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Acquaintance with large-fruited remontant strawberries of the Koketka variety

strawberry coquette Strawberry Koketka remontantnaya large-fruited is the most popular variety. She received her demand due to winter hardiness and long-term fruiting. It is a unique plant that has good properties. Description of the variety and photo of strawberry coquette are presented below.

Plant feature

strawberry beds remontant coquette A distinctive feature of this species is abundant fruiting, incredibly sweet taste and aroma of berries. This is a large-fruited garden strawberry, which belongs to the mustacheless varieties. It grows in the form of small, lush bushes. On each of them, flower stalks are formed several times a season. Medium-sized inflorescences, half-spread.

Each ripe fruit contains over 65% vitamin C and up to 9% sugar.

Strawberry Koketka is an early ripening variety, and the fruits of this plant are cone-shaped. Ripe berries with sweet and sour taste and rich aroma. With proper care, they can reach 25 grams.

strawberry jam yokeA distinctive feature of this variety is the excellent taste of the berries. They can be used both raw and for making jam. The pulp is quite tender and very juicy. The berries are shiny, red in color.

The main advantages of this variety:

  1. Due to the fact that the plant does not form tendrils, it can be grown both in large and small areas.
  2. Bushes lend themselves well to weeding. It is easy and quick to harvest from them..
  3. It is easy to transport berries to different distances.
  4. The plant tolerates severe frosts well and does not succumb to the effects of various diseases.

The large-fruited Koketka large-fruited strawberry grows well on various lands. Depending on the climate and place of planting, it can bear fruit up to 4 times a year..

Growing beardless strawberries

strawberry seedlingsThe development of a plant and its fruiting directly depends on the method of reproduction and care. In order to grow a healthy young bush, you should know that it is best to do it with seeds. You can breed strawberries with a yoke and dividing a bush, but this requires special skills and great effort.

coquette strawberry seedsPlanting mustacheless strawberries should be carried out only in a fertile and loose substrate. The land should be composed of humus, sand and peat. You can also use purchased soil for germinating seeds. If you decide to prepare the ground for planting yourself, then it must be calcined for 20 minutes. This time will be enough for all kinds of larvae to die and not harm young plants..

In order for the seeds to be evenly distributed on the surface of the soil, they must first be mixed with sand..

Seeds should be sown in March or at the end of February. It is recommended to soak the grains with water for 5 hours before use. This will significantly speed up seed growth. At the end of this time, remove the seed from the water and let it dry well..

Sow strawberries in small containers. An excellent option would be cups, the height of which does not exceed 5 cm. Before placing the grains in the soil, the soil must be watered abundantly. It is not worth deepening the seeds much, since they germinate under the influence of sunlight. For fast germination, containers should be covered with polyethylene and placed on the sunny side. It is best to grow remontant strawberry yoke at a temperature of about 240 C. It is necessary to moisten the soil with a spray bottle. If everything is done correctly, the first shoots will appear in 2 weeks..seed shoots

If a common box was used for sowing seeds, then young plants must be dived.

it's time to pick seedlingsThe procedure should be carried out when 2-4 full-fledged leaves appear on the bushes. The transplant must be done with a knife or other available material. When diving, special attention should be paid to deepening the bush. It is not worth making large dimples, as this can slow down the development of the bush..successful development

It is recommended to water the transplanted strawberries with a pipette. Keep containers in partial shade for some time, away from direct sunlight.

In order for young bushes to harden, boxes with seedlings should be taken out daily to fresh air, gradually increasing the residence time..

You can plant strawberries on the site 7 weeks after planting. planting seedlings in open groundThe land should be well cleared of weeds and various debris. The soil should be fertilized with compost and humus. It is best to bring them in in the fall, when digging a site. After planting, the bushes are well watered. In order for the plant to grow quickly and give a good harvest, it is necessary to periodically loosen the soil and remove weeds..

Knowing the description of the coquette strawberry and comparing it with other varieties, one can be convinced of the advantages of this type. By adhering to the basic planting rules, you can grow a healthy plant that will bear fruit several times a season..

Strawberry harvest Koketka in September – video

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