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Features of the Tsarskaya cherry plum variety and its cultivation

cherry plum Tsarskaya in the gardens of Russia Alycha Tsarskaya was bred in Russia as a result of selection. It is a short tree with a compact crown of medium ripening. Cherry plum is quite frost-resistant, slightly damaged by diseases and pests. Fruits are round, yellow in color, ripen in the middle of summer. Gardeners note an excellent taste – juicy, with a slight sourness.plentiful fruiting of cherry plum The fruits are well preserved, which allows them to be transported without problems.

Features of the variety

Tsar's cherry plum blossomsThose wishing to grow Tsarskaya cherry plum should familiarize themselves with the description and photo of this variety in advance. The flowering tree is very decorative and will be a decoration of the spring garden..

Tsar’s cherry plum is a self-fertile variety. To obtain a crop on the site, it is necessary to plant pollinating trees.

The best pollinators for royal cherry plum are considered self-fertile varieties of cherry plum, for example, varieties Kuban comet, Nayden, Mara, Gift of St. Petersburg.

How to choose the right seedling and planting site

saplings of Tsar's cherry plumBefore buying, you should carefully inspect the seedling. There should be no damage or traces of fungus on it. The root system of a good seedling is developed, the roots are healthy, not rotten.

The Tsarskaya cherry plum variety is absent in Rosreestr, therefore it is better to buy material for planting in the nursery.

fruits for jam, compotes, jellyThe tree does not tolerate stagnant groundwater, their level should be no higher than 1.5 meters.

If the groundwater is close to the surface in the area, the cherry plum must be planted on a mound and it is imperative to provide for good drainage.

The best place for planting Tsarskaya cherry plum will be the south side, protected from the winds.

How to plant cherry plum correctly

rules for planting cherry plumThe planting hole at the chosen place must be dug in advance so that the soil shrinks. Prepare the soil: garden soil is mixed with rotted manure or compost, ash, phosphorus and potash fertilizers are added. For acidic soils, add slaked lime or dolomite flour. Drainage is poured at the bottom of the pit, a mound is formed from the prepared soil, a seedling is placed on it and the roots are carefully straightened. Then the remaining soil is poured and compacted. The neck of the seedling should be above ground level. After planting, the young tree is watered abundantly around the trunk circle.

Correct planting of the royal cherry plum and good subsequent care will guarantee a long life of the tree and abundant annual fruiting..

Tree care

the answer to proper careCaring for cherry plum is simple – regular watering during the dry period, sanitary spring and formative autumn pruning, top dressing and protection from pests. It is mainly damaged by moth caterpillars. To protect against them, the tree trunk is wrapped in trapping belts, and carrion is regularly collected under the trees. Before flowering, the crown can be treated with a drug from the moth.

Sowing plants under a tree that repels butterflies and caterpillars of the moth – wormwood, tansy, calendula or marigolds can be an effective remedy..

Correct pruning also reduces the likelihood of damage to the Tsar’s cherry plum by pests.

Any photo of a healthy fruiting tree clearly shows that the crown is not thickened and is evenly illuminated by the sun. Sparse planting and timely spraying with fungicides will prevent the disease of moniliosis in cherry plum – a common fungal disease. In group plantings, each tree needs 9-12 square meters for spacious growth..

cherry plum gardensIf the region is characterized by frosty winters, before the onset of cold weather, the trunk circle should be mulched with compost, leaf litter, spruce branches.

Planting Tsar’s cherry plum is a good choice for any gardener. A fruitful and unpretentious tree for a long time will provide truly royal fruit in summer and a variety of compotes, jam and jelly for the winter.

Amazing cherry plum in the garden – video

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