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Universal apple variety Uslada for different regions

apple variety Uslada The apple variety Uslada is able to become the heart of any garden. Its delicate bloom pleases the eye, and the tasty and juicy fruits saturate the body with fiber, mineral salts and organic acids. Before planting an apple tree, you should find out in advance about the features of care. This will allow to get beautiful, juicy and fragrant fruits in large volumes every year..

Variety history

autumn variety Uslada Uslada apples are the brainchild of the famous breeder S.I. Isaev, a student of Michurin himself. Crossing wild and cultivated varieties of apples, the scientist strove to take from each only the best features. And he succeeded. In 1961, the experiments were crowned with success, and a new variety appeared. It is resistant to severe frosts, tolerates damp rainy summers and is practically not affected by scab..

Apple variety Uslada: description of the tree and fruits

high-yielding variety UsladaAccording to the description, the Uslada varieties are low (no more than three meters). Young trees are distinguished by a round crown, over time it turns into an oval one. The branches grow densely. Correct pruning is not only a matter of aesthetic appeal, but also the key to the health of the tree. The fruit will become uneven in size. The leaves are large, shaped like an egg. The plates are turned upward, the tips are pointed. The lower part of the leaf blade is noticeably pubescent..

Uslada apples are classified as dessert apples. Ripen in early autumn. They differ in average size, weigh from 100 to 130 g (there are cases when one fruit reached up to 200 g).

Apples do not have the same shape: they can be round, oval or conical, without ribbing. The main color is yellow with a greenish tint, the additional color is scarlet or crimson. As a rule, it is the complementary color that forms the entire color of the apple. The fruits are characterized by a sweet and sour taste and an unusual raspberry aroma. The pulp is firm, juicy and tender. The fruits are actively used in household and baby food, as they contain much more vitamin C than other varieties..

Productivity and storage conditions

cut applesWith proper care, one apple tree of the Uslada variety can be harvested from 60 to 80 kg of fruits. If the tree grows alone, it will not yield a good harvest. It is better to plant other varieties of apple trees nearby. This will make pollination much easier..

It is best to store unripe apples. Then they will lie until the middle of winter and will not deteriorate. The place must be dry and cool, and the container is breathable (for example, wooden boxes).

Advantages and disadvantages

apple-tree of the Uslada variety is in bloom

The main advantages of this variety include:

  • resistance to winter cold;
  • immunity to disease;
  • immunity to dampness;
  • generous and stable yields;
  • excellent taste of fresh fruits (they also make delicious jams, compotes, juices and baking fillings);
  • easy care;
  • excellent variety for central regions, but can grow almost everywhere.

This apple tree has no particular drawbacks. But she needs regular pruning. This is painstaking work that is difficult for a novice gardener. But with experience, pruning will not be such a burdensome process..

Landing subtleties

planting an apple tree seedlingIt is preferable to plant two-year-old seedlings. In the south, this is done at the end of autumn (around October), in the center – in the spring. The best soil is loose black soil. However, with proper fertilization (3-4 kg of manure / m2 of land) it will grow well in loams. Areas with a slight stagnation of melt and rainwater are also acceptable..

The landing site should be shaded, out of direct sunlight..

Planting and caring for the Delight apple tree is simple. About a week before the expected day of planting, the pits are prepared. Their optimum depth is 70 cm. The earth must be loosened and fertilized. The dosage per square meter is as follows: from 10 to 20 kg of compost or humus, 25 g of superphosphate and 15 to 20 g of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. Distance between landing holes – from 4 to 5 meters.

The seedling is placed in a hole and carefully sprinkled with earth, lightly tamped on top. The apple tree is immediately tied to a peg. After it is well watered. After about 7 days, the soil is mulched and watered again. The landing procedure is best done with an assistant..

Further care

watering the apple treeCaring for the Uslada apple tree is similar to other fruit trees.

In particular, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not allow the soil to dry out. Apple trees Delight love moist and loose soil.
  2. Competently apply top dressing. For each square meter of the trunk circle there is no more than 5 kg of cow dung (it can be replaced with a kilogram of chicken manure or 6 kg of humus). During flowering, liquid complex fertilizers are used (1/2 cup + 5 liters of water). After three days, each liter of the solution is additionally diluted with a bucket of water..
  3. Trim dry and matted branches regularly (down to healthy wood). Places of cuts are cleaned with a sharp blade and treated with garden pitch.
  4. Before winter, the roots are covered with a layer of spruce or humus.

Prevention of diseases and pests

apple tree diseaseDelight is a very resistant variety. But preventive measures are still carried out annually in the spring. First, crowns with unblown buds are treated (Bordeaux liquid or copper sulfate), and then, when they bloom, various insecticides are used (Insegar, Voliam Targo and others). You also need to regularly clean the garden of fallen leaves, broken off branches and other things..

To protect trees from rodents, the branches are coated with bacon or fish oil mixed with mothballs..

Apple tree Delight pleases the gardener with its delicious fruits and unpretentious care. The fruits are pretty well stored, and are also suitable for homemade preparations. This variety is recommended for use in dietary nutrition, both for adults and children..

Planting an apple-tree seedling of the Uslada variety – video

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