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Installing roller blinds on plastic windows with your own hands: the nuances of a competent choice of models (130+ Photos)

Installation of roller blinds on plastic windows

If the usual configuration of curtains is already tired of the order, then there is a universal option – these are roller blinds for plastic windows. Curtains can be installed in any interior style. But you need to be able to choose them correctly. More details later in the article.


The design is based on the piece of fabric itself, together with the roller for collecting the fabric and the lifting element. Roller blinds are also called blinds or roller blinds.

To open the window, you need to pull on the chain so that it starts to wind on the shaft..

Roller blinds will help to add variety to the interior

Roller blinds will help to add variety to the interior

The movement is driven by a lifting mechanism. The rest is collected on a roll. The design is unpretentious, so it breaks down enough.

Classification by type of fastening system

If we are talking about an open system, then the shaft, where it will be wound, is attached to the window opening or to the window frame. Strings act as guides.

AdviceIn order for the curtain to keep its shape, a bar is attached to the bottom of the structure.

The closed system has an aluminum box that hides part of the assembled one from the eyes. The curtain itself moves along two aluminum guides.

Wood option

Wood option

Functional differences

There are differences in the mechanism responsible for raising the blinds.. It can be represented as:

  • cord;
  • springs;
  • chains.

You can also purchase blinds with an automatic mechanism. The first three options can be combined into one group, since you will have to lift it manually. Automatic drive simplifies everything. The structure can be controlled by a remote control.

No need to get off the couch to adjust the canvas height.

If desired, roller blinds can be integrated into the Smart Home system.

Separately, it must be said about the existing categories:

  • These are the so-called mini-curtains. They resemble open ones in design. Only attached to the sash window. Mini curtains will do if you intend to do without drilling.
  • Also on sale there is a type of love. You need to use them on large windows. Such blinds are controlled only with the help of the remote control.
  • There are also day-night types with fabrics with varying degrees of light blocking. They allow you to make different degrees of illumination in the room at different times..

In the interior of the kitchen

In the interior of the kitchen


1You can store flowers on the windowsill, since the window sill, like the window opening itself, will always be open. Rolls give a free view. 2Like ordinary blinds, they can be finely adjusted in height, respectively, if the light flux hits the eyes. Blinds allow you to completely darken the room if you have a nap. This is especially convenient when the family has a small child. The presence of roller blinds does not imply a complete rejection of the curtains – if you like them, you can leave them. 3 The canvas does not need constant cleaning, since the canvas goes through a special treatment, which prevents dirt and dust particles from entering the room. But the canvas acts as a reflective barrier, not a filter, that is, dust particles will not linger in the canvas. The canvas is not subject to fading, and is also able to protect against fading furniture, located in the room. 4 An air gap forms between the window and the curtain, due to which it is cool in the room in summer and warm in winter. It is almost impossible to crumple them or physically deform them.. For large windows in a white tone

For large windows in a white tone

Stylish light protection

Stylish light protection

Which type of construction is best?

The essence of roll-to-roll open type the fact that their design is as simple as possible, but this is also its minus. The open shaft is attached to the window by means of corners. A canvas hangs on the shaft.

AdviceTo avoid skewing, the structure is propped up with a heavy bar.

Open ones are driven by a chain. The design looks simple, but not reliable. But the cost of such is somewhat cheaper than its main competitor..

Open type model

Open type model

Closed blinds the shaft is hidden under the cassette or boxes. Due to this, it turns out to preserve the initial appearance of the canvas much longer, since dirt does not penetrate there. For the smooth movement of the web, an aluminum bar and sewn-in guides are used – this allows the web to keep its shape. Perfectly straight shape prevents light from outside. This will not affect the quality of airing the room..

Closed model

Closed model

To combine standard and roller blinds indoors, it is worth installing closed-type structures. In this situation, it will be possible to find the optimal combination of colors and patterns. As for potential problems with their installation on a window opening, it will not be more difficult than installing ordinary blinds..

