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We install a greenhouse Snowdrop on the beds

greenhouse snowdrop Greenhouse Snowdrop appeared in stores recently, but many gardeners have already liked it, which is not surprising – it was developed by specialists in their field. It is easy to operate, durable, inexpensive and effectively protects vegetables and seedlings from bad weather.


greenhouse for growing vegetables

Snowdrop is used in personal subsidiary plots, dachas and personal plots. It is suitable for low heat-loving crops with a long growing season that do not have time to ripen in cold climates:

  • determinant tomatoes,
  • hot and bell peppers,
  • eggplant,
  • cucumbers,
  • watermelons and melons,
  • butternut squash.

When should you install a greenhouse? Vegetables can be kept in a greenhouse from the day they are planted in open ground until late autumn. It protects plants from spring and autumn frosts, creates a favorable microclimate, increases air humidity, and accumulates daytime heat. Under the covering material, day and night, even in cool summer, an elevated temperature is maintained, and the plants feel comfortable.

greenhouse snowdrop in operationThe greenhouse allows you to get an early harvest of perennial crops. Installed on a bed with strawberries, batun, slime, chives, sorrel, rhubarb, it will accelerate their development. As a result, the greens will grow back faster, the berries will set and ripen much earlier. The building is indispensable for getting early annual herbs: dill, parsley, salad, basil.

Greenhouse for 2-3 weeks accelerates the receipt of the first, most valuable crop

When to install a Snowdrop greenhouse? The covered land warms up much faster in spring. As soon as the soil thaws, the greenhouse is installed on the garden bed where it is planned to sow greens or radishes. The temperature in the building is monitored with a thermometer, placing it on the ground..

When the soil warms up to the desired indicator, it is sown. It is not scary that there will still be spring matinees with a decrease to minus values, dry winds in May, drying up the soil, sudden changes in day and night temperatures. It is always humid and warm in the shelter. The seeds will germinate faster than usual, and the plants themselves will develop more actively.

The device of a greenhouse Snowdrop allows you to transfer it in the fall to a bed with autumn cucumbers or indeterminate tomatoes, which by this time should have already been removed from the supports and laid on a layer of straw for better ripening of the last fruits. The greenhouse will protect delicate plants from the first autumn frosts and thus prolong their vegetation, allowing to increase harvests per unit area.


greenhouse design SnowdropThe greenhouse has an easy-to-use arched structure. It is sold fully loaded, you don’t have to buy anything separately..

The dimensions of the Snowdrop greenhouse are designed for small areas. The line consists of constructions 4, 6, 8, and 3 meters long.

Greenhouse Snowdrop – complete set:

  • set of PVC pipes;
  • agrofiber with a density of 42 g / m;
  • pegs for fastening;
  • ropes for tightening the ends;
  • clips for securing the web on arcs;
  • assembly and operating instructions.

Agrofibre has a porous structure, is able to pass moisture, does not interfere with air circulation, protects from cold, heat, insects, birds and small animals. When wet, the fabric does not become heavier, does not rot. Firmly fixed with clips on the arcs, it cannot fall and damage the seedlings.

Recently, a novelty appeared on sale – a greenhouse Snowdrop plus, the dimensions of which are 4, 6, 8 meters and an increased height (not 90, but 120 cm).


greenhouse operation SnowdropThe assembly and installation of the greenhouse takes about 10 minutes. Better to do this together.

How to collect a snowdrop greenhouse:

  • take out three tubes and two connectors from the package;
  • collect the tubes into one using connectors;
  • deploy agromaterial on a clean floor or table;
  • carefully insert the tube into the specially stitched seam;
  • repeat with the rest of the tubes;
  • insert pegs at the ends of the tubes on both sides;
  • bend arcs;
  • stick the pegs into the soil, stretching the greenhouse over the garden;
  • tamp the ground around the pegs;
  • tie the end parts with ropes and tie their ends to a peg or reinforcement rod driven into the soil;
  • put on the clips on the arches.

The stitched loop should be outside, not inside the greenhouse. Otherwise, the fabric will deteriorate quickly..

That’s it – in a matter of minutes, the greenhouse is installed and ready to protect the crop.

Advantages and disadvantages

bell peppers in a greenhouseThe structure protects at night frosts down to -6 ° C. Unlike film greenhouses, in Snowdrop plants breathe unhindered, as the fabric allows air to pass through. Once assembled, the product can be easily transported in the trunk of a car; in winter it is stored in a shed, practically taking up no space. The design of the greenhouse Snowdrop allows you to remove the covering material from the arches at the end of the season and wash it in the machine on a gentle mode, dry it, fold it neatly and store it at home.

Disadvantages of the design:

  • not suitable for tall crops;
  • due to frequent raising and lowering of the material, the seams can relax;
  • moving the material in arcs is longer and more difficult than folding back the plastic wrap;
  • if the supports are pressed into the ground too hard, their edges may crack.

There are reviews that in strong winds the greenhouse blows off, since its design is very light. Bricks laid on the ground between the arcs around the greenhouse perimeter will help to cope with the problem. As a last resort, the edges of the covering material can be sprinkled with earth..

Where to buy a greenhouse Snowdrop

original greenhouse SnowdropSnowdrop was invented and patented by BashAgroPlast. The branded product has a unique marking and special packaging with a certified hologram. The product comes with a three-year warranty. The company is the only legitimate greenhouse manufacturer and owner of the Snowdrop trademark.

The branded product is delivered in cardboard boxes with a hologram. This is important to know, since markets and seasonal fairs mainly sell counterfeit products packed in transparent plastic wrap. The second difference is that the arcs of the branded greenhouse will have to be assembled from three parts, while for pirated products they are solid.

Snowdrop differs from other greenhouses in practicality, compactness and special mobility. It effectively uses every centimeter of space. Despite the simplicity, the design perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it..

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