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Curtains on the door – How to bring harmony in the house? 215+ Photos of Beautiful and Modern Ideas

Curtains on the door

The choice of textiles is an important stage in decorating. What is hidden behind these strict words? Do you want all the interior details to be in harmony with each other? Consider the color scheme of the room decoration. Much depends on the taste and preferences of the owners. However, beauty and harmony should surround a person.

Application features

For rooms whose walls are smoothly painted or pasted over wallpaper without bright pattern, can be applied curtains with a textured pattern or saturated color. They become an element of decorating a room..

The choice of textiles is an important stage in decorating

The choice of textiles is an important stage in decorating.

In rooms with bright wallpaper, decorative wall painting, stretch ceilings with a photo print, use laconic textiles with an unobtrusive pattern or solid color. Thanks to this technique:

  • The interior becomes soft and plastic.
  • Balanced by a riot of colors in the finish.
  • A soft transition between rooms is organized.

Replacement of interior doors with fabric, soft decoration is becoming a fashionable trend.. This technique is appropriate for living rooms, balconies, loggias, combined with the main room, visual separation of functional areas. What are the features of the use of textiles:

  • Gives a custom decorative effect.
  • Helps to quickly organize a space for privacy or zone for sleeping, separated from the common room.
  • Quickly makes the interior beautiful and effective.
  • Does not require large material costs and complex work.

The interior becomes soft and pliable

The interior becomes soft and pliable

There are certain limitations. They must be taken into account. Textiles absorb dust, dirt, and therefore require constant care.

Should not be used in kitchen, because it absorbs odors, soot. The fabric cannot guarantee soundproofing.

Types of door decoration

Designers, decorators create various types of textiles that can decorate a room, emphasize their greatness, and give a decorative effect, diversify the typical layout:

  • Solid canvases from various types of fabric.
  • Thread.
  • From beads.
  • Mosquitoes on magnets.
  • Horizontal.
  • Vertical.
  • Roll.
  • Wooden or bamboo.

Balancing the riot of colors in the finish

Balancing the riot of colors in the finish


Let’s talk in more detail about the material for the design of doorways. The most common option is fabric. Below we will talk in more detail about different curtain materials that correspond to different design styles. A wide variety of fabrics, colors gives a huge range of freedom, quickly changes the interior, makes it unforgettable.

AdviceThe fabric used to decorate doorways should be dense, this ensures durability.

Thread options soft and pliable. Curtains do not guarantee visual isolation, but provide decorative variety.

Wooden – made from bamboo or wooden thin bars, sticks. They have a horizontal arrangement of elements, fastening and lifting mechanism. Rollers are used for storage rooms, washrooms, dressing rooms. They give the premises a pleasant natural comfort.

A soft transition between rooms is organized

A soft transition between rooms is organized

mosquito net – irreplaceable for balcony, entrance doors. Functional, comfortable design for the entrance area, which has magnetic elements. They quickly connect two canvases.

Macrame wicker – an interesting opportunity to decorate the interior for lovers of needlework. You can create a unique model that will make your interior more exclusive. Budget option for decorating doors.

Silicone Plates – ideal for the front door of private houses, cottages. They withstand large temperature differences, create a thermal curtain between the outer and inner world. The material is durable, moisture-proof, plastic. Do not think that it is applicable only for industrial premises, car washes and trade enterprises, for housing it is also applicable.

Textiles can decorate any room

Textiles can decorate any room

Beads – create radiant splendor. One of the varieties of cotton curtains. The final result of the decoration depends on the size, color, texture of the beads. Such curtains love romantic natures, the interior becomes unusual and memorable.


Let’s say with complete confidence that there are no restrictions. The whole palette of colors that the manufacturers of fabrics and other materials give help to emphasize the sophistication of the interior, make it memorable, expressive, bring peace or place bright accents.

In the decoration, two principles of color selection are used: in harmony with the tone of the wall decoration and contrasting. In the first case, an option is chosen that is similar to the main tone of decoration. In the second, curtains of bright or juicy shades become a stylish highlight for the interior..

AdviceDo not split the space of small apartments with bright textiles with large patterns. They draw attention to themselves and make the room look like a small box. But you are unlikely to be comfortable in it..

Helps to emphasize sophistication

Helps to emphasize sophistication

Fashionable colors: blue, different shades brown, fuchsia, gray-pink, pearl.

Curtains in the interior

Consider the options for using curtains in different rooms. Where are they really needed?

To the living room and dining room

Let’s start with the main thing. Curtains are used in apartments with one owner. In this case, you do not need to organize good sound insulation. Doorways in houses with a large number of rooms are also decorated with curtains made of different materials.

