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Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands

Crafts from plastic and cork stoppers

Did you know that cork is a very popular craft material in other countries? They make pictures, figurines, rugs, ornaments, they frame furniture and create non-standard decorative elements. Therefore, do not rush to throw out the plugs after the past holidays – they can be used very interestingly.!

At first glance, traffic jams seem like a banal and useless thing. However, fans of interesting ideas with their own hands will easily refute this statement by demonstrating intricate products.

Crafts from cork

80% of the material for wine corks is produced in the southern countries – Portugal and Spain. The local climate promotes the growth and prosperity of cork trees, which serve as material.

Cork clocks

Cork clocks

It is difficult to overestimate the properties of wine corks. Thanks to the tannins they contain, the development of microorganisms is suppressed. Suberin makes them resistant, and wax makes them waterproof.

If you have accumulated enough material, we suggest you use it wisely..

With their help, you can create interesting and beautiful things that will be useful to you or will appeal to children..

AdviceIf you have not managed to accumulate the required amount of material, you can purchase them on the Internet. The price for 100 pieces fluctuates around the border of 300 rubles.


Draw an interesting image on one side of the cork. It can be a heart, a number, or any other symbol. Cut out its outline in such a way that the drawn element protrudes. Now you can paint it with any color and use it. Children will love to put their own stamp on postcards or notebooks, decorate walls with it and much more. Make a signet with your child – it will be interesting for him to choose his own distinctive sign.




Thanks to the texture, you can get an unusual 3-D painting. It will be difficult to make a letter or a whole word without proper skill, but everyone can build a voluminous heart. All you need is super glue and some time. The resulting painting will be a great addition to your home decor. Another interesting application is a stylish backdrop for a photo shoot. The front of the corks can be easily painted in your favorite color or made a smooth transition, from a white top to a crimson bottom.


To do chandelier, you need to prepare the string and find on the balcony or at a friend’s place the lattice from the broken fan. Fix the socket of a suitable lamp in the middle of the grill, and then simply hang the plugs.

They can be located at different distances, make a multi-level lamp. By changing their number and length of threads, you can create a real design masterpiece. Such a lamp will decorate the interior in style modern or provence, will be a great addition for a suburban at home.

Original chandelier

Original chandelier

Animal toy

Tie or sew a small cover on the wine cork, tie a thread to it. This will be great fun for your pet. If you want to diversify the life of a cat, make a mouse! A fur cover with ears and a tail (which can be knitted and sewn on) will distract the cat from your shoes and possibly leave it intact furniture.


The openwork and unusual holder is useful for thematic and special events, it can be used to decorate a work table. They can hold notes, reminders, business cards and cards for guests. The “wine holder” is done in two ways. Take a metal wire, decorate it with beads and wrap it around the cork. You can also staple several plugs at once. A small incision is made along the top, where you can stick the paper.


You can add warmth to your home through homemade candlestick. Take two glass containers of different sizes – you need one of them to be twice the size of the other. Place one container inside the other. Fill the space between them with wooden elements. Place the aroma inside the small bowl. candle. You can also pre-make a candle yourself – from the remains of old candles.

You can add warmth to your home with a homemade candlestick

You can add warmth to your home with a homemade candlestick

Panel for notes

Very often we have a need to leave some information to loved ones, or to hang up a reminder for ourselves personally. In this case, a panel will help you out, which must be hung in a place accessible for viewing. You will need a base to glue the crusting elements onto. It can be made both in the usual rectangular shape and in the shape of a heart. Draw a garland of light bulbs along the rim – the panel will become a full-fledged decoration for your home.


This element of the interior is useful for those who have a summer cottage or a country house. Attach the corks to the planed board, previously varnished and in your favorite color, using a screwdriver. Now you can hang potholders and many other things on it..

Canapé skewers

To make your table look original by the arrival of guests, use this advice. Cut corks into circles, find toothpicks and twine, find interesting elements for decorating. On each toothpick, put on a circle with a fabric heart glued to it, beads or twine bows. Guests will celebrate such ingenuity!

Your table will look original

Your table will look original


Who doesn’t like to decorate their refrigerator with beautiful magnets that “hold” notes, photos, postcards. Cut the wine stopper in half (make a cut lengthwise. Glue a piece of magnetic stripe to it and hang on refrigerator. You can first paint or decorate a homemade magnet. If you cut them into circles, you can make interesting magnets for children in the form of letters of the alphabet..

Hot stand

Several dozen wine corks combined with glue and satin paper will create unique coasters for hot dishes. This is an indispensable attribute for every kitchen. Cut all plugs in half to create a cylindrical shape. Glue them together in the form of a circle or hexagon. The outer edge is completely pasted over with decorative fabric or tape. You can also glue on a small loop.

