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Find a place for the Kandil Orlovsky apple tree on your personal plot

apple tree kandil orlovsky Planting fruit trees in the garden is an integral part of the formation of landscape design. Among the famous plants, hybrids are gaining great popularity, the leader among which is the Kandil Orlovsky apple tree. In addition to the aesthetics of design, it becomes possible to provide yourself with a juicy harvest. The variety is adapted for planting in the Central and Central Black Earth regions. In order for a tree to delight with fruits, you must follow the rules of care and storage..

The fruit is a miniature tree. The crown is characterized by a small diameter. “Angular” branches are located perpendicular to the trunk. On a visually fragile “frame” grow large apples weighing up to 160 grams. Elongated fruits with a pronounced raspberry skin tone.

The miniature size and low height of the tree are convenient for harvesting. The trunk is smooth, without tough cracked bark.

Characteristics of the Kandil Orlovsky variety

delicious juicy fruits

The hybrid is endowed with a number of properties:

  • winter variety: it is well stored until February without loss of external and quality indicators;
  • retains its presentation throughout the entire period of “lying”;
  • easily transfers transportation;
  • fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, A, P;
  • yields a harvest annually;
  • resistant to pests, including fungal diseases;
  • used in any form, suitable for cooking, drying and heat treatment;
  • early maturity, ripening begins in mid-September.abundant fruiting

Apple trees tolerate low temperatures. Withstand fluctuations up to -350. A significant disadvantage is extremely low self-pollination.

Disembarkation method

seedling planting siteThe optimal time for planting in the ground is spring, before the start of the season. You must first prepare the fertilized wells. For placement, it is appropriate to choose a gentle slope. Landing on a hill is desirable, but not required. The peculiarity of the variety is the poor tolerance of stagnant water, which is typical for lowlands. If there is an accumulation of liquid after heavy rainfall, carry out a drainage system. Avoid shady areas. The plant loves natural light. Considering its small size, plant separately from tall trees. When planting several pieces of seedlings, maintain a distance of about 2 meters between them. Shading contributes to a decrease in fruit size, a deterioration in taste and a decrease in yield.

It is worth purchasing seedlings only from trusted breeders and in specialized nurseries. Plants purchased from private retail outlets do not guarantee the availability of all vaccinations.

There is a risk of acquiring an initially diseased tree. In this case, planting and caring for the Kandil Orlovsky apple variety will not bring the expected result..

Best of all, the plant takes root in loamy, floodplain soil, with a distance of 2-2.5 m of groundwater.If the site is predominantly sandy, the acidity should be maintained up to 6 units.

Despite the high resistance to scab and frost, the plant requires adherence to the planting rules:

  • placement on a hill;
  • sunny side with the possibility of ventilation. Do not enclose the seedling with bushes, fences and buildings.

After choosing a place, holes are formed about 80 cm wide, over a meter deep. Add mineral fertilizers, a mixture of humus and peat to the niche. Pour in two buckets of water (based on a capacity of 10 liters). Leave on for 2 weeks. After soil shrinkage, proceed to planting. It is important to remember – the root collar is located on the surface of the earth, or 5 cm higher.

When placing a tree in the soil, you need to pay attention to the grafting site. If you accidentally cover it with earth, the grafted variety will give its own roots, which will negatively affect fruiting..

A fragile plant needs support, so it is recommended to drive in a small peg. Tie the seedling to the bar, laying a soft cloth between them. Cover with earth and water. The fruits of the Kandil Orlovsky apple tree appear 3 years after planting with proper care.

Features of feeding

feedingIt is necessary to start feeding the soil with growth stimulants three weeks after placing it in the soil. The first year of a seedling’s life is the richest in terms of fertilization. Nitrogen components are used in the current and next spring season. In summer, vitamin and mineral spraying is used.

A year later, the soil should be fed in the fall with potassium-phosphorus solutions. During preparation for wintering, exclude the introduction of nitrogen mixtures and solutions.

The beginning of fruiting signals an increase in the number of dressings to four. For the treatment of the root system, you can use organic fertilizers, the rest of the tree – mineral. After each feeding, water the plant abundantly..

Care rules

apple tree kandil orlovskyApple tree Kandil Orlovsky does not need crown formation. Pruning of branches is carried out in an adult plant for freshness. To speed up the survival process, up to 80% of the inflorescences are cut off during the first flowering period. Subsequently, the extra set fruits (the smallest) are eliminated. If you miss this point, the size of the fruits will be much smaller than the stated.

The branches are weak enough to hold a large number of fruits. To avoid breaking, during the period of apple formation, additional supports are set, which are removed after the end of the harvest..

A similar procedure affects the size of the fruit and normalizes the period of the ovary. Over time, the “year after year” cycle of apple production will disappear.

watering the apple treeWatering is carried out during the active period of fruiting (July, August). It stops at the beginning of September, when the tree begins to prepare for winter. Compliance with the rules prevents crop loss in the current and subsequent years.

Feeding the plant with water should be carried out based on weather conditions. If a dry season is predicted, treatment is carried out more often. A young plant needs frequent watering. With age, the frequency of irrigation gradually decreases. Dried soil needs to be loosened to ensure natural air circulation.

Diseases of apple varieties

damage to aphidsThe tree has gained particular popularity due to its resistance to common problems. Developed immunity to scab and adverse weather conditions relieves the owner of common hassles.

However, the invasion of aphids, sawflies and apple blossom beetles cannot be avoided. Dealing with the “attack” is quite simple. Infected leaves are cut off and burned at a considerable distance from the plant. If the tree is badly damaged, the entire branch is pruned. At the end of the action, check for missing areas and treat with insecticides.

Insects can overtake at any time. The very peak of the influx appears before the flowers bloom. In this regard, it is worthwhile to periodically conduct a visual inspection..

The first sign of diseased areas is twisted leaves. Pests hide on the back, so they are not visible. There is no need to spare the greens here – pluck at the root.

If you adhere to the timing of feeding the tree and timely eliminate the causes of the appearance of diseases, one unit of the Kandil Orlovsky apple tree can give up to 150 kg of harvest. A miniature tree will become an original decoration of the garden..

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