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How to get rid of sleepwalking: the most effective ways

how to get rid of “How to get the sleepy out?” – a question that is asked by almost every summer resident. It is a plant with a well-developed root system. If you do nothing, then in a short time, the grass will cover the area with itself, and then it will be much more difficult to cope with it. The simplest but most effective ways to deal with this herb are described below. Read also the article: how to deal with moles?

What is dreaminess and where can it grow?

run away at the site This plant belongs to the group of weeds. You can meet him practically throughout the country. Many healers use gleaming to treat a variety of ailments. Due to the presence of vitamins and trace elements in the leaves, flowers, roots and stems, it is possible to restore the work of all body processes in a short time..

The weed is distinguished by rosaceous shoots and a creeping root system. It belongs to the famous umbrella family. It grows up to one and a half meters in height. All shoots are united by a common rhizome, which can reach 40 centimeters in depth.

Before you get rid of the dreaminess in raspberries, remember that the roots of the weed and the cultivated plant can be closely intertwined. Therefore, to remove the herb, it is best to use the “attrition” method..

Many do not know on what soils the willow grows, thinking that you can see it on every site. In fact, this is not the case. This type of weed prefers more acidic soils. Therefore, in order to remove the plant from the site, a means should be introduced into the soil that will change this indicator..

checking the acidity of the soilYou can reduce the acidity of the substrate:

  • chalk;
  • lime;
  • fluff;
  • dolomite flour.

Sleepy is a unique plant that does not have a specific dormant period. It can overwinter with green leafy leaves, and grows throughout the year in areas with warm climates..

The weed blooms in late June and early July. The buds are shallow, collected in umbellate inflorescences of a snow-white shade. Plants grow near houses, in summer cottages and in the steppes. It takes a lot of effort to clear the soil of this weed. If it is not very difficult to destroy young bushes, then with adults it is the opposite. But do not be upset, because there are methods with which you can achieve the desired result..

How to remove a runny in a flowerbed with perennial plantings?

manual removal of whitewashIt is most difficult to deal with such a weed in a flower bed. Often it will not be possible to get rid of the plant the first time. It will take an effort to fight it and wait a while..

If flowers get under the mulch, then holes need to be made for them..

The main methods on how to defeat the snow on the site:

  1. You can prevent the development of this weed with a regular sheet of metal. To do this, you will need to simply dig in the prepared material around the flower bed or protect certain plants in the same way. This method will not allow dreaming to grow further..border tape
  2. Mulching is also an effective method of dealing with young shoots. To get rid of the dream, you will first need to mow the thickets, as close to the ground as possible, and then abundantly cover the root system with hay or straw. If there is no dry grass on the farm, then you can use dark polyethylene or other material. In this state, hold for a week, and then change it to cardboard and sprinkle with a good layer of soil.mulching the site
  3. An equally popular option is the constant mowing of the weed. With the regular removal of leaves and shoots, up to the root system, the runny will begin to lose its strength. This is a laborious process, but if you are not too lazy, then it will certainly give the desired result..slash removal

Many gardeners use herbicides to control snow flushes in the garden. This is an effective method, but such drugs can harm the flowers. If you nevertheless decide to use such mixtures, then they should be applied very carefully. It is important to ensure that the liquid does not fall on neighboring plants when splashing, but only covers the leaves and tops of the snow..

Removing weeds in the garden

weed removalBefore you start to deal with sloughing in your summer cottage, it should be remembered that the roots of this plant penetrate to a depth of 40 centimeters and are able to manifest themselves even after a while. Therefore, in order to once and for all forget about such a weed, you need to make every effort..

Before removing it from the garden, it should be remembered that it does not tolerate the neighborhood with Jerusalem artichoke.

Gardening with a pitchfork

loosening the soilThis is the most primitive but effective method. Long fork fingers make it much easier to hook the lower roots of the weed and pull them up.


weeding of bedsMany summer residents, in order to remove the snow, plant potatoes in their garden. This is a crop that needs frequent weeding and hilling. Such procedures are beneficial for potatoes, but destructive for weeds. The more often the weeding of the garden is carried out, the sooner this annoying grass will “leave” from your site.

Use of polyethylene

use of filmThis method is used only in spring. To do this, you need to dig up the area on which the snow grows. Then cover the soil thoroughly with dark plastic. The garden should be in this state until the planting of seedlings or seeds. But the film may not be removed. In this case, you will need to make small holes in the canvas, into which the plants will be planted. This method requires little effort. If everything is done correctly, then it will be possible to overcome dullness in one summer season..

Covering the beds with cardboard and compost

To do this, you need to trample the weeds, and put sheets of cardboard or other thick paper on top. The next layer should be manure or compost. When the organic mixture is heated to 700 C, most of the grains lose their properties and do not emerge, and the roots will not be able to pierce the paper and will go down.

The above methods of getting rid of sleepiness will certainly give the desired result. But if it was not possible to remove this weed from the garden, then you can, as in the previous version, use herbicides.

Those who have a summer cottage covered with a carpet of snow can use a completely different method. To do this, you will need to turn the top layer of the soil, and pour the roots that remain in the ground with urea. Cover the loosened soil with polyethylene. After a month, repeat the procedure. If you do everything correctly, then there will be no trace of the plant and a trace in just some two to three months.

Cleaning the garden from the plant

chemical method of weed controlBefore you destroy the moss, you need to make sure that it does not spread underground. To do this, you will need to fence the site. It helps to achieve the desired slate, which needs to be buried to a depth of 40 centimeters.

To destroy the moor, you must remove its underground stem. The best option is to apply herbicides.

The most effective herbicides for flushing:

  • Tornado;
  • Roundup;
  • Killer;
  • Sniper;
  • Hurricane.

The use of chemicals can adversely affect human and animal health. Therefore, work with such products should be in gloves, boots and a respirator..

An effective weed remover – Glyphosad. All of the above herbicides perfectly fight against weeds of various types, including flushing. These are pesticides, spraying with which negatively affects all plants, including cultivated ones. It is important to remember that plants get used to such fluids very quickly, so they should be changed periodically..

The attrition method is also a good option for removing dullness. To do this, you will need to constantly monitor young shoots. When the first leaf appears, the plant must be destroyed. You need to cut off the seedlings just below the root collar. If you do this correctly and systematically, then the plant will not have the strength to develop and will die on its own..

Mature shrubs should be removed at soil level. Then pour the cut with herbicide. It is recommended to repeat the procedure after 7 days. The first results will be visible in two weeks. This method can also be applied to other types of weeds, one of which is burdock..

Based on the options listed above, getting rid of the dream is not so difficult. Compliance with the rules, the sequence of actions will give the desired result. In just a few months, your site will become perfectly clean and at the same time will not lose its fertility..

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