Gone are the “grandmother’s” models of curtains, which were used to decorate doorways. There are several principles for choosing a living room decoration: for large and standard doors. The benefits for the living room are obvious:

  • Wide range of models to choose from. Symmetrical ones bring a sense of harmony to the interior. Asymmetric options provide a flexible transition between rooms. With a lot of beads, they scatter bright multi-colored glare around the room..
  • Fans of interiors with complex openings will not have to order expensive door models. With the help of soft or yarn curtains, you can decorate arched, asymmetrical door portals.

Very wide range of models

Very wide range of models

  • In small apartments and in houses, swing doors take up a lot of space. Get rid of standard doors. The living room does not need special isolation from other rooms. You will win additional space and emphasize the main theme of the decor.
  • The solid baffle creates a barrier. But with the help of curtains, a visual deception is provided: the light passes between the rooms, thereby uniting them.
  • You can use the area that the door occupied when opening.
  • If you wish, you can make curtains with your own hands. In this case, the exclusive model changes the interior. By choosing materials, model, dimensions for your interior, you will change the room beyond recognition.
  • Large range of materials: textiles, bamboo, PVC, wood, plastic, straw, wenge.

Such decoration does not interfere with entering the living room or dining room, it creates the appearance of isolation. Rooms become cozy, plastic lines create a calm and unobtrusive interior design. To increase the area, it is enough to tie or move the curtain. The room becomes larger due to adjacent rooms.

Get rid of standard doors

Get rid of standard doors

Curtains with balcony door

Consider two options: a standard balcony and one combined with a living room. In the first case, textiles hide from the eyes window, doorways, which can hardly be called a decorative element. They create coziness, brighten the bright rays of the sun and provide isolation from the outside world..

Curtains made of natural materials are considered an acceptable option: wood, bamboo, wenge, straw. A material with this texture is suitable for eco-style rooms. They have a natural texture, color scheme of trees., plants.

Curtains with balcony door

Curtains with balcony door

Pleased with a wide variety. Curtains are made from elements in the form:

  • tubules;
  • round beads of different sizes;
  • long elements;
  • bowls;
  • branch cuts.

Vertical horizontal models with unusual patterns are created. Such curtains create a wondrous aura of natural peace..

I want to dwell on the description of the door decoration option, which is made from scrap or wenge. It may seem that they are fragile, but with proper processing, the material acquires high strength and durability. This creates an exclusive weave with an unusual texture.

Have a great variety

Have a great variety

These curtains are installed in the doorway using wooden curtain rods. Attach metal pins to them, threads with decorative elements are hung on them. This technique helps to accurately calculate the required number of individual threads for a specific doorway.. But a more important advantage is the ability to change individual elements, repair, change decor without large material costs..

You are guaranteed to create an unobtrusive, calm interior. Similar principles apply for loggias..


Rome is the ancestor of classic interior styles. Models that match this style have distinctive features. They have horizontal panels that help lift up, create soft, even folds.

Such curtain options are applicable for the kitchen. They are environmentally friendly for health, wash well, and are not heavily contaminated. The fastening helps to maintain a stable position. This means that a gust of wind will not pick up the textiles and it will not catch fire from the furnace flame..

The cornice can be installed separately on the window and door. The clamps help you choose a comfortable height, without making much effort for this. Manufacturing is not difficult. You can choose fabrics to match the decoration, bright options for textiles, budget material or expensive textured fabrics.

Curtains made of natural materials are considered an acceptable option.

Curtains made of natural materials are considered an acceptable option.

You can make them yourself. To do this, you do not have to spend a lot of money, have special tailor talents or construction skills. All parts are sold in the hardware store.

AdviceSecure the curtains to the balcony door and avoid drafts. The material does not change the given shape, has a neat appearance, does not fade.

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Into the bedroom

They rest in the bedroom every day. Based on this, they choose calm shades with a restrained color scheme and texture. This technique helps to relax, does not irritate the eyes..

For lovers of boudoir luxury, shiny threads or multicolored beaded models are a must. Textile with soft drapery. Roll structures separate the sleeping area from the dressing room or work table.

Designers recommend in sleeping room to install doors with a solid leaf without transparent inserts. But this technique does not work if in the corridor there are several doors of different rooms. The room becomes dark and requires constant lighting.

In the interior of the bedroom

In the interior of the bedroom

I suggest another option. On the door with glass inserts, make curtains that attach to the door from the bedroom side. The interior is not overloaded. It becomes stylish and insulated at the same time. The result is a comfortable environment..


For balcony doors, there is often additional protection. On hot days from the scorching sun, in the evening from prying eyes. Fabric models fade quickly, lose their attractiveness. Roll curtains do well with such tasks, they differ from textiles.