If you plan to use rolls in a room with a high humidity level, for example, on the kitchen, then it is also better to dwell on a closed structure.

Material selection

Roller blinds can be made from fabrics:

  • natural;
  • synthetic origin.

On sale you can find canvases from:

  • cotton;
  • nylon;
  • polyester.

In appearance, they may look like:

  • metal;
  • have velvet fibers;
  • eye-catching prints.

The canvas can be completely transparent, and then they will only play a decorative role.

Solid, discreet color option

Solid, discreet color option

Additional decorations, be it tassels or fringes, are also installed on the curtains. It is widely believed that fabric roller blinds are distinguished by their fragility, but in practice the situation is exactly the opposite..

Temperature drops, dust and other factors do not in any way affect the appearance of the canvas.

You can pick up a material that has been impregnated with an antibacterial impregnation. UV reflective coating keeps the room cool.

Bright curtains made of translucent material

Bright curtains made of translucent material

You can find the right canvas texture for any room. Most often, roller blinds are used for plastic windows, but there are curtains for wooden windows as well. The choice of the properties of the canvas must correspond to the conditions of their use..

Rolled bamboo – why are they so good?

Natural materials in the interior are increasingly replacing plastic and other commonly used materials. Bamboo became a hit. The material is environmentally friendly. At the same time, the antistatic properties remained the same.

Ecological, natural material - bamboo

Ecological, natural material – bamboo

This bamboo product is a woven fabric. The canvas is created using sturdy bamboo stems. Since these strips adhere as tightly as possible to each other, this allows you to get an almost uniform canvas in its structure. The cost of the product is influenced by the fact that it is woven by hand..

Since the work is carried out manually, it is still impossible to achieve complete uniformity of the structure, the same applies to the uniformity of the shade and width of the stems. But this is exactly what attracts, since you can immediately see that the curtains are handmade. The canvas is attached to the frame, from the bottom it is processed with a decorative stick.

Cozy and tasteful

Cozy and tasteful


The choice of bamboo differs from fabric products, since here the frequency of weaving comes to the fore. From the structure, you need to get not only a decorative function, but also a function of blocking sunlight. The smaller the gaps in the canvas, the weaker the light will begin to enter the room. But this is considered a fabric material, while bamboo is a specific material..

Even the densest weaving of bamboo curtains will transmit light, but it will turn out to be diffused, respectively, it will softly illuminate the room. There will also be an air exchange in the room. No need to raise to let light through.

Perfect combination with wooden furniture

Perfect combination with wooden furniture

Only bamboo are inherent in ambiguous ornaments that give the room an oriental touch..

They can also give a room an antique feel. They will look most organically with wooden flooring and wooden furniture. The more on the canvas there are all kinds of irregularities inherent in manual weaving, the better. Different strip widths, seals and other roughness are only a plus, as this will give authenticity to the product itself.

The nuances of choosing the type of attachment and size of the structure

1Even before choosing the color of the canvas or its configuration, you need to calculate the size, which depends on the place of attachment. If the window is installed in a recess in the room, then the width should exceed the width of the opening by 5 centimeters on each side. The same applies to the height, since it should be with a margin of several centimeters.. Full protection from light

Full protection from light

2 It is necessary to start from the fact that when the window is raised, it should be easy to open in all directions. The presence of a window in the room located in the same plane with the wall obliges to make a gap between the structure and wall. The width must exceed 20 cm, that is, 10 cm per side. As for the height, then you can adhere to the rule for the windows in the recess. As a rule, the width was slightly wider than the transparent part, by about 3 cm.

Immediately you need to specify the type of attachment. There are two options in total – the structure will be installed with or without drilling.

