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For what crops is the fungicide Switch effectively used?

fungicide switch Prolonged rains and sudden temperature changes are a common cause of fungal diseases affecting garden plants. For their treatment, it can be difficult to do without agrochemical agents, such as the fungicide Switch. Manufacturers are making these products more effective and less toxic. One of these drugs will be discussed in this article. It is popular with farmers and gardeners.

Composition of fungicide Switch, release form

form of release of fungicide switch

The drug Switch for plant diseases contains potent active ingredients aimed at combating gray rot and other fungal infections:

  1. Cyprodinil – has a systemic effect, prevents the multiplication of pathogens, acts within 14 days after treatment.
  2. Fludioxonil – a pesticide, has a contact effect, slows down the growth of mycelium.

The fungicide is available in granular form. Dissolve it in water before use. The manufacturer has provided for various packaging of the product:

  • 1 kg and 2 kg each – for use in large agricultural enterprises;
  • 1 g, 2 g and 10 g each – for small farms and private household plots.

On sale there are analogues of the drug Switch with cyprodinil (Bontima and Horus) and with fludioxonil (trade names – Maxim and Geox).

How does the fungicide Switch work?

How does the fungicide switch work?Switch is a two-component broad-spectrum fungicide designed to treat plants against fungal diseases. Effective in the fight against ascomycetes and imperfect fungi at all stages of the development of the disease.

Plants absorb cyprodinil through the leaves. Getting into their vascular system, and then into the deep layers of tissues, the substance destroys the hyphae and interferes with the activity of the pathogen. Fludioxonil has a local effect, destroying the mycelium.

The effect of the drug Switch occurs within 2 hours after treatment. Pathogens are destroyed within 2 days, and the protection remains effective for 3 weeks.

The Switch drug helps to fight various types of lesions:

  • brown spot;
  • fusarium;
  • ascochitosis – a fungal pathogen that causes rotting of stems and foliage;
  • rot;
  • moniliosis or fruit rot, which develops due to infection with ascomycete;
  • white spot;
  • powdery mildew.

The switch is not a phytotoxic drug, therefore, it can be processed with any berry, vegetable and fruit crops. If the dosage is observed, the active substances of the fungicide do not accumulate in the soil and in plant tissues.

Practical experience with the pesticide shows that it is effective against powdery mildew outbreaks. The drug Switch for strawberries and grapes promotes the development of powerful immunity to pathogenic microorganisms.sprinkling strawberries

Processing fruit trees: apple trees, plums, pears, apricots, – allows farmers and gardeners to get a harvest of good marketable qualities, worthy of keeping quality. The fruits become juicy, tasty.

The switch is used for spraying cucumbers and tomatoes as a preventive measure, especially in rainy weather. The tool helps to reduce the activity of fungi. Ultimately, its application allows for higher yields..

Another crop for which a fungicide is used is potatoes. When growing it, it is advisable to use the drug before planting and during the growing season to protect against infectious outbreaks..

To protect against fungal diseases, you can spray rose bushes with Switch..

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

advantages and disadvantages of the drug

The drug is not addictive to pathogenic microorganisms. It has a number of other advantages as well as several disadvantages:

pros Minuses
Effective in the fight against common diseases, including in the sleeping phase High cost, payback of the drug with economical consumption
Safety, belonging to substances of the 3rd class of toxicity, not poisonous for pollinators and animals Impossibility of mixing with copper sulfate
Can be used during flowering
Preservation under the influence of precipitation and fog
Ability to accelerate the recovery of crops after illness

Consumption of the fungicide Switch for different crops and preparation of the solution

drug consumption

When processing various crops, the consumption rates are calculated for each. They are presented in the table:

Plants The amount of the drug per 10 liters of water for solution preparation, in grams Solution consumption for processing, in liters Duration of action of the fungicide Switch, in days
Apple tree


2-5 (per tree)

Plum twenty
Pear 15




5 (for 1 are)

Grape 21
Strawberry 3-5 (per 1 hundred square meters) 7
Roses ten ½ (per plant) 15

To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dissolve the required dosage of the drug in clean, warm water..

The product must be mixed at the time of dilution of granules and processing of plants..

The product is used fresh on the day of preparation. Leaving it for more than a day is not recommended..

How to use fungicide Switch on the site

use of fungicide for fruit treesInstructions for use of the drug Switch prescribes to spray plants in the morning or evening hours, in the absence of wind, so that the solution does not fall on the neighboring plantings.

During the growing season, two plantings are sufficient:

  • with the onset of flowering culture;
  • after the flowers wither.

If the plants are kept in greenhouse conditions, they must first be sprayed and then smeared with the stems. The fungicide is applied to both diseased and healthy areas..

To protect strawberry bushes from fungal diseases, they are sprayed twice – in the spring before the formation of flowers and after flowering. The processing of roses is planned at the time of the appearance of the buds. Instructions for use The switch for grapes recommends first sprinkling the vine with the onset of flowering, then – when forming the brushes. Fruit trees are also sprinkled twice, most recently at least 20 days before harvest.

Spray fungicide Switch near sources of drinking water, on the banks of rivers, ponds and other bodies of water. The closest distance from the processing site to the shore – 2 kilometers.

Safety precautions and shelf life

safety precautions when working with fungicideThe drug Switch belongs to hazard class 3 substances. The product is low-toxic and, if precautions are taken, does not pose a danger to insects, animals and humans.

To prevent pesticide poisoning, when spraying it, you must wear a mask, gloves and protective clothing, and also close access to the area for unauthorized people. After the treatment, you need to take a shower, wash thoroughly with soap.

If the product gets on the skin, they must be wiped with a cloth dampened in water. If mucous membranes are damaged, they should be immediately washed with cool liquid. And if the solution is swallowed, you should immediately induce vomiting in the victim and drink an absorbent.

The agrochemical agent is stored at temperatures from -50 C to +350 C. The packaging of the drug must be intact, without breaks. The properties and effectiveness of the fungicide Switch are retained for 3 years from the date of production. After the expiration date, it is disposed of, and the finished solution is poured into a cesspool.

The switch is a powerful anti-fungal agent that destroys pathogenic microorganisms. You should not be afraid that it will harm a person or insects, it is enough to accurately follow the instructions for use.

Fungicide switch for your site – video

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