House for birds

Take thick cardboard, cut out the components for the house from it: bottom, roof, walls. Cut the crustal elements along, glue them all four walls. Next, cut the corks into circles and shape them into neat roof tiles. Remember to leave a round hole for the entrance.



Organizer for jewelry

A large number of earrings, bracelets and beads are very difficult to store. They are constantly confused, it takes a long time to search in the box. Simplify your task and store your jewelry with this unique wall organizer. Corks are firmly glued to a strong base – you can use both halves and circles. Then attach some small hooks to them to hang your jewelry on..

Table top

This furniture design option is suitable for your country house. Renew them already spoiled countertop. Using liquid nails, glue the corks to the surface, placing them tightly against each other. Cover them with clear varnish on top. Definitely, such a tabletop will look incredible.!


You will need to buy accessories that are sold in specialized stores, or use parts of already unnecessary key rings. Color or sign each keychain, decorate them with beads. You will get an original thing that can be used as a gift.

Multi-colored keychains

Multi-colored keychains

Filament curtains

Prepare various beads, lots of corks, fishing line. Use a needle to make holes, string them on the fishing line alternately with beads.


You will need four standard ones, drill through holes in them, insert ink paste inside. Your child’s classmates will be surprised at this innovation.!

From champagne corks

Some collect champagne corks, others throw them away right after the holidays. However, they can really come in handy, become an original addition to the familiar interior..

Bottle holder

Bottle holder

For example, an old chest of drawers or wardrobe can be decorated with designer handles..

To do this, you need to prepare:

  • champagne corks;
  • pencil;
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • screws.

You need to mark the middle of the cork, attach it to the drawer or door. On the other hand, you need to push the screw with the tip forward and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver from the narrow side.

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration

Also, champagne will come in handy in making an original necklace. It can become not only your unusual accessory, but the child’s favorite thing or a nice gift for a friend..

Materials you need:

  • champagne corks;
  • needle;
  • colored threads;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • thimble;
  • knife;
  • glue;
  • felt.

Small plant pots

Small plant pots

Make notes with a pencil, cut most of the cork into several thin pieces. A width of 4-5 millimeters will be enough. Choose a color scheme, you can choose one shade for several circles.

Step back from the middle, start tying the cortical circles with multi-colored threads in a circle. Use a thimble if you’re worried about cutting your fingers. The middle of the product should resemble an asterisk.

When you’re done with the last circle, take a piece of felt and glue all the tied pieces of cork onto it. Cut off excess fabric, sew on bead chains. Table decoration

Table decoration

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From plastic lids

There is no limit to human imagination. Many crafts from plastic bottles are known, but no less interesting things can be built from caps from such bottles.. Finished products can be found quite rarely, since it is not so easy to collect a sufficient amount of material..

However, if you set a goal, you can involve the whole family and acquaintances in collecting plastic lids. For some, this is ordinary rubbish, for a creative person it is material for a future masterpiece. From such a plastic bridgehead, you can build toys, jewelry, interior items..

Creative dining table

Creative dining table

Plastic crafts from lids vary:

  • color and size;
  • form;
  • the amount of material used;
  • final destination;
  • the way the covers are connected to each other;
  • ornament or pattern.

Fastening can be done in different ways. For example, to make toys or corks or to create a painting, use Moment glue. They can glue the covers on three different sides – front, back, side.

To attach the plugs to the wooden base, use self-tapping screws, wide-headed nails. The durability of the thing can be ensured by the fishing line that connects all the elements. To do this, make from two to six holes on each plug..

Decoration for a summer cottage

Decoration for a summer cottage

The two holes on the lid look like a button that needs to be sewn on. Four holes on the sides are made in order to reliably connect all the elements with the help of a fishing line and create a reliable structure.

This type of attachment is used when creating fences or gazebos..

Most often, plastic crafts are suitable for a summer residence or a bath, but many of them are acceptable for an ordinary apartment. Small coasters look impressive and unusual. It is no less interesting to make watches out of caps of different sizes..

They are often decorated mirrors, with their help, they create protective zones near the washbasin. If we are talking about a summer cottage, you can make a table and chairs. With a frame base, as well as a plastic coating, they will stand outside the entire summer season. Such homemade furniture is not afraid of the hot sun or rains..

Want to make a spectacular rug that you can put in bathroom room or by doors into the house? Make it out of plastic lids – it will last a long time and will delight you with its unusual appearance. It can also serve as a massage unit for the legs..

