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Insecticidal preparation Iskra double effect – a powerful “weapon” in the hands of the farmer

drug spark double effect Insect pests cause irreparable damage to crops, so the right tactics are needed to combat them. A potent drug Iskra with a double effect will help to free your lands from the invasion of “uninvited guests”. An insecticide is produced in the form of tablets in a sealed package. It is mainly used for personal subsidiary plots..

Iskra drug with double effect and general information about it

drug spark double effect against insects The composition of the insecticidal agent includes medicinal mixtures of plant origin: cypermethrin (21 g) and permethrin (9 g). The main effect of these toxic substances is to damage the nervous system. Due to the violation of the transmission of nerve impulses, paralysis occurs. As indicated in the instructions for use of the Spark double effect, the exposure time of toxic components to insect pests is 1 hour after treatment.

The effectiveness of the pesticide has been tested against 60 types of parasites, including:

  • aphids;
  • moths;
  • peduncle;
  • Colorado potato beetle (also larvae);
  • whitefly;
  • thrips.

Toxins enter the insect’s body by contact and intestinal route. They begin to act immediately at the first contact with the mucous membrane..

pest controlIn addition to destroying dangerous pests, the insecticide is known for its beneficial properties. The preparation contains potassium fertilizer. Thanks to this supplement, the immune system of plants is strengthened. In addition, chemical elements contribute to the restoration of the tissue mass of stems / leaves, which was damaged by parasites.

Legislation allows the use of the pesticide on crops such as:

  • potato;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • Apple tree;
  • currant;
  • flower plants;
  • ornamental shrubs.fruit tree processing

Sultry weather is considered the most suitable conditions for processing planting. At a temperature of + 25˚C and above, the activity of toxic substances increases tenfold. And with a thermometer reading less than + 13˚С, the effect of insecticides decreases.

The active elements penetrate into the upper layers of the hardwood plates. This property of the pesticide provides maximum protection against pests. Thanks to this feature, the chemical composition is not washed off by rain. Thus, the culture is under his “protection” for 2-3 weeks..

Algorithm for the application of insecticide

use of insecticide sparkIt should be noted that the drug does not addictive crops to its main components. For this reason, it can be used over a long period of time. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the main processing times for Iskra double effect, which are prescribed in the recommendations..

Spraying is carried out:

  • during the mass appearance of insect pests;
  • during the growing season (for potatoes);
  • again 12-14 days after the first treatment.

potato processingThe last point is carried out only in extreme cases. Basically, one pickling is sufficient. The procedure is not recommended during the flowering period, since the constituent components of the drug are fatal to pollinating insects, especially bees.

So, ground processing of plants is carried out:

  • at a wind speed of 1-2 m / s;
  • subject to the border protection zone 4-5 km;
  • taking into account the limitation of summer to 9-10 days.

The powerful drug Iskra, double effect, is distinguished by its unique safety. After 30 days after treatment, chemical elements are removed from plants and washed out of the soil..

Preparation of a working solution with all the intricacies of the procedure

preparation of working solutionThe form of release of the product is a tablet in a single-use package. The powder mixture is dissolved in a small amount of water, a glass. The solution is thoroughly mixed. The contents are poured into a sprayer. The suspension is filtered through several layers of gauze or a strainer. Then, liquid is poured into a container with a spray bottle until the full volume is 10 liters. Due to the fact that Iskra is a protection against insect pests, the method of application of the drug remains standard.

The spraying procedure is carried out:

  • in the morning or evening hours;
  • in calm weather;
  • in the absence of rain in the next 2-3 days.

Manufacturers do not recommend mixing the pesticide with other drugs in this class. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the active ingredients decreases..

Each bush is evenly moistened with the prepared solution. This applies to both the top and bottom of the plant. The back side of the foliage is necessarily processed, since it is there that the concentration of parasite larvae is most often located. Periodically the reservoir with the suspension is shaken to prevent the formation of sediment.

Only freshly prepared working fluid is suitable for processing. It cannot be stored or applied the next day..

Dosages and consumption

cucumber processingThe rate of application of the working fluid is 1 g of the product per 1 liter of water. Therefore, the consumption of the prepared solution can be up to 10 liters per hundred square meters or 2 liters / 20 m².

This scheme is used when spraying:

  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • flower crops.

drug dosageRegarding the use of the Iskra double effect preparation for potatoes, the flow rate of the working fluid is often 5 liters per 100 m². In this case, the waiting period should not be less than 20 days..

Precaution Above All

personal protective equipmentDespite the plant origin, the insecticidal preparation Iskra double protection belongs to the 3rd hazard class.

Thus, spraying is carried out in personal protective equipment:

  • glasses;
  • overalls;
  • mask;
  • gloves.

The pesticide label is retained for several days. At the first signs of poisoning or an accident, consult a doctor showing this package..