With the help of roller shutters, the interior is quickly transformed, becomes spectacular, and attracts attention. Manufacturers produce a large number of models in different colors, sizes.

The design is equipped with a convenient, reliable fastening. The fabric is wound on a roller to ensure even tension.

Blinds are universal. They are applicable for external, internal fastening, for windows, doors, creating internal partitions.


Blinds “pleated” in the interior

The main problems of this room are considered odors, a large amount of moisture, grease, carbon monoxide. They can saturate the fabric, spoil the color. Such features affect the appearance of the curtains..

If you have an open plan interior that combines a living room and a kitchen unit, choose:

  • Roller blinds with special impregnation.
  • With beads.
  • Thread.
  • Artificial thread macrame.
  • Wooden horizontal or vertical sliding structures.

It is easier to care for such materials, wash, wash.


Transparent models are made from artificial and natural materials of different colors, lengths, textures.

From beads

Beads decorate the interior of the house. They make it bright, give it a boudoir charm. They are used to create an oriental luxury interior.. They soothe with a soft rustle, do not interfere, but give weightlessness.

Making space transparent

Making space transparent

With the help of cotton curtains, you can separate the baby’s corner in the bedroom. They are environmentally friendly, easily mounted on the ceiling, doorway. Variety of colors and sizes helps create memorable designs.

The advantage of shiny models is ease of maintenance. Dust on the beads is removed with an ordinary brush and a broom for these purposes. From time to time, you can wipe the elements with a fiber cloth and glass cleaner. And this returns the beads to their original appearance..

Let’s emphasize two approaches to the choice of color. The interior, decorated in soothing colors, is complemented by colored beads. For rooms with large, bright prints on the walls, plain beads will work. It is necessary to draw attention to the decor – choose large elements. Fine details create an imitation of shiny rain.

Interior in soothing colors

Interior in soothing colors

At the front door

In apartments, such options may not be relevant. But they are irreplaceable for houses. Indoors less dust, hot or cold air, flies and mosquitoes. Agree, ordinary tulle or gauze will not decorate the entrance area. Therefore, the magnetic models described below become indispensable..

Magnetic models

What are the design features? The main canvases are made of mesh with fine meshes. The upper part is attached to the doorway using double-sided tape or reliable buttons. Magnetic clips are sewn into the vertical parts of the canvases. They help open the mesh easily and connect quickly as soon as you pass through the curtain.

Less dust, hot or cold air gets into rooms

Less dust, hot or cold air gets into rooms

You don’t have to do additional manipulations: pull, connect, everything happens automatically. To prevent the curtains from developing in different directions, weights are fixed in the lower part. Thanks to them, the structure hangs vertically and does not tilt..

This is an upgraded mosquito net. The blinds are also applicable in the apartment. Magnetic curtain options protect the room well if mounted on a balcony or loggia.

At the door to the nursery

A child’s room, like a bedroom, needs a door. However, psychologists recommend using curtains. They give the illusion of a separate space, but parents hear what the child is doing and can control his safety.

You need to choose according to the gender of the younger family member.

  • For girls: fabric with drapery complement with thread with multi-colored beads.
  • Boys: designs like Japanese partitions imitating rice paper.
  • For the common nursery where the daughter and son live, curtains with photo printing of cartoon characters become a good option..

The best in the nursery is the bright colors.

The best in the nursery is the bright colors.

For hallway, pantry

Designers recommend abandoning standard doors in small apartments. They steal useful space, often block the aisles. However, ancillary and additional rooms need isolation. It is difficult to disagree, the apartment will not be decorated with things and household appliances that are trying to remove from public view.

Bamboo, rattan wicker, dense fabric structures do not dominate and balance the interior. Laconic designs do not take up much space and hide the room from prying eyes.

For the transition between the hallway and the living room, a style is needed that unites the space of two rooms with different functions. In addition to standard textiles, an unusual design is used: fabric fixed on a wooden frame. Use a nylon thread, which guarantees long-term operation of the structure.

Hallway option

Hallway option

Process all wooden parts:

  • Varnish.
  • Compositions from woodworm.
  • Stains to match the interior.


Classical and neoclassical styles are matched by rich fabrics: taffeta, velvet.

For provence use flax. Finely patterned fabrics.

Country – cotton, linen fabric with fine patterns.

Japanese style vertical structures: wooden frame with fabric imitating rice paper or natural fabric with a matte texture. Doesn’t accept boudoir luxury.

Loft – textiles with a metal texture – silver, bronze. Imitation of pure gold is unacceptable. Industrial style combines the severity of metal lines and the softness of brickwork.

Provence style curtains

Provence style curtains

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