A true work of art

A true work of art

Rug can damage linoleum or natural wood flooring.

The main advantages of this type of material can be summarized as follows:

  • frugality;
  • diversity;
  • the possibility of coating with paint, spray, gel;
  • the same size;
  • the ability to create a large number of crafts;
  • ease of use.

From beer corks

Reusing lids is a good thing. Beer tops, which are thrown away in huge numbers every day, have never been in short supply. Even if you don’t drink this intoxicating drink, someone you know should definitely do it! As a last resort, you can ask the bartender for a favor to save some corks for a bag or two..

Coffee table decoration

Coffee table decoration

Chinese bells

Mascots that are hung by the window or on the street are very popular among Americans. Not so long ago, the fashion came to us – “Music of the wind” is often hung at the dachas. It is believed that such a talisman attracts good luck to the house..

However, the wind chimes bought in the feng shui department will greatly affect your wallet. And why, if you can use beer caps and make them yourself.

You will need metal rings, a piece of a tin can (or any other base) on which the wires will be attached, a large number of multi-colored lids. A melodic ringing will be heard from every breath of the breeze.

Panels for the kitchen

A decorative piece of beer caps will decorate your kitchen. It is interesting not only to hang it on the wall, but also to adapt it at the tap. A skillfully made panel will look no worse than a designer one. tile. You will need a base on which you will glue the tin lids..

Beer cap owl

Beer cap owl


Cute and neat candles make a great addition to your home decor. They can be used to decorate a table for a romantic dinner, New Year’s interior, as well as a wedding. Just flip the lids over, install the wick, and fill the mold with clear wax. You can use wax from old candles, which must first be melted in a saucepan over low heat.


Buy beads and fasteners from a craft store, pick up beautiful beer lids. Homemade compositions will be a great gift and add to your personal collection of earrings.


Do you like to do needlework, make beadwork? Then you will love the idea of ​​making your work easier by creating a handy compact organizer. Glue the lids to a plastic rectangular base and fill them with small beads. It will be easy and convenient for you to collect beads!

Collector's option

Collector’s option

Tab for books

Paint the inside of the lid to your liking, glue to a large paper clip – you will enjoy a convenient bookmark, never lose the place where you finished reading.


A great option for joint crafts with children. Paint the lid as you like: you can make a ladybug or a sun. Use acrylic paints. When the item is dry, stick it onto a gift box or postcard.


Select the covers by color and try to create a wreath to decorate your front door. To do this, you will need glue, a sturdy base and accessories..

Crafts for the garden

It is difficult to resist the desire to decorate your garden or vegetable garden with colorful crafts. In addition, such crafts can be very useful..

Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands

Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands Crafts from plastic and cork plugs (130+ Photos): Making unique items with your own hands

Seedling label. In boxes with seedlings, different species are often sown plants, also applies to vegetables and various flowers. Often the mistress has confusion – what and where exactly she sowed. In this case, generic labels come in handy. Write the name of the culture on each cork stopper, stick a stick into it and place in the seedlings.

Decorative flowers. They will certainly become a highlight of your garden because of their unusual bright appearance. Prepare seven lids. Paint six of them with colored acrylic paint, one (middle) with white paint. Form an inflorescence, fasten them together with waterproof glue. Glue the chamomile to a metal stick.

Garden chair. If the caps from plastic bottles are fastened together with dense fishing line, you get a fairly durable and colorful product. Use the frame from a sagging or damaged chair as a base..

Crafts for the New Year

Did you know that bottle caps are actively used to create Christmas decorations??

Christmas door decoration

Christmas door decoration

  • Christmas decorations. A regular beer lid can turn into an amazing Christmas tree toy with a little imagination. Make the eyes and nose, glue the antlers – now you have a Christmas deer!
  • Christmas trees. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the upcoming holiday. You can either make a “standing” Christmas tree, or hang it on the wall or window. This is very easy to do – super-resistant glue or fishing line will be enough. You can also paint the tree any color you like, such as green. Complete the product with beads, bows and other decorative elements.
  • New year wreath. If you have accumulated a large number of corks, you can decide to create a wreath. Such a New Year’s attribute is often hung on front doors. It helps to create a festive atmosphere, bring comfort and solemnity..

Beautiful Christmas trees made of cork

Beautiful Christmas trees made of cork

Prepare glue, wreath base, wine products, wire, decorations. Attach a string or ribbon to the base to hang the wreath on. Cover the surface of the base with corks, let the product dry. Then proceed to the second layer – the products should be glued to the first layer in a chaotic manner. Next, you can glue twigs or ribbons..

Christmas tree garland

Christmas tree garland

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