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The use of a modern herbicide preparation Corsar for the protection of crops

drug Corsair Protection of cultivated plants from weeds is an important stage in the work of farmers. The preparation Korsar is intended for post-emergence treatment of weeds of the dicotyledonous class. The effectiveness of the herbicide can significantly reduce the cost of growing field crops.

Pesticide composition and description

composition of herbicide corsair Before using the drug Corsair, you must read the instructions for use. It was developed by the manufacturer and contains all the relevant data. The registrant and manufacturer of the Corsair is the Russian company “August”, registration is issued until March 2030.

Main characteristics:

  1. The active ingredient is bentazone. Concentration – 480 g of substance per 1 liter of solution.
  2. The form of the preparation is VK (water-soluble concentrate). The volume of the canister is 10 liters. It is important to remember that Corsair tablets are a medication for the treatment of arterial hypertension. Herbicide in tablet form is not available.
  3. Chemical class – Benzothiadiazones.
  4. The action is contact. The nature of the action – selective anti-bipartite herbicide.
  5. Hazard class for humans and insects is 3rd, for fish – 4th. The corsair is approved for use in the sanitary zone of reservoirs.
  6. The rate of exposure is from 1 to 7 days, the complete death of parasitic plants after 2 weeks.
  7. Mechanism – contact penetration through green parts of weeds, blocking photosynthetic reactions.
  8. Protection period – until the second wave of weed emergence.

The period of weed death depends on the accuracy of compliance with the consumption rates of the drug.

Corsair preparation – scope

field of cerealsThe pesticide affects a large list of dicotyledonous annuals. Works well even against weeds that are resistant to the commonly used herbicides MCPA and 2,4-D.

Not a complete list of plants susceptible to the pesticide Corsair:

  • varieties of highlander, purslane, cocklebur, quinoa, chamomile, navel, sunflower;
  • common warthog;
  • field forget-me-not;
  • field mustard;
  • dope ordinary;
  • ambrosia;
  • field bindweed.

The declared effectiveness of the drug Corsair is manifested in the treatment of weeds at an early stage of development. Optimal – in the phase from 2 to 5 leaves.

The manufacturer allowed one-time treatment with Corsair during the growing season.

Consumption rate

herbicide application rateThe indicator depends on the type of crop that is being processed. For spring and winter cereals, 2-4 liters of herbicide are required per hectare of area. The rate is maintained when growing crops with clover over-sowing. When over-sowing alfalfa, the rate should be reduced to 2 liters per 1 ha of area. Processing time – tillering phase of grain crops, consumption of working solution 250-300 l per 1 ha.

For rice, the norm remains the same as for cereals – 2-4 liters of herbicide per 1 ha of area. Spraying time – 2 leaves on a crop, working fluid consumption 200-300 l per 1 ha.

For crops of soybeans and peas, the rate is reduced to 1.5-3.0 liters of the drug per hectare. The processing time for soybeans is 1 leaf per crop, for peas – 5-6 leaves. Consumption of working solution 200-300 l per 1 hectare of area.

Pesticide properties

contact herbicide applicationCorsair is an effective contact herbicide.

Shows its characteristics when in contact with the tissues of the aerial part of plants:

  1. Has a wide spectrum of action, due to high-quality cleaning and productivity of the active ingredient.
  2. The specificity of the impact does not form the resistance of weeds to the herbicide.
  3. The chemical properties of bentazone are well tolerated by cultivated plants, but they block the growth points of weeds.
  4. The substance quickly penetrates the tissues of parasitic plants and lasts up to 10 days..
  5. Complete weed death occurs 2 weeks after contact with the herbicide.

Corsair is well compatible with pesticides that have an alkaline or neutral reaction. For example, when combined with the combined herbicide “Fabian”, the spectrum of action of Corsair becomes much broader..

Before preparing the tank mix, it is necessary to check the reaction for compatibility with each specific drug..

Benefits of herbicide Corsair

The advantages of the drug include:

  • wide range of exposure;
  • quick effect on contact with weeds;
  • there is no confirmation of drug resistance;
  • not toxic to cultivated species;
  • approved for use on crops of forage grasses (clover, alfalfa).

Subject to safety requirements, the Corsair does not have a negative impact on human health.

Rules for the preparation and use of the solution

preparation of working solutionThe working solution should be prepared immediately before starting work. First, you need to check the serviceability and cleanliness of the spraying device. Shake the herbicide canister thoroughly. Then fill the tank with clean water for ¼ volume, add the required amount of the drug Corsair, mix well. Add water to the full volume of the tank, without stopping stirring its contents.

Carry out the processing by spraying the green part of the plants. Requirements for work:

  • spraying should be carried out at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° C and not higher than + 25 ° C;
  • the maximum permissible wind speed is 5 m / s;
  • the drug should not be used with a high probability of night frost;
  • in the process of work, it is imperative to use personal protective equipment.

For more susceptible crops (peas), the treatment should be transferred to a cloudy day with an air temperature of no more than + 20 ° C.

Storage conditions

The pesticide Corsair must be stored in its original container. A separate room should be allocated for the canister and the air temperature should be within the range of -5 ° C … + 40 ° C. Allowed storage time – 3 years from the date of issue, provided the packaging is intact. If the sealing of the canister is broken, then the drug must be disposed of without harm to the environment. It is forbidden to reuse empty containers..

Corsair provides guaranteed protection of crops from the spread of weeds. The main safety condition is compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements in the process of using the drug.

General information about herbicides – video

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