that is required for this is to change the content. Multicolored candies, dried eggs, beads, gummies, colored water, flower petals, coffee beans and so on can act as a filler for transparent containers. In general, show your imagination, maybe you can come up with a more original and creative decoration in this regard..

fiveJug with glasses or decanter

This decor is classic, it will especially favorably emphasize the rustic or stained glass style..

6Ceramic coffee pot or teapot

Almost everyone loves coffee and tea. Warm and relaxing associations arise with these drinks. A coffee pot or teapot on the table evokes warm feelings, coziness and comfort. Even if you put a tea coffee service on the table, the latter will immediately change..

Wooden elements make the room cozier

Wooden elements make the room cozier

7Fragrant pastries

Imagine that you have toasted pies or buns on your table in a beautiful basket, carefully covered with a paper towel. Such a spectacle will not leave indifferent almost anyone, and the kitchen will resemble a cozy village hut, in which various delicacies are prepared. You can also buy the so-called “fake” baked goods.


You can do it as simply as possible by covering the kitchen countertop with a beautiful tablecloth. You can buy a ready-made tablecloth in the nearest store, or embroider it yourself, making it unique and one of a kind. By the way, if you have difficulties with embroidery, then you can order a tablecloth from a professional seamstress..

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

Design of tables for the kitchen - 165+ (Photo) Options for your choice

In view of the above, the matter remains small – to decide which table model is right for you..

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