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Hybrid table grape in memory of the surgeon for your collection

grape variety in memory of the surgeon The grape variety in Memory of the Surgeon is a hybrid table species that is well-deservedly popular among gardeners and farmers. Among the main advantages of this variety are fast rooting after planting, undemanding care, high resistance to frost and disease, as well as excellent yield. Lilac-pink bunches are used fresh, for making juices, compotes, wine.

Grape variety in memory of the surgeon – the main features

hybrid pink grape in memory of the surgeon In memory of the surgeon – this is a hybrid pink variety, which was the result of crossing the Mirage and Talisman species. Breeder Evgeny Pavlovsky became its creator. Why he gave the “brainchild” such an unusual name remains a mystery.ripens grapes

Description of grapes in memory of the surgeon:

  1. The plant belongs to the early maturing species, maturity is reached in 115-123 days..
  2. Bushes with a high and strong crown, powerful and spreading root system.
  3. Young foliage is light green in color; as it ripens, it acquires a darker and more saturated shade.
  4. Bunches of pink-lilac color, cone-shaped or cylindrical.
  5. The average weight of each bunch is 600-800 g, but it can reach 1 kg.
  6. Grapes well tolerate air temperatures down to -24 ° C; at lower rates, they need additional shelter.

A feature of the grapes in Memory of the Surgeon are large and rather fleshy berries, each weight can reach 13-15 g. They are covered with a dense skin of pink, golden-pink or lilac hue. The pulp is juicy, without cloying, the taste is moderately sweet with pleasant strawberry notes.

Planting and caring for grapes in memory of the surgeon

grape carePlanting and caring for grapes in memory of the surgeon is not difficult. This species is unpretentious to the soil – it can be grown both on black soil and on sandy loam or sandy soil. The best option would be a soil with a high percentage of humus. The worst kind of Surgeon’s Memory takes root on peat and clay soil.

Selection of seedlings

selection of quality grape seedlingsIn memory of the surgeon, this is a new grape variety, so it is better to buy seedlings in specialized nurseries. Before planting, carefully inspect the root system of the seedling – it must be healthy, well-developed, without traces of rot and damage. The seedling must have at least one shoot with a length of at least 8-10 cm.

Algorithm for planting grapes

rules for planting grape seedlingsThe optimal time for planting grapes in the memory of the surgeon in open soil is early or mid-May. Some gardeners recommend planting grapes in the fall, in mid-September – this will give the culture the opportunity to grow stronger by spring.

Start preparing the seedlings a day before planting – place them in a bucket of water, 3-5 hours before planting, add Kornevin or another root growth stimulator to the water.

Planting grapes step by step:

  1. Prepare holes for seedlings – their depth should be about 70-80 cm.Divide the soil selected from the hole into three parts.preparation of the landing pit
  2. Pour a layer of drainage 20-25 cm into the bottom of the holes, sprinkle on top with a mixture of rotted manure (2 buckets) with wood ash (1 kg) and nitroammophos (1 glass).
  3. Place the seedling vertically in the hole so that its root collar rises 3-4 cm above the ground level.
  4. Carefully fill in all the voids in the hole, trying not to compact the soil too much.
  5. Make a small mound 10-15 cm high around the root collar of the seedling.

Then water the grapes by pouring at least 2 buckets of water under each seedling. At the final stage, mulch with wood shavings, straw or hay. The mulch layer should be at least 20-23 cm.

Young seedlings need temporary support. To do this, you can drive metal rods or wooden pegs into the ground next to the grapes, to which the vine is tied as it grows.

Grape care in memory of the surgeon

caring for a young grape seedlingCorrect and regular care of the grapes of the memory of the surgeon variety ensures the active growth of the plant and a generous, rich harvest. It consists of standard procedures – watering, fertilizing, pruning and shaping a bush, as well as timely preparation for winter.

Watering and pruning grapes

pruning grapesThe grapes of the memory of the surgeon variety do not need too frequent and abundant watering. They are carried out according to the standard scheme – immediately before the formation of the flowers of the plant, as well as after the vine has faded.

A feature of the grape variety is the tendency to quickly build up green mass, so the plant needs regular bush formation. During pruning, all unnecessary, overgrown shoots are removed – on young bushes by 4-5 buds, on old ones by 7-8 buds.

Preparing for winter

grape variety in memory of the surgeon ready for winterThe grape variety in Memory of the Surgeon tolerates temperatures up to -24 ° C well. But when grown in cold regions, the plant definitely needs additional shelter from frost. It is necessary to cover the grapes only after the air temperature stabilizes at around -6 ° C – in early or mid-November. Depending on the climatic conditions, it is possible to prepare the plant for winter in the second half of October..

To strengthen the immune system, feed the grapes with fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus. They increase its frost resistance and accelerate the lignification of branches. After that, remove all “waste” fruit vines and green shoots.

Diseases and pests

damage to vine leavesThe grape variety in Memory of the Surgeon is highly resistant to fungal infections. But in the case of insufficient or improper care, the plant can suffer from mildew, powdery mildew or gray rot..

To fight fungal diseases, grapes are treated with fungicides. The plant is processed three times. After the shoots reach a length of 13-15 cm, before flowering, as well as when the berries ripen (when their size corresponds to a pea).

The grape variety in Memory of the Surgeon is deservedly popular among gardeners and winegrowers. The prevalence of this species is due to the ease and simplicity of cultivation. The plant is undemanding to care, has a high yield and excellent taste of berries..

How the grape variety bears fruit in Memory of the surgeon – video

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