For subdued light

For subdued light

3If we talk specifically about plastic windows, then it is better to discard the option with drilling. Self-tapping screws will be used to fasten the structure. It is on them that the bracket will be held. It is rarely fixed to the window frame, most often the ceiling and walls are chosen. The integrity of the wall will be broken, but the fastening itself will be more reliable.

4Drilling is not suitable for plastic windows. Low weight makes it possible to do without fastening to the sash. The job includes securing the brackets with double-sided tape. Brown is perfect for a beige interior

Brown is perfect for a beige interior

The issue of light penetration into the room

This question also affects the design side of the process of choosing roller blinds. Fully transparent are considered purely decorative, although they are not useless. They are able to partially scatter sunlight. Dimout curtains have one feature – they, like transparent ones, let in diffused light, but there is one caveat..

Dimout fabric

Dimout fabric

Firstly, diffused light will be transmitted, and secondly, heat will not be transmitted at all, in any direction. For home this option is unlikely to work, unlike offices and areas where a large number of plants are stored, for example, for greenhouses. Exposure to the sun can adversely affect them, respectively, the dimout curtains will fit there.

AdviceFor home use, blackout is quite suitable..

As the name implies, these completely block out sunlight. The complete absence of light is in demand in children’s rooms, in rooms used for watching movies. They are also suitable for offices, for example, for a conference room. The previously mentioned day-night blinds allow you to vary the type of canvas. At a certain time of the day, you can use a transparent canvas, at a certain time – a blackout canvas.

A non-standard solution for a stylish interior

A non-standard solution for a stylish interior

As for the drawings, an image of any structure and complexity can be applied to the canvas. The application of images is carried out using photo printing. Photo printing is not afraid of burnout.

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What is the essence of the day-night system?

A type of roll category day-night can be found called zebra. Their peculiarity is that there is no familiar canvas made of dense fabric. Alternating stripes are used instead of canvas. Half of these stripes are blackout fabric. The other half of the stripes are transparent. There may be variations in materials and colors. You can choose both plain and patterned.

Curtain type day - night

Curtain type day – night

Like other models, similar models are treated with an antistatic and anti-dust coating, which is especially important if the structure will be used in the kitchen. The strips are moved by a chain along the roller. The design has two states. When the same stripes overlap each other, then light begins to enter the room..

When different stripes are superimposed on each other, the light stops falling. The required degree of illumination is achieved by adjusting.

Light option day - night

Light option day – night

The advantages of such blinds are expressed in practicality, since it does not matter which style is used. in the interior. Can combine fabric and roller blinds, use white colors to visually expand the space. Roll-up for non-standard windows are practically irreplaceable..

Design issues

The technical characteristics of the structure affect the design side, therefore, roll should be chosen from them. As soon as the type of construction, the type of fasteners and the blade is selected, you can start to select Colour. It is not worth making a mistake with the choice of color, since the wrong color scheme can reveal the imperfections of the room..

Bright and bold color in the interior

Bright and bold color in the interior

An important aspect is the orientation of the room in relation to the cardinal points.. When the windows face south, then it is better to stay on cold shades. Cold colors can compensate for too much sunlight, which makes the room visually cooler..

Neutral colors

Each color shade has its own effect on the psyche, which directly affects the perception of the room. If we consider universal colors, then this White and beige. White ones will look organic in any room, regardless of whether the room is spacious or not. But still, white has the effect of expanding the space, you need to take this into account. White will not draw attention to himself.

Beige, neutral color - for a small space

Beige, neutral color – for small spaces

The beige color is almost a complete copy of white in its properties. The beige color of roller blinds is often chosen. For compact rooms, yellow is also suitable, especially if the room is small, but you spend a lot of time in it. Color adds color to dark rooms, accordingly, the mood improves and there is a desire to work.

