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Original device – border tape for beds

border tape for garden beds The pride of a true summer resident has always been considered the fruits of his labor: a garden, a vegetable garden, flowering flower beds and manicured lawns. A unique device – the border tape for the beds, helps to create real masterpieces on the territory of a country house. With its help, you can lay out various configurations on the site in the form of even corners, circles and smooth lines. As a result, each design element stands out against the background of the overall picture, which looks very beautiful from the outside..

If the site is located in a low-lying area, with the help of such a device, the beds and flower beds can be raised. This will protect plants from stagnant water and excess moisture..

Wide possibilities of the original device

the use of border tape on the site The curb tape for beds is actively used in summer cottages, especially in the warm season. Without it, it is quite difficult to achieve good results in the design of a suburban area. Thanks to the unique adaptation, you can achieve the goals:

  • elegant framing of flower beds and vegetable beds;flower bed framing
  • reliable border for weed propagation;
  • rational water consumption for irrigation;
  • fixation of fertile soil in the beds;
  • protection of the site from pests crawling along the ground;
  • fast construction of winter shelters;
  • installation of small greenhouses or greenhouses.

Manufacturers offer summer residents various types of border tape for beds. They differ in color, size and material of manufacture.. plastic border tapeMost often, plastic options are used, which have advantages:

  • simple installation system;
  • wide range of colors;
  • flexibility of the material;
  • resistance to humidity and temperature extremes;
  • strength;
  • long period of operation;
  • the possibility of repeated use;
  • light weight.

border tape in landscapeThanks to such remarkable properties, the borders for the beds prevent premature shedding of the beds. And also contribute to uniform heating of the soil in early spring.

For the construction of simple beds, it is better to use green or brown ribbons. Other shades are suitable for the formation of multi-tiered flower beds or garden lawns.

General design description

border tape on a flower bedTo decorate a spectacular landscape at their summer cottage, experienced designers use various types of border tapes. Thanks to a simple adaptation, flowers or vegetables, growing, practically do not mix. As a result, the original design of the bed remains unchanged, which helps to preserve the overall beauty of the design..

For example, a plastic curb bed – “Garden Board”, creates the image of a wooden board. But, unlike the original, it is much stronger, which increases the service life. Plastic does not lend itself to external influences, therefore it remains unchanged for many years.

The maximum length of the tape is 50 meters, the height is 15 cm, and the thickness is 1.2 mm. It is produced in rolls of 10 or 50 meters and comes in the following texture:

  • wavy;wavy border tape
  • flat;flat ribbon
  • curly;curly border tape
  • corrugated.corrugated border tape

The design allows the formation of the following structures:

  • quality vegetable beds;
  • multi-tiered flower beds;
  • children’s sandboxes.

quick installationIn addition, it is easy, convenient and fast to work with the tape, which helps to save precious time, which is wasted..

Thanks to the different texture of the tape, you can create original types of beds, flower beds and lawns, giving them the desired shape.

Installation tips

the process of laying the curb tapeTo install a border tape for beds in a summer cottage or garden, you need to prepare a set of tools:

  • scheme of the conceived design;
  • border tape;
  • scissors or a sharp knife;
  • soldering iron or liquid nails.

flower bed from border tapeIt is desirable to carry out the work with an assistant. To begin with, they separate the site and plow it. The depth is determined by the types of plants that will be planted in the garden. For example, the roots of perennial plants penetrate much deeper than annuals. Depending on this, the height of the tape is selected.

we protect the lawn from the flower bedThe next step is to dig a small trench around the entire perimeter or circumference of the future site. Gently insert the tape perpendicular to the soil, fix it and cover it with earth. The construction is ready.

As you can see, with the help of curb tapes, you can create beds of various shapes in your summer cottage without much effort. And the result is the original design of the landscape of the summer cottage..

Laying the curb tape – video

Frame beds from curb tape – video

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