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We understand the methods of removing tree growth in a summer cottage

tree growth removal Every season, dense thickets appear next to cherries, plums, bird cherry and maple. In order for the garden to always look at the highest level, it is important to know how the tree growth is removed on the territory of a country house. After all, the abandoned plants will quickly turn the site into a local “jungle”. In addition, the yield of fruit crops is being lost, which upsets true farmers so much. So, let’s find out what experts advise inexperienced gardeners. The main thing is to record these tips in your notebook..

Reasons for the formation of young growth

tree growth Young “shoots” often form next to fruit crops that have suffered from various factors. This can happen due to temperature changes, old age, or a lack of trace elements..

However, the growth around the tree is also formed for other reasons:

  • open root neck;
  • damage to the bark;
  • removed many branches when pruning;
  • mechanical wounds.

In addition, there are times when there is an incompatibility between the rootstock and the scion. As a result, metabolic processes inside the plant are disrupted. Over time, the fruit culture loses its vitality, so it starts up young shoots. As you can see, the cause of the problem is hidden in the violation of the rules of care..

If the shoot is planned to be used for reproduction, it is left at a distance of 2-4 m from the mother culture..

Removal of overgrowth of trees on the site by a chemical method

overgrowth removal chemicalsTo solve the problem, gardeners use 2 main methods: with the help of chemicals and the destruction of “shoots” by mechanical means. The first option is used if the garden has turned into a dense and impenetrable “jungle”. But only as a last resort, so as not to harm the rest of the plants.

Preparations are suitable for the procedure:

  • Roundal;
  • Glukor;
  • Tornado;
  • Agrokiller.

However, before using chemicals, you need to figure out how to destroy the growth on the site in the most gentle way. For example, if an old tree is tirelessly sprouting, it is first cut down at ground level. Then, using a conventional drill, 5-7 holes with a diameter of 2 cm are made in the stump. They are placed further from the center of the cut so that the chemical can enter the root system. The procedure is repeated 2 more times, for 14 days..chemical injection

To remove overgrowth, trees are injected using special syringes. The chemical is injected directly into the wood of the young sprout.

Often, gardeners simplify the procedure. They make deep cuts on the trunk and branches. And then, abundantly irrigate the plant with the drug. Spraying the leaf plates of a tree with pesticides, 2,4-D amine salt, crotiline or butyl ether helps to get rid of unwanted “greenery”.

It is advisable to cover the holes with plastic or polyethylene. Thanks to this, the substance will fulfill its important mission..

Mechanical method of overgrowth control

removal of overgrowth of trees with a delimberThe easiest options for how to get rid of tree growth are skillful hands, an ax, a shovel, a saw and a delimber.. overgrowth removal tools

Usually, the procedure is performed in early spring according to this scheme.:

  • first determine the place in which they are connected to the mother tree;
  • the young sprout is carefully removed along with the root system;
  • carefully clean the area.

In addition, fallen fruits are carefully collected after harvest. Otherwise, seeds or seeds may develop into young trees over time. Next, we will learn how to deal with plum and cherry overgrowth throughout the season..

When removing young shoots, it is advisable not to damage the roots of the mother fruit culture.

Plum sprouts

plum in the gardenAs you know, it is common for plums to sprout up dense growth, regardless of age. It appears in both young and old trees. In addition, almost all varieties of plums form young shoots. The main cause of the problem is the deep loosening of the near-stem region of the tree. It turns out that the root system of the plum is very sensitive to this procedure. It is worth touching it once with a shovel, and it immediately gives new shoots. Over time, they take root and turn the garden into dense chaotic thickets..

Another cause of the growth is a serious disease of the fruit crop that slowly kills it. Usually, the violent appearance of shoots indicates precisely this problem. In any case, the overgrowth is removed very carefully. At the same time, they try to capture the entire formed root system, at a very close distance from the mother root. The sprouts are cut with a secateurs, after which they are covered with clay or garden pitch.

Cherry and its shoots

cherry fruitGardeners noticed that the grafted crops of the Shubinka and Vladimirskaya varieties usually do not allow many young shoots. However, in others, they grow rapidly, taking up space in the garden..

Most often this applies to such varieties:

  • Robin;
  • Youth;
  • Rastorguevskaya;
  • Memory of Yenikeev.

As a rule, wild birds grow from the shoots of grafted crops, the fruits of which are not particularly valuable. Therefore, inexperienced summer residents should know how to permanently get rid of cherry sprouts in the garden. There are several traditional methods.

Often, young shoots are removed with a pruner or ax. However, the procedure is done strictly according to the rules and very carefully.:

  • start cutting the shoots at the first appearance;
  • cut down the root shoots in early spring or late autumn, removing the soil layer;
  • the remaining cuts on the mother tree are abundantly treated with garden pitch;
  • fall asleep the place of removal of the young shoot.

cherry blossomsAdhering to the recommendations of experts, you can permanently free the garden from uninvited “settlers”. If the shoots are simply cut down, in a year at least 3 shoots will appear in the same place..

Dense thickets are removed with herbicides:

  • Zero;
  • Glysol;
  • Alaz;
  • Roundal.

Preparations are diluted strictly according to the instructions specified by the manufacturer. Sometimes after a year, the procedure is repeated if a relapse occurs..

After removing the overgrowth, slate sheets are dug into the root area, at a distance of 1.5 m. Deepen it by 1 m.If the sprouts appear again, they are immediately cut off with a pruner so that they do not have time to take root.

Shoot of bird cherry in the garden

bird cherry at their summer cottageIn the last century, summer residents planted many ornamental shrubs on the plots. The bird cherry was especially popular. Unfortunately, the neglected plants have formed dense thickets. Therefore, the new owners face the question of how to get rid of the bird cherry overgrowth in a short time, and give the site a decent look. Experts offer several cardinal methods.

First, they look for the mother tree and cut it down at a height of 100-150 cm. The next year, the stump will release young shoots, which are immediately cut off. Over time, the process will stop and the culture will dry out. After about 2 years, nothing will remain of her.

bird cherry growthThe overgrowth is removed even faster by chemical means. As a rule, a concentrated solution of substances such as “Hurricane” or “Tornado” is used. After abundant irrigation, young bird cherry trees gradually dry out. The poison enters the root system through the foliage and trunk. Dead plants are carefully removed from the site.

How to get rid of maple overgrowth on the site

maple on the siteOrnamental trees provide reliable protection from dusty roads and gusty winds. Their voluminous crowns create a refreshing shade around the house. Maples are especially popular. Many lionfish grow on them every year. They scatter in different directions and often end up in vegetable gardens or front gardens. In the same year, lionfish can take root, which is a problem for summer residents. To solve it, it is important to know how to get rid of maple overgrowth on the site without harming other plants..

maple growthTypically, the job begins by looking for a tree that produces hundreds of these intruders. If it grows in neutral territory, it can be removed in the classic way. The work is performed independently or hired by specialists.

In order not to uproot the tree, use mineral fertilizers or coarse-grained salt.

mineral fertilizer for removing maple overgrowthA funnel 12 cm deep is drilled in the stump, where salt is poured. The hole is closed with a wooden stopper. It is made from any branch. In a similar way, the tree is destroyed using sodium or ammonium nitrate. The minerals burn off the wood and then enter the root system. A year later, the maple dies, which means that there will be no “unexpected guests” in the garden or flowerbed.

Having considered the advice of experts on how to remove tree growth at a summer cottage, we can safely get down to work. The case will require a simple set of tools or chemicals. The main thing is to act according to generally accepted rules. And then the gardens will bear fruit abundantly, and delight our hearts.

Removing tree growth using ammonium nitrate – video

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