Bright shades

From bright shades:

A bright accent in your room

A bright accent in your room

  • Orange attracts attention, so if there is a desire to focus on rolls, then orange is a good option. It is necessary to use such blinds in rooms where the finish is neutral. This room is bedroom.
  • In the bedroom, you can also use the pink color of the canvas, as the color of romance and dreamy mood. In the room with finishing light pastel colors, this color will look quite appropriate.
  • In the rooms where you plan to spend your vacation, you can use blue, as it is able to calm the people in it. It will bring an atmosphere of lightness. In addition to a bedroom, a children’s room is also suitable for these criteria..
  • As for the equally popular green color, then you need to understand the properties of this color. They consist in the ability to give an influx of energy, charge for doing things. Workers fit this description zones, such as a kitchen or study.
  • A universal color, like white, is brown. The color gives a tone of tranquility and stability. The least rare color is black, although this option should also not be discarded, because it can bring intimacy and mystery to the atmosphere..

Light and relaxing color

Light and restful color

It is not recommended to combine warm and cold shades. There is an unspoken rule according to which shades of only one category can be organically combined in the interior. You should look at the color wheel, and see which of the flowers are next.

Green gives the interior a sense of nature

Green gives the interior a natural feel

You can combine green and purple, or blue and blue. Not to be missed is the color cast’s ability to mask room cons..

If the room is compact, then it must be visually moved apart. To do this, you need to install rolls in white or beige. If the problem is in low ceilings, then it can be partially solved with the help of a vertical strip.

Choice of ornament

The ornament of the canvas is always selected. The ornament should be matched to the furniture and wallpaper. The presence of plain wallpaper in the room obliges the use of roll wallpaper with an ornament. This will make the room more interesting. Also, the rule works in the opposite direction – if there is some kind of pattern on the wallpaper, then the blinds should be monochromatic.

The ornament will make the interior more interesting

The ornament will make the interior more interesting

There is a classic technique when the material of the curtains matches the material of the tablecloth or bedspreads. This will allow the room to be kept in a uniform design style. If there are no specific ideas in your head, then you can choose something universal, for example, a combination of beige shades.

There is an unspoken rule on the basis of which they should differ in color saturation from the walls – they should be either darker or lighter.

The most successful configurations of roller blinds

Bright material to dilute the gray interior

Bright material to dilute the gray interior

  1. It is important in which room they will be installed. The classic version of the room furnishings implies that the windows will be distinguished from the color of the walls with bright shades of canvas or a striking ornament. In this situation, any type of ornament is suitable – from abstract drawings to the now popular Chinese motifs..
  2. Strict motives will create a rather strict atmosphere in the room that helps to tune in the right mood. The strict type will look better in the office..
  3. Recently, rolls, which have a mesh fabric, have become especially popular. For the manufacture of such a cloth, a metallized thread is used – a rather original and practical product is obtained. Mesh curtains can also be used in a children’s room, as they completely block the flow of sunlight into the room – the child is calmly indoors.

Mesh fabric is one of the most practical

Mesh fabric is one of the most practical

The importance of choice for certain spaces

The selection of the configuration of roller blinds will be inaccurate if you do not know in advance in which room they will be used. Cassette can be considered a versatile item. But there are developments that are applicable only for a specific room..

The children’s room has already been sorted out earlier. As a color, according to tradition, you need to choose something cheerful and cheerful, so that it would be pleasant to be in the room not only for the child, but also for the parents..

AdviceBlackout curtains can be used in a children’s room, but a certain amount of light must still go there..

A compromise is the use of day-night canvases.

Blue tones are soothing - a topical model for the nursery

Blue tones are soothing – a topical model for the nursery

All options are also used in the bedroom. If the room is located on the sunny side of the house, then you need a curtain that can diffuse light. Otherwise, you will definitely not get enough sleep..

Usually viewing TV or movies on the big screen going on in the living room. Of course, the curtains in the living room should not be faceless, but if the canvas passes glare, it will interfere with normal TV viewing.

Roller blinds are good even for the bathroom

Roller blinds are good even for the bathroom

Concerning toilet, even here cassette rolls can be installed. And the reason for installation may not be the presence of a window – the curtains will act as a decorative element, covering pipes or other unsightly places.

