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Important nuances of planting and caring for Eliane strawberries

planting and caring for eliane strawberries Both children and adults love juicy and tasty strawberries. The Eliane variety is one of the most successful, due to the high level of fruiting, excellent taste of fruits, excellent immunity to diseases and pests. The culture can often be found in garden plots, because planting and caring for Eliane’s strawberries is not particularly difficult.

Eliane strawberry variety was developed in 1998 in the Netherlands by breeder Albert Konings. The culture is zoned for areas with a mild climate, in which too high or low air temperatures are not observed. Therefore, gardeners consider this variety to be capricious and whimsical..

Description of the variety

large-fruited strawberry According to the photo and description of the Eliane strawberry variety, the bushes are strong and powerful, characterized by intensive growth. Foliage – wide, shiny, slightly wrinkled, bright emerald hue. Inflorescences rise above the leaves, they can be at the same level with them. Peduncles are erect, thick.

Berries weighing from 20 to 90 g have a dense flesh and a bright red color, a cone-shaped elongated shape and tender juicy flesh, which, after full ripening, acquires a pink tint. Ripeness can be judged by the white tip of the berry and easy tearing from the stalk..

Advantages and disadvantages

large sweet strawberries

The popularity of Eliane strawberries is due to the large number of cultural merits:

  • high and stable yield rate (up to 2 kg from each bush);
  • the fruits are attractive in appearance and excellent taste;
  • immunity to fungal and bacterial diseases;
  • early ripening;
  • long fruiting period;
  • safety of presentation during transportation over long distances;
  • undemanding to the composition of the soil;
  • no need for periodic transplants to a new place: strawberries bear fruit in one place for 10 years, without losing productivity;
  • versatility of use, berries are suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for all types of processing and freezing.high-yielding variety

When describing the Eliane strawberry variety, it is important to indicate its disadvantages.:

  • the yield and quality of fruits decreases in conditions of extreme heat and a lack of moisture;
  • the sweetness decreases and the acidity in the taste increases with high humidity.

Residents of the northeast point to poor wintering culture, freezing, so you need to cover it for the winter. And gardeners from Samara and the Moscow region warn about the baking of fruits under the influence of the scorching rays of the sun, advise you to carefully choose a planting site.

Planting and caring for Eliane strawberries

planting and caring for eliane strawberriesPlanting and caring for Eliane strawberries do not differ from the agricultural technology of growing other crop varieties. But they have some nuances that should be taken into account when cultivating to improve the quality and quantity of the crop..

The optimal period for planting strawberries is from July to September. The main thing is to avoid hot weather: the temperature indicator should be no more than 25 degrees.

You should not plan planting work in the spring, the seedlings will not have time to adapt and will start to hurt when the heat comes.

The choice of planting material

selection of planting materialWhen buying seedlings, give preference to the following specimens:

  • lack of dots, spots on foliage;
  • open root system from 7 to 9 cm;
  • the thickness of the root collar and horns is not less than 6-7 mm.

Before planting, additionally treat the plants in hot water (50 degrees) for 20 minutes in two stages with an interval of half an hour, then place for 5 minutes in a solution of 1 tsp. copper sulfate and 3 tsp. salt diluted in 10 liters of water.

Determining the landing site

preparation of beds for planting strawberriesIt will be possible to get healthy and strong plants with abundant fruiting only in well-lit areas, protected from strong northerly winds..

When choosing a place, give preference to areas with loamy, sandy loam soil or black soil. Pre-feed heavy soil with river sand and compost.

Before planting seedlings, clear the area of ​​weeds. Then enrich the soil with organic matter and dig up.

Stages of the planting process

rules for planting seedlings

Eliane strawberry planting technology includes several stages:

  1. Prepare a hole for each seedling, depending on the root system, but no more than 35 cm.Fill with humus and pour plenty of water.hole preparation
  2. Place the seedlings and cover with soil, so that the growing point is not covered with soil, in order to avoid rotting of the root bud.carefully place the seedling
  3. Tamp and water abundantly.tamp the soil
  4. Mulching, this will ensure the preservation of nutrients and the necessary level of moisture.mulch strawberries

Maintain a distance of 25 cm between plants.For convenience in caring for strawberries, when trimming the whiskers between rows, it is better to leave 40 cm.

Watering schedule and mulching

watering strawberry plantingsStrawberries are a moisture-loving plant, but liquid stagnation can adversely affect its immunity to fungi. Adjust watering according to weather conditions. On average, moisten the soil 2-3 times a week. Use warm, settled water, after watering, be sure to loosen the soil.

mulching of fruiting bushesOne of the important maintenance measures is mulching, which will retain moisture in the soil, enrich the soil with nutrients, and also prevent weeds from germinating. Advice! Use sawdust, straw, needles, cut grass as mulch.

Top dressing

feedingWhen breeding Eliana strawberries, it is recommended to use the standard feeding scheme. In the spring, for the full development of the root system, apply nitrogen-based fertilizers. At the time of the formation of fruits, complex fertilizing is suitable for the prevention of diseases, and after harvesting it is important to enrich the soil with potash, phosphorus substances, rotted compost.

Preparing for winter

Before the onset of cold weather, carry out a preventive examination, remove dry, damaged leaves, free the plant from unnecessary whiskers, old foliage. If the roots are bare, sprinkle them with a fertile substrate to protect them from freezing. Then cover the bushes with a layer of sawdust mulch or agrofibre.

Ways to protect against diseases and pests

strawberry pestsThe Eliani variety is resistant to diseases, but if the care requirements are not followed, gray rot, powdery mildew, and late blight may occur. To prevent them, you need to create and maintain an optimal microclimate: adhere to a moderate density of planting strawberry bushes, remove weeds, remove dry leaves in the spring, ensure proper watering.

An ardent fan of strawberries is the transparent strawberry mite. To prevent the garden from becoming the center of the accumulation of insects, it is important to carry out protective operations in a timely manner. In spring, autumn, remove and burn old foliage. Also, regularly inspect the bushes, and if a problem is identified, resort to mechanical, chemical methods.

the result of proper careCorrectly carried out planting and caring for Eliani strawberries in compliance with all recommendations will ensure excellent berry quality, high yield and extended fruiting..

Large-fruited garden strawberries Eliane at their summer cottage – video

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