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How to get the blind man out of the garden and save the harvest

how to get a blind man out of the garden Mole rats belong to the order of rodents that eat all the root crops in the backyard. Therefore, the question of how to get the blind man out of the garden sooner or later arises among many owners of private farmsteads or summer cottages..

How to recognize a mole rat

little pest Slepysh is a small animal ranging in size from 15 to 35 cm, weighing up to 700 g. It lives in Ukraine, southern Russia, foothill regions of the Western Caucasus, in the steppe and forest-steppe zones, near forests and forest plantations, sown fields.

mole rat in the bedsThe rodent got its name because of the anatomical features of the eyes: in their place, it has folds of skin covered with bristly hairs. The ears and tail are undeveloped, and the forelegs are small. Lips are covered with folds that protect the mouth from dirt.

A distinctive feature of the mole rat is 2 large incisors, which are menacingly exposed outward.

Unlike moles, which eat insects and larvae, the harm from a mole rat to the crop is enormous, in its hole you can find tens of kilograms of vegetables and root crops.

It is difficult to catch a mole rat, since it constantly lives underground, without crawling to the surface. Builds multi-tiered burrows over 3 meters deep, the total length of which can reach 400 meters.

mole rat holesNarrow passages with a diameter of 6-12 cm are made for foraging and moving to the lower tiers. They find it by the piles of earth, which the mole rat pushes out when digging a hole..

It is better to catch a rodent in the spring, when it is hungry, and before starting to set root crops.

Blind rats and the fight against them

the appearance of a blind man in the gardenVarious traps, traps and crossbows are usually used. You can purchase them from the store or make your own. If a decision is made to make a trap for a mole rat, the drawing must be found on the Internet, choosing from the many proposed options.

Before setting the trap, you need to find a hole in fresh piles of earth. Excellent pest locating hunting dogs.

To install a trap you need:

  • slightly dig a hole;
  • find the main passage, clear it to an earthen plug;
  • remove the plug, set a trap in this place, about 5 cm from the start of the move;
  • bring the trap chain out;
  • cover on top with a piece of metal, plywood or roofing material, sprinkle with earth.

Through this place, fresh air begins to flow into the hole, but the blind man cannot stand drafts. Therefore, he must return to seal the hole and fall into a trap. This usually happens within 30-40 minutes..mole rat trap

You can insert deep vessels with water into the dug hole. After getting there, the rodent dies.

How to get a blind man out of the garden using hooks

Instead of a trap, you can install a hook in this place or several hooks to which the loop is tied. Hooks are dug in near the exit from the burrow. The blind rat comes to fill the hole and gets hooked.

This method of rodent control is rather laborious and not always effective. Success is determined by the correct location of the rodent, which is usually quite problematic. In addition, the mole rat is a cunning animal, only a young and inexperienced animal gets into the trap..

After catching one rodent, it is almost impossible to find others: they begin to show increased caution. But usually the blind are solitary animals, so sometimes after catching one of them, the crop can be saved.

What is a mole rat afraid of

sound scarersMole rats avoid noise and vibration: due to the absence of eyes, their other senses are especially sensitive.

Homemade scarers

Therefore, to create noise and discomfort, they use:

  • iron bars with metal cans put on them;
  • wooden pegs with impellers;
  • glass or plastic bottles;
  • battery operated electronic scarer.

On the site, iron rods up to 1 m high are vertically dug into the ground in different places. Iron cans from juice or beer are put on top of them. Under the influence of the wind, they create a constant noise, which the rodent perceives as a signal of danger..

You can drive wooden pegs into the ground, put on impellers from children’s toys. When the blades start spinning under the influence of the wind, a constant hum is formed. It penetrates underground, creating discomfort for mole rats and moles. Tin cans can be installed on the same pegs..

use of bottlesHow to get a blind man out of the garden using bottles? Large empty bottles are poured into the ground at an angle, preferably from champagne. The neck of the bottle remains 4-5 cm above the ground.