Is it appropriate to use with photo printing?

This type has appeared recently, but has already managed to grab a share of popularity. Classic rolls have not ceased to improve, and now it is not just a canvas that protects the room from the sun that is bought home – the coating is anti-allergenic and antibacterial. The nice thing is that a drawing can be applied to the surface of the canvas.

Photo printing - model for an amateur

Photo printing – model for an amateur

The principle of photo printing is that the pattern is applied under high pressure. The drawing itself is applied step by step, the paint does not do any harm, therefore, it can be used with photo printing even in a children’s room – in this case, you can use a drawing of a cartoon character or some kind of animal.

The drawing remains alive for a long time, the sun does nothing to it, therefore, even being in direct sunlight will not lead to fading of the canvas. There is one trick to liven up a boring room – for this you can use 3d drawing. As for compact rooms, they can be visually enlarged by using with a print in the form of horizontal lines.

Funny print for the bathroom

Funny print for the bathroom

Also in this category can be attributed canvases, the print on which was applied using UV-printing. The drawing is applied by an inkjet method, and it is seized by ultraviolet irradiation. The printing method is universal in the sense that it can be used not only for fabric, but also for wood, metal or fiberglass.

Usually, products with such prints are produced by companies whose direction is associated with applying prints to clothes and objects..

Such firms have galleries with examples of the most successful works. You can find there abstract figures, copies of famous paintings, and beautiful landscapes, and even children’s drawings, transferred to fabric. The essence of printing is that specialists are able to translate a drawing of any complexity onto a plain canvas..

Original solution

Original solution

Features of the combination of colors in prints

For a minimalist room

For a minimalist room

  • This technology has one peculiarity associated with the arrangement of bright colors. In accordance with this technology, the most saturated tones cannot contact each other, and if there are such areas in the drawing, then barely noticeable gaps will remain on the print. They are not very striking, unless, of course, you deliberately look closely. Another thing is that the quality of the image transmission, in comparison with the source, will decrease. Initially, it is impossible to understand what the final print on the curtains will be, so it is recommended to print with a test print in order to understand what to expect.
  • Curtains with photo printing allow you to get unique interiors, and photo printing is especially appropriate for children’s rooms, where one of the solutions is installation with a cartoon character print.

The printed roller blinds themselves can be moisture resistant, which allows them to be used in the kitchen.

The properties of colors have already been described. Do not forget that the wrong color can have a negative impact..

Calm tones will help make your interior look like a vacationer

Calm tones will help make your interior look like a vacationer

Influence of colors

  • Red color is a pathogen for the psyche.
  • Green shades can cause feelings of melancholy, so use these shades wisely..
  • Blue-blue colors do not contribute to a working mood in any way, rather, they can cause feelings of laziness..
  • For mental activity, it is better to choose curtains with a pattern from a yellow-orange range, this range also stimulates the appetite.

In addition to the successful combination of colors, it makes sense to combine light and heavy fabrics of a denser format. It is not necessary to leave the cornice open as it can be closed lambrequin. It is important that this lambrequin is not too wide, otherwise they will be knocked out of their laconic style..

One of the most successful places for such curtains is the kitchen.

One of the most successful places for such curtains is the kitchen.

Can roller blinds be used in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, like In bathroom, your requirements for furniture and finishing materials.

