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Avocado is a tree with a unique look

avocado tree You don’t need to have any special skills to grow an avocado tree. This exotic plant only requires adherence to the basic rules of care. This applies to watering, fertilizing, air humidity.

Avocado – a tree with unusual fruits

avocado tree pitted Avocado or American Persia, as it is also called, belongs to the group of evergreens.

The avocado must rest for 5 months to get blooming. If this is not done, then buds will not appear on the home tree..

What an avocado tree looks like and its features:

  1. In the wild, the tree reaches 20 m in height, in indoor conditions the plant does not exceed 3 m.
  2. Even with the right growing conditions, harvesting is nearly impossible. Fruiting at home is extremely rare. But if the avocado does bloom, then this will happen only 5 years after planting..
  3. The leaves of the tree have a deep green hue. They are all lanceolate. The length of each does not exceed 35 cm.
  4. The flowers are small, light green in color. They are all gathered in a false umbrella.
  5. As for the taste of fruits, they are much inferior to imported ones. But despite this, they can be eaten..

Studies have shown that avocado is one of the few trees that can purify the air. That is why it is placed in bedrooms, children’s rooms, as well as in the kitchen..

Where does the avocado tree grow?

avocado tree in the wildIn many countries of the world, avocado is considered a plant close to laurel. It was cultivated by the ancient Greeks. The native land of the tree is the lands of North America.

Large-scale cultivation began in Israel, so this particular country can be considered a second homeland..

In nature, there is an avocado with fruits of the following shades:

  • yellowish green;
  • dark green;
  • purple-reddish;
  • deep purple.

The avocado tree thrives on different types of soil. But most of all he prefers to grow in areas with red clay or sand. The plant also responds well to limestone substrates..

Most of all, the fruit is cultivated in the Philippines, America, Asia, Australia, Peru. On the territory of our country, only varieties of the Mexican group can be grown in the open field..

Growing conditions in the wild

fruiting avocado treeSince avocado grows in both tropical and subtropical climates, there are certain differences between these plants..

Groups and their features:

  1. Mexican varieties. Such species have good resistance to adverse weather conditions. Mexican avocados can tolerate slight drops in air temperature.
  2. West Indian varieties. It will not work to grow such plants in the northern regions. The trees die even with slight frosts. In our country, West Indian varieties can only be grown in conservatories and greenhouses..

In the wild, avocados grow in both sun and shade. In open areas, the tree bears better.

Avocados don’t like drafts. Strong winds negatively affect its development. Dry air disrupts the process of pollination of flowers, as a result of which the yield is reduced several times..

What home care does an avocado tree require?

growing avocado at homeBefore planting an avocado tree at home, remember that it loves a lot of light. Therefore, it is recommended to put a flowerpot with a plant on a window that faces the west side. If there is no such possibility, then the tree will need to be shaded during the hot period of the day. This way it will be possible to prevent the occurrence of burns..

Indoor air temperature

This is an important indicator when growing avocados at home. In order for the plant to develop well, it is necessary that the room be at least +25 ° C. With sharp fluctuations in temperature, the tree will immediately make itself felt.


Watering a tropical plant at home is necessary often, but at the same time, air temperature and the period of the year should be taken into account. Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to check the condition of the soil each time. If the top layer has dried well, you can start watering.

Excessive moisture will negatively affect the development of avocados..

Air humidity

humidificationTo prevent the avocado tree from losing its attractive appearance, it is necessary to spray it systematically. This procedure should be carried out very carefully so that even a small amount of water does not fall on the leaves. Only air needs to be humidified. This is best done with a spray bottle..

Knowing what an avocado tree looks like in the photo, you can grow a beautiful and healthy plant that will become a real decoration of any room. To do this, you will need to follow the above rules..

All about avocado – video

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