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The most necessary and popular garden and vegetable garden tools

Inventory for the garden and vegetable garden photo Do you want your plot to always be in perfect condition, pleasing the eye with neatly trimmed shrubs and the absence of weeds in the beds? To do this, the arsenal should have a variety of tools and equipment for the garden and vegetable garden. Consider the most commonly used hand tools..

The entire list can be divided into two main groups:

  • – for working with the ground (digging, weeding, loosening, etc.);
  • – for the care of the lawn, trees, shrubs (mowing, pruning, spraying).

The first group of tools and equipment for the garden and vegetable garden

We list the main devices, briefly characterizing each of them:

  1. Shovels. With their help, they carry out manual “plowing” of the land before planting plants, the formation and digging of holes around trees and shrubs.
  2. Pitchfork. Helps to easily loosen the topmost soil layers. Convenient when fertilizing.
  3. Choppers. Remove weeds. Loosening after planting and watering.
  4. Rakes, flat cutters, hand cultivators. Universal fixtures that can replace many of the listed.

The second group of tools for the garden and vegetable garden.

The entire range will include:

  1. Braids. Used to cut grass to the desired level.
  2. Secateurs. Cutting shrubs, trees, grapes, tomato seedlings.
  3. Gardening scissors. With their help, shrubs are given the desired shape..
  4. Brush cutters, saws. Will help to easily remove excess thick branches and shoots.
  5. Garden knives. Used for treatment, cleaning wounds on trees and grafting.
  6. Sprayers. Spray plants to protect them from pests.

Auxiliary tools for the garden and vegetable garden

Many experienced plant breeders have probably already noticed that in the general proposed list of works on the site, a very important link is missing – watering. After all, you must admit, it will not be enough if your plants are just planted, weeded, cut and sprayed. Therefore, take care of watering equipment for the garden and vegetable garden..

The list, of course, starts with the simplest watering can and buckets, and ends with all kinds of special systems (drip irrigation, sprinklers with nozzles, hoses made of various materials, etc.).

In addition to all of the above equipment for the garden and vegetable garden, it would be nice to have in your arsenal of devices a small wheelbarrow, a folding chair, a wire for tying, a hand lawn mower.

Whether you process plants planted in beds or fruit-bearing shrubs, special tools are indispensable.

Skillfully selected inventory for the garden and vegetable garden will greatly facilitate the work on the site. Put the useful properties and characteristics of tools into practice.

What tools do a novice gardener need, see the video

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