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Sugar bison tomatoes have earned the love of gardeners

tomato sugar bison Tomatoes Sugar bison is one of the most popular and favorite tomato varieties, bred in 2004 by Russian breeders and introduced in 2015 in the State Register of the Russian Federation. The variety got its unusual name for its large fruits with sugary pulp. The rights to the tomatoes Sugar Bison are owned by the Aelita agricultural company. You need to pay attention to this when buying seeds so as not to buy a fake..

Description of the variety

large juicy fruits of tomato sugar bison Sugar bison is recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia. Only in the southern regions it is grown in open ground, and in the middle lane it is cultivated in greenhouse conditions..

In the characteristics of the tomato, Sugar Bison, it is indicated that it belongs to the medium early indeterminants (unlimited growth). The bush grows powerful, spreading up to 1.8-2 meters in height. Fruits ripen 90-100 days after planting the seeds..

The leaf plates of the Sugar Bison are green, drooping, elongated. The first inflorescence appears after the seventh leaf, the rest are formed after one or two leaves. On one brush, from 3 to 5 ovaries are formed.

The first tomatoes appear 3 months after planting the seeds. Usually they are the largest on the bush, reaching 500-800 g. Further tomatoes weigh 250-350 g on average..

Fruits are of medium density, ribbed, flat-round and heart-shaped. Depending on the degree of ripeness, their color changes from pinkish to crimson. Tomatoes have 6 or more seed nests.

The fruits of the Sugar Bison are tomatoes with a sweet-sour, rich taste. The pulp is dense, not watery, but soft and juicy, sugar content is visible on the cut. Ripe tomatoes are immediately eaten, juice is made from them, canned, tomato paste is produced, so they are not stored for long.

The yield of the variety is average. During the season, with proper care from a square of land in a greenhouse, 7 kg of tomatoes are harvested.

Ripe tomatoes of this variety are not suitable for long transportation due to thin skin, which often cracks and the fruits lose their presentation.

The crop for transportation is harvested when the tomatoes are still green. They ripen well within a month and a half at room temperature..

We grow tomatoes Sugar bison through seedlings

tomato seeds sugar bisonSugar bison is planted in the ground with seedlings that are grown at home. Sowing of seeds begins in early or mid-March. First, they are discarded, removing broken, darkened, spotted, deformed specimens.

Next, the inoculum is placed in a glass of water, with a spoonful of salt stirred in it, and mixed. Seeds capable of sprouting will sink to the bottom. They are taken out and disinfected for 40 minutes in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then it is kept in a growth stimulator (for example, in Epin, which will require a couple of drops per 100 ml of water) for a day. After the measures taken, the seeds are ready for planting..

For planting, use a universal soil or soil mixture for tomatoes, which is sold in stores for gardeners. Boxes or pots with a pre-laid three-centimeter drainage layer (perlite, broken slate, expanded clay) are filled with earth. The seeds are placed at a distance of 2 cm from each other and slightly “sunk” them into the soil or slightly sprinkle them with earth on top. It is poured over with warm water, glass is placed on top and left in a warm (+23 degrees) room. Every day the glass is removed, the formed condensate is removed, if necessary, the soil is moistened.

As soon as shoots appear, the glass is removed, and the container is transferred to a sunny place. Watering, focusing on the drying of the topsoil. Complex fertilizers intended for tomatoes are applied every week.

seedlings are ready for transplantingWhen two true leaves appear, a pick is made so that the plant grows a powerful root system. Without it, their full growth and fruiting are impossible. Each plant is transplanted into larger containers and at the same time pinch the main root.

A variety of unlimited growth, so even seedlings grow up to 30 cm in a couple of months at home.This fact is taken into account when choosing containers for plants after picking.

Further cultivation of sugar bison tomatoes consists in watering the seedlings, applying dressings every 21 days. Seedlings need 14-16 hours of daylight hours. If there are cloudy days, it is supplemented with phytoluminescent lamps. In the first week, the temperature for seedlings is maintained from +14 to +16 degrees. As they grow, the temperature is raised to +23.

Transfer to a greenhouse

transplant tomatoes sugar bisonWhen the seedlings are 60 days old, they will grow up and get stronger, they are transplanted into a heifer. A week before planting, the plants are hardened, leaving them daily for several hours at a slightly open window..

The beds are prepared by scattering humus over them (at least 10 kg per square meter is required), they are dug up. They form holes with a depth of 20-25 cm.No more than 2 holes are made per square of soil, since the bushes grow sprawling and will interfere with each other.transplanting

Seedlings are abundantly moistened with warm water, left for half an hour so that the earth is thoroughly moistened, and the plant freely leaves its planting container.

Each bush is transplanted into a separate hole, sprinkled with soil, lightly crushed. When all the seedlings are planted, they are watered with warm, filtered water..

Tomato care

greenhouse tomato careSugar bison grows well and bears fruit in the greenhouse under optimal conditions. Caring for tomatoes is as follows:

  1. Watering. Tomatoes are watered strictly at the root, every 5 days. Until mid-summer, the soil is kept moist, when the period of fruit ripening comes, the intensity of watering is reduced.watering tomatoes
  2. Loosening and weeding. The soil under and around the bushes is loosened slightly after each watering so that a crust does not form. Once a decade, it is loosened to a depth of 5 cm, while removing weeds. Weeding and loosening improves oxygen access to the roots.
  3. Top dressing. 2 weeks after planting in the greenhouse, the bushes are fed with nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Nitrogen is needed to build up green mass, phosphorus to accelerate the development of the root system. During flowering, fertilizers with nitrogen are removed, fertilizing is carried out with minerals. When forming ovaries, organic and phosphorus-potassium dressings are used. During the fruiting period, the bushes are fed with boron, iodine, potassium, thanks to which tomatoes accumulate sugars, become fleshy. root top dressing
  4. Protection from diseases and pests.In the description of the tomato, Sugar Bison, it is indicated that the variety is resistant to diseases, and even without prevention, it gives an excellent harvest. But experienced gardeners prefer to protect their plantings. From phytophthora, plants are treated with garlic infusion, from gray rot with fungicides. Insecticides will protect against the main tomato parasites (whiteflies, aphids, spider mites).tomato processing
  5. Bush formation. When additional shoots begin to form, pinching is carried out. Form a bush into one or two trunks. The role of the second trunk is performed by the strongest stepson, which forms at the bottom of the bush. Additional shoots break off. tomato bush formationDuring the flowering of the seventh brush, pinch the top of the bush to stop its growth. Mandatory tying bushes to trellises.
  6. Harvesting and storage. Sugar Bison’s tomatoes ripen together. The first fruits of their labor begin to be removed 90 days after seed germination. They are stored for one and a half to two weeks at room temperature. If placed in a cool, dark place, the shelf life will double..the harvest is ripe

Tomato Sugar bison is not for nothing that gardeners are so fond of. With good care of the season, they get an excellent harvest tomato with a juicy, sugary pulp.

Large juicy tomatoes Sugar bison – video

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