Convenient and practical

Convenient and practical

  • They should not be afraid of high levels of humidity, quickly get dirty and interfere with normal cooking. Roller blinds fit all of these criteria..
  • Traditional curtains and curtains are gradually fading into the background, since in many respects they are still inferior to roller blinds.
  • Often, in high-rise buildings, the kitchen is so small that you need to grab any opportunity to save extra meters. One of the ways to save free space is to install roller blinds in the kitchen. They rise, freeing the sill.
  • The sun’s rays will not interfere with the cooking process. You can choose a model that only scatters the rays, you can also choose blackout curtains, although the first option is more preferable for the kitchen. As for the cleaning process, the process itself does not take much time, which is especially pleasant, since the problem of pollution is constantly present in the kitchen. ceilings, walls, furniture.
  • Cleaning curtains involves wiping with a damp cloth, and sometimes dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is sufficient. The type of construction does not matter in principle, since open-type roller blinds are also suitable for the kitchen in the same way as closed-type curtains..

Combined with conventional curtains

Combined with conventional curtains

How to use roller blinds – in the form of curtains or tulle?

Due to the fact that there is enough model variety here, there is no problem to fit the roller blinds into the already created interior. Curtains can be tulle. Then you will have to install additional fabric curtains. You can also choose a canvas with a dense fabric, but then you will need to additionally hang a transparent tulle. Thick fabric roller blinds are made of cotton or synthetics.

Minimalist style

Minimalist style

AdviceFor those people who prefer conciseness and minimalism in the interior, roller blinds will come in handy..

On each sash, you can install different types of canvas, respectively, dense fabric will only cover the windows – this is very appropriate, especially when it comes to the attic. A tulle can also be a translucent roller shutter, while classic curtains made of dense material installed on the cornice can protect the room from the sun’s rays and prying eyes.

Fabric roller blinds are also good because special care is not required for them, since they are initially impregnated with a special composition that protects not only from burnout, but also from pollution. If a stain appears on the canvas, then you can remove it yourself using a furniture care product.

Fabric roller blinds

Fabric roller blinds

In addition to their decorative properties, roller blinds have a structure that eliminates deformation.

Simply put, it is almost impossible to crush them. Typical problems of classic fabric curtains, such as fading in the sun or accumulation of dust, do not apply to roller blinds..

Optimal place for installing roller blinds

  • It is advisable to choose the installation method that provides for the installation of curtains directly on the window. This will save space, especially if the curtains themselves for balcony. Obviously, the structure should open freely, and at the same time not interfere with the opening of windows..
  • It is possible to mount the structure on the entire window with an overlap, in the window opening or on the sashes. Experts advise installing it on window sashes, since this solution is a compromise, but no less practical. Models like Mini or Uni1 are suitable for this installation method..
  • It is worth considering curtains made of straw. The interior will not be overloaded, but at the same time, it will still be cozy. The weave differs in color and density. The density of weaving directly depends on how much light will enter the room. In this sense, the material is similar to bamboo, which was described earlier..

Similar models can be used for large panoramic windows

Similar models can be used for large panoramic windows

How to extend the life of a structure?

Stains on the canvas can be removed easily, but there are some restrictions on cleaning.

Stylish combination

Stylish combination

  • Do not wash fabrics in a washing machine, as spinning will permanently damage the fabric and will have to be thrown away. It is better to dry the wetted cloth in the already straightened form. This prevents folds and folds from remaining on the fabric..
  • The canvas does not need to be ironed, but if there are folds after drying, then it is worth using an iron. Iron only at the lowest temperature and only through a damp cloth. The plastic window can also get dirty – the washing procedure is not difficult, but the curtains should be hidden under the cover. Otherwise, they may become dirty during cleaning..
  • No smoking is required near the curtains. This can not only lead to the appearance of ash holes. The smell of tobacco can strongly permeate the material. After each smoking, you need to ventilate the room by opening a window to the room..
  • In order for the lifting mechanism to work without restrictions, it should be lubricated with oil..

You can use these curtains in any room of your home.

You can use these curtains in any room of your home.


Universal roller blinds. There should be no problems with their introduction into the already created interior. Roller blinds are expensive, especially if a model with a remote control is purchased. You can partially save on the lifting mechanism and on the material – this will not especially affect the functionality of the product, such as protection from light and dust.

VIDEO: The most beautiful options for roller blinds


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