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Secrets of growing Clery strawberries for a rich harvest


strawberry cleary Clery strawberry is an early ripening variety with sweet, aromatic and large fruits, bred by Italian breeders. The variety is popular among gardeners due to its unpretentious care and ease of cultivation, high yield and resistance to common diseases and pests..

Clery strawberry: features and description of the variety

high-yielding variety The Clery strawberry variety was bred by breeders of the Italian agricultural company Mazzoni Group in 1999. This variety is characterized by excellent taste characteristics and an attractive appearance of fruits that are approximately the same size..

Characteristics and Description of Clery Strawberry:

  • strong and vigorous shrubs, compact or spreading;
  • leaves are large, with a “glossy” surface, dark green;
  • stems are high, with a large number of antennae;
  • the variety is distinguished by high fruit set;
  • the flowers are snow-white, with bright centers;
  • berry weight – up to 40-50 g, all fruits are about the same size;
  • yield – up to 600-800 g from each bush;
  • fruits of traditional conical shape;
  • the pulp is sweet, dense, with a barely noticeable sourness.

The berries of the Clery variety have a dense and elastic flesh, which ensures good preservation of the fruits during transportation and high indicators of their keeping quality..

Productivity and frost resistance

juicy sweet large strawberriesThe Clery strawberry variety is intended for cultivation in the southern regions with a warm climate; in the northern regions, the plant is planted in a greenhouse or greenhouse. It tolerates planting well in wet areas, retains a pleasant, sweet taste and does not become watery..

high-yielding varietyThe maximum yield of the variety is observed in the first 3-4 years after planting, after which the fruiting decreases. Clery belongs to the early ripening varieties, the first ripe fruits can be harvested in mid or late May. Productivity – up to 700-800 g from one bush.

Landing features

high-yielding varietyPlanting and caring for Clery strawberries is not particularly difficult and demanding, which ensured its wide popularity among gardeners. When planting a plant, it is very important to choose and prepare high-quality, healthy seedlings correctly..

Planting dates for strawberries

The variety is planted both in early spring and autumn. You can start planting seedlings of Clery strawberries immediately after the snow cover melts – already in mid-late March. Also, the bushes can be planted in the fall – from late August to early October.

Choosing the best place

correct planting of strawberriesClery is a cultivar that “prefers” light, well-loosened soils with a high level of moisture. Too high areas with dense, clayey soil are not suitable for the culture.

Preparation of planting material

preparation of cleary strawberry seedlingsIn order for Clery’s strawberries to take root well and take root quickly in a permanent place of growth, the seedlings must be properly prepared.

For this, it is hardened:

  • place the bushes for 2-3 days in a cool room;
  • make sure that the temperature in it does not rise + 10 ° С;
  • for extra protection, dip the roots of the plant in a clay mass.

Thanks to hardening, strawberries adapt faster after planting in open soil and will be more resistant to negative environmental factors.


transplantingClery strawberries are best planted in cloudy weather, in the early morning or late evening:

  1. The crop is planted in moist soil, so water the soil well before planting..
  2. Make a distance of at least 38-45 cm between the beds and between the bushes, as they will be strong and spreading.
  3. Place the upper point of plant growth above the soil surface, gently spread the roots and sprinkle it with earth on top.

Then lightly tamp the soil and water liberally. In the case of spring planting, the plants can be additionally covered with plastic wrap to protect against possible frost.

Strawberry care

To ensure good fruiting of Clery strawberries and get a rich harvest of juicy and tasty berries, you need to provide the plant with proper care. It consists of standard procedures – systematic watering, fertilization and protection from diseases and pests.

Watering strawberries

watering strawberriesClery is a variety that does not tolerate dry weather well and withers quickly. He needs regular, abundant watering. Various types of irrigation are excellent for fruit crops – drip irrigation, using a hose or a watering can.

Water the plant at the root and make sure that moisture does not get on the leaves and berries. Irrigation water should not be too cold – the optimum temperature is + 15-20 ° C. After watering, weed removal and mulching are carried out.

Top dressing Clery

feeding strawberriesStrawberry variety Clery is very demanding on regular feeding.

For this purpose, both mineral and organic fertilizers are used, which are applied according to the schedule.:

  1. Early spring, 10-14 days after planting – complex, universal fertilizers.
  2. Budding period – potassium sulfate 5 g and nitrophoska 40 g per bucket, 500 ml under the root of each bush.
  3. Flowering period – mullein with water, mixed in a ratio of 1: 8.

The last feeding of strawberry bushes is carried out at the end of August. To do this, add a glass of ash and 40 g of complex fertilizer for strawberries into a bucket of water. Pour at least 1 liter of top dressing under the root of each plant.

Strawberry breeding methods

strawberry cleary breedingCleary strawberries can be propagated in a variety of ways, but dividing the bush and rooting outlets are considered the most effective. In the first case, fragments of a strong and healthy three-year-old bush are used for planting, in the second, with antennae separated from the mother bush. Up to 20-30 antennae can be separated from one plant, which take root well and quickly.

Clery’s Wintering

strawberry cleary mulchingBefore the onset of winter frosts, Clery’s strawberries need to be properly prepared. Remove dried leaves and shoots, then loosen the soil well. This will improve the oxygen supply to the plant’s root system. Mulch the soil with fallen leaves, hay or straw.

In the spring, after the snow layer melts, the mulch must be removed, otherwise the culture may overheat. These simple activities will help strawberries to easily endure frost and winter cold. One of the characteristics of the Clery variety is the ability to bear fruit all year round. Gardeners often transplant crops in pots for the winter and grow on a windowsill.

Pruning strawberries

trimming strawberry whiskersThe Clery strawberry variety requires regular pruning of old, dried out and diseased shoots, otherwise the entire garden bed will be covered with rooted rosettes. Rare pruning impairs plant growth and yields.

The procedure for pruning strawberries is best done in August, before the formation of young leaves..

Not only old shoots are cut off, but also large leaves – but they should be removed only after they are completely dry. Strawberry tendrils are shortened during active flowering or directly at harvest. Cut the petioles carefully, being careful not to hurt future flower stalks..early ripe strawberry cleary

Clery is an early maturing strawberry with large, sweet berries. Ease of cultivation, unpretentious care, high resistance to diseases and pests have provided him with wide popularity among many gardeners and summer residents.

Italian strawberry Clery – video

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