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Features of the strawberry variety Rügen

Rügen strawberries in the garden The Rügen repair strawberry is the most productive variety. With proper care, it can bear fruit throughout the season, until the onset of frost. The berries have good taste and are therefore suitable for any processing. Fragrant and incredibly sweet fruits are often used to make jam, jam, compote.

Description of the strawberry variety Rügen

small-fruited variety This type of plant belongs to the group of mustacheless varieties of German breeding. In the process of growth, Rügen forms small bushes with medium-sized deciduous plates. This type of strawberry is in great demand among gardeners. This is due to its unpretentiousness. To grow healthy bushes that will give a bountiful harvest, you do not need to have special skills..

Benefits of Rügen strawberries:

  • good resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
  • easily withstands short-term droughts;
  • perfectly tolerates transportation;
  • disease resistant.

It is not recommended to grow strawberries in places where there were tomatoes and eggplants..

This variety is distinguished by juicy berries of a deep red color. They all have a slightly elongated shape. Their average length is within 2-3 centimeters, and their diameter is 2 cm. The strawberry pulp is juicy. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Compared to other varieties, Rügen strawberries are rich in iron.harvesting

The peduncles of the plant are erect. They are quite powerful, which allows them to withstand the berries well above the soil surface..

Strawberry breeding methods and care

I collect seeds from ripe berriesThere are several breeding options for this type of plant. Among them, the cultivation of Rügen strawberries from seeds is especially popular. This is a time consuming but effective method that takes time and patience..

In order to distribute the grains evenly over the soil surface, they must be combined with a small amount of sand..

Strawberry breeding rules:

  1. Grain should be sown in March or February. If it will be difficult to provide additional lighting to the seeds, then it is recommended to postpone this procedure until the beginning of April..
  2. To get healthy seedlings, you should only use nutritious soil and not a very deep container. A wooden box works best.
  3. Since the grains of this culture are very small, it is not worth sowing them in the holes. It will be most effective if the seeds are evenly distributed on the soil surface..
  4. Then cover the box with polyethylene. Such a mini-greenhouse will allow the substrate not to dry out, to keep the required humidity and air temperature. Put the box itself on the window or take it out to the balcony.
  5. It will take several days for the grains to germinate. After the appearance of three leaves, young plants dive, and after 6 they move to the beds.

Before planting seedlings, the soil should be prepared. A few days before the procedure, the substrate is lime.

applying ash to the soilIt is necessary to plant plants in open ground at a distance of 30 centimeters. It is not worth placing it denser, since next year the bushes will grow and cover the entire garden. If you adhere to these indicators, then planting and caring for Rügen strawberries will be simple. Even a child can handle.

strawberry transplantIt is recommended to plant seedlings only on cloudy days or late at night. In order for the strawberries to take root faster, you need to put a little ash or a tablespoon of superphosphate in each hole. Sprinkle the fertilizer with soil and only then place the seedling. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the growth point is on top of the soil..

transplantingUntil young leaves, you need to wait a week. They will give the first fruits in the same year, but their number will be small. The main harvest is worth waiting for next season.

Outdoor plant care

outdoor strawberry careIn order for strawberries to develop well, you must adhere to some rules. If everything is done correctly and at the right time, then Rügen will certainly delight you with a good harvest..

Top dressing. Proper care of strawberries involves the use of nitrogen fertilizers. They are extremely necessary, since the quantity and quality of berries depends on such mixtures. You need to add drugs only in liquid form. plant feeding

Watering. Irrigation is an important part of maintenance. It is necessary to water the bushes every two days. If the air temperature is high outside, then the procedure should be carried out every day..watering strawberries

Landing site. It is recommended to grow plants in areas near which, on the one hand, fruit trees are located. This is necessary so that the bushes have sufficient lighting and at the same time are protected from the scorching sun..

You should also pay attention to the leaves. All dry and diseased plates must be cut off, otherwise they will slow down the growth of the plant.

The description of the Rügen strawberry variety confirms once again that this is one of the most popular and fertile types of culture. With proper planting and care, the bushes will always be healthy and will delight you with a good harvest..

Comparison of small-fruited strawberry varieties – video

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