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Secrets of growing and caring for dessert cherries Morozovka

dessert cherry Morozovka Dessert cherry Morozovka is one of the most common and popular varieties among gardeners. This “representative” of domestic breeding is appreciated for the ease of cultivation and unpretentious care, high yield, early ripening of fruits and excellent taste of sweet berries.

Dessert cherry Morozovka – features of the variety

the result of selection work dessert cherries frost Dessert cherries Morozovka were bred in the late 90s on the basis of the All-Russian Research Institute of Horticulture named after V.I. Michurina IV It was the result of long-term breeding work on the varieties Vladimirskaya and Lyubskaya, which were selected for their high frost resistance and productivity. Freezer was created specifically for growing in regions with a harsh, cold climate.cherries ripen

Description of cherry variety Morozovka:

  1. The tree is undersized, reaching no more than 2.2-2.6 m in height.
  2. The crown is wide, round, of medium density, formed by strong and raised branches.
  3. The stem of the tree and old branches are covered with dark brown bark, young shoots are greenish-gray.
  4. Leaves are oblong-oval, deep green, medium size, with long petioles.
  5. Inflorescences are snow-white, consist of large, rounded petals.
  6. The berries are round, large, up to 4-6 g, covered with a dark red skin. The berry pulp is firm and juicy. Medium-sized oblong bone.
  7. Frosting fruits have a pleasant dessert taste, are distinguished by good keeping quality and the ability to preserve marketable qualities during long-term transportation..

Frosting refers to early ripening varieties – the first harvest is harvested 3-4 years after planting a tree.

The berries ripen in the second half of July. With proper care, each tree can be harvested up to 38-45 kg of fruit and up to 500-600 kg per hectare.

Growing cherries Morozovka

cultivation of cherries on the siteFor the cultivation of dessert cherries Morozovka, it is very important to choose the right plot and seedlings. The best option would be young and healthy trees 1-2 years old, with a strong and well-developed root system. The height of the seedlings should be 80-110 cm.

Freezer is not capable of self-pollination, therefore, in order to obtain a rich harvest, several pollinating trees must be planted next to it – cherries of the varieties Lebedyanskaya, Turgenevka, Vladimirskaya or Zhukovskaya.

Site and soil selection

choosing a place for cherriesFor growing dessert cherries Morozovka, it is best to choose flat, well-lit areas where groundwater is located at least 1.8-2 m from the earth’s surface.

The tree can be planted from the south side of the house, outbuildings or trees. But in this case, you need to ensure that the distance to the cherry is at least 2.5-3 m.

The Cherry OrchardPlanting work must be carried out in early or mid-April, until the buds have blossomed on the fruit trees. In this case, planting holes for cherries should be prepared in the fall. Frosting does not have any special requirements for the soil – it can be grown both on loamy soils and on black soil.

Step-by-step landing algorithm

cherry seedlings with open and closed root systemBefore planting cherries of the Morozovka variety, the seedlings must be properly prepared. To do this, they need to be immersed in clean water for 2-3 hours, with open roots, the seedling is immersed for 24 hours in Kornevin’s solution or another growth stimulator.

Planting holes must be prepared in the fall – their width should be 45-55 cm, diameter up to 65-80 cm, since the tree has a rather massive and spreading root system.

rules for planting seedlings

Cherry planting technique:

  • mix garden soil with 10 kg of humus and fertilizers (2 tablespoons each of potassium salt and superphosphate);
  • if the soil is acidic, add lime;
  • drive a wooden peg into the ground next to the hole, fix it tightly – it will serve as a support for a young tree;
  • place a cherry seedling in the center of the hole, gently straighten the roots;
  • sprinkle the roots with soil so that there are no voids left inside the hole;
  • make sure that the root collar is located 4-6 cm above the ground surface.

watering cherry saplingAfter all work is completed, water each seedling abundantly, pouring at least 2 buckets of standing water under each tree, then mulch the tree trunk.

Dessert cherry care Morozovka

cherry blossom frostPlanting and caring for Morozovka (Morozovaya) cherries do not differ from the standard agricultural technology of other varieties. The tree needs to ensure timely watering, the necessary fertilizing, pruning, effective disease control and prevention of pest damage.


cherry care, wateringCherry Morozovka must be watered as the topsoil dries up. The optimal frequency of humidification is 5 times throughout the season. Each tree will require 4-5 buckets of water.

The tree should be moistened immediately after flowering, during ovary formation, after harvesting. And also immediately before preparing the tree for frost (but not later than the end of October).

With prolonged drought, the frequency of watering can be increased. It is advisable to stop moisturizing cherries 15-20 days before harvesting, otherwise the berries may begin to crack.

Top dressing

making fertilizing for cherriesThe yield of Morozovka cherries depends on its feeding. In the first 4-6 years after planting, the seedling must be fed annually. For this purpose, you can use urea (25-30 g per bucket of water) or ammonium nitrate..

organic introductionOrganic fertilizers give a good effect. For example: a solution prepared from 5 glasses of ash, 2.5 liters of mullein and 5 liters of clean water. A bucket of prepared solution is placed under each cherry.

Pruning and shaping the crown

cherry pruningThe freezer needs regular sanitary and shaping pruning. In the first year after planting, the seedlings are cut by 13-15 cm.

After a year, all lateral shoots are removed, except for 3-4 of the strongest and most well-developed branches. Sanitary pruning removes all dry, diseased, damaged branches.

abundant fruitingDessert cherry Morozovka (Morozovoy) is a popular variety among Russian gardeners. It was bred specifically for growing in regions with negative weather conditions. Freezer is highly valued for excellent winter hardiness, unpretentious care, high yield and excellent taste of fruits.

Dessert cherry Morozovka (Morozovoy) grows on the site – video

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