This technique becomes especially effective if we take into account the direction of the wind in this area. If you correctly catch the direction of the wind, then the noise effect occurs more often, which contributes to the rapid elimination of the pest..

You can make various “noisemakers” yourself. To do this, a plastic bottle is cut and bent in a special way, a wire is passed through it. The end of the wire is buried in the ground, and a metal ball is placed inside the bottle. When gusts of wind, the ball creates noise that scares away the pest..

If a blind man is wound up in the garden, the methods of struggle must be chosen so as to maximize the safety of those around him, and so that after catching the animal, you do not have to look for ways to kill him. For this, noise methods are most convenient, since after a while the pest leaves the garden by itself..

Fighting with ultrasound

Ultrasonic scarers have shown high efficiency. This method is aimed at the high auditory sensitivity of the rodent..ultrasonic repeller

The waves are transmitted through the soil, so the device is inserted into the ground and not into the burrow. The frequency range is 35-65 kHz. Manufacturers claim that low-frequency vibrations are not captured by human hearing, provided that the person is not at a close distance (closer than 0.5 meters) from the device..

Therefore, to avoid discomfort and headaches, close contact with the repeller should be avoided. The radius of propagation of vibrations varies from several tens to several thousand meters.

If the site has uneven terrain, various structures, wells and basements, it is better to use several devices. It can take up to 1.5 months from buying to completely getting rid of the pest..

How to get a blind man out of the garden with water

fill the holes with waterIn order to catch a rodent, it is recommended to pour water inside the burrow. It will take a lot, given the size of the underground dwellings. It is the mole rat’s nest that needs to be flooded. Therefore, first you should find a passage where lumps of clay are thrown out together with the soil. Clay is in the deep layers of the earth, so the chance that a rodent is here is quite high.

The hole is cleared, the entrance to the hole is opened, and the hose begins to be watered. The disadvantage of the method is the need to kill the caught animal, which not everyone can do.

Another way of using water is very labor intensive. Around the circumference of the site, they dig a trench 30 cm deep.The edges are reinforced with slate or metal sheets so that after getting inside the animal cannot get out.

Inside the trench, at a certain distance from each other, holes are dug, which are filled with water. Once in a trench, the mole rat moves along it, falls into one of the holes and drowns.

This method is good in that you do not need to look for a mole rat’s habitat, although you have to spend a lot of time and effort digging a trench..

What else is the blind man afraid of?

use of metal meshYou can purchase a special poison to destroy the pest. Even rat repellents work. But they must be handled carefully so as not to harm pets and children. Even if the poison does not come into contact with vegetables in the garden, it is still dangerous..

There is an abundance of food in the garden, so the likelihood that the rodent will choose exactly the bait with poison is extremely small.


  1. Some gardeners fall asleep in their holes with fetid waste, pour kerosene and other odorous substances. But their effectiveness is extremely low..
  2. The blind man cannot stand the smell of parsnips. Therefore, it is recommended to plant it around the perimeter of the entire site and in several rows in the center. Choose long-rooted varieties so that when moving underground, the mole rat bumps into them..
  3. Some gardeners along the perimeter of the site dig a metal mesh into the ground to a depth of 0.5 meters, which is considered an effective method to keep the pest out of the site..

Tar is considered an effective folk remedy (you can buy it at the store). It is diluted with water (30 ml per bucket of water), wooden sticks are soaked in a solution and placed in places where mole rats are spread. They cannot stand the smell of tar and leave. This treatment is enough for the season. Next year will have to repeat.

If there are blind people on the site, then you need to take care of the safety of the crop in advance. Processing or catching must be carried out in late spring-early summer, otherwise the pest will eat or drag most of the root crops into its hole. The same methods are used as for eliminating moles. The struggle does not always pass with success, therefore it is recommended to apply several methods..

We catch a mole rat in the garden – video

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