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How to cover roses for the winter?

covering the rose with coniferous branches Rose refers to plants that require care and attention, not only during the flowering period, but also in preparation for winter. Rose is a moderately frost-hardy plant that is afraid of a drop in temperature. It should be remembered that this culture can die not so much from frost as from improper preparation in the summer-autumn period..

When starting to prepare a rose for winter, questions often arise: when should you start hiding a rose for the winter? is it worth pruning? what materials to use for shelter?

In the climatic conditions of Russia, roses can successfully winter if they were provided with competent care in the spring-summer period. And in the fall, with the onset of the first frost, simple measures were taken in a timely manner..

You need to start preparing a rose for wintering from the summer..

In July, they completely stop feeding the crop with nitrogen, due to the fact that an excess of it in the stems of the rose negatively affects the ripening of the wood, and even with a slight frost leads to their death.

pruned rose bushes before winter But, at the same time, it is necessary to start fertilizing the plant with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Both potassium and phosphorus have a very beneficial effect on the quality maturation of shoots, increasing their winter hardiness..

Experienced growers resort to another simple but effective way to ripen a rose bush. When removing dried flowers at the end of summer, it is necessary to leave 1-2 ovaries for the formation of the fruit. It is very beneficial for the ripening of the rose. Giving all the vitality for the ripening of the fruit, the plant prepares itself for winter sleep. The wood fully matures, the amount of moisture in it is significantly reduced.

Proceed to shelter the rose only when persistent cold weather sets in up to 5 ° C. Start by lightly pruning all inflorescences and ovaries and removing all leaves, thereby reducing the area for moisture to evaporate from the plant.

Hilling rose bushes before winteringIt is also necessary to carry out this simple operation so that, under winter shelter, inflorescences and leaves do not become centers of the spread of fungal diseases, which can lead to the death of the entire plant. As a preventive measure, the stems of the plant and the soil under it, it will not hurt to treat it with iron vitriol, as a rule, with a 5% solution.

After finishing the pruning and processing the bush, proceed directly to the shelter. For this you will need:

  • compost;
  • garden land;
  • wood or wire hairpins;
  • coniferous spruce branches;
  • dry foliage;
  • boxes.

Carrying out activities for sheltering roses for the winter is carried out in stages. At the onset of frost to -5 ° C, the bush is spud, or rather, a hill of rotted compost or earth up to 25 cm high is poured under the root.

Further, with the onset of stable frosts down to -10 ° C, dry foliage is poured onto the mound and covered with spruce or pine spruce branches..

Do not cover roses with manure, hay, straw. They quickly get wet and retain moisture, which leads to the death of the bush..

Shelter roses for the winter with spruce branchesAnd finally, snow is the topmost and most reliable layer of cover. Moreover, the more it is, the better. If the winter is with little snow, then you will have to add snow on your own. With a frost of -30 ° C and a snow cover up to 60 cm thick, the temperature near the surface of the earth will be -5 ° C, which is the optimal temperature for a rose in winter..

For other types of roses, for example climbing roses, the shelter technology is slightly different from the previous one in that after removing the stems from the supports, they are pinned to the ground, and then they are covered in the same order as indicated above..

Groundcover, miniature and polyanthus roses are covered with boxes, which are lined with spruce branches, and then covered with snow.

Video: how to properly cover roses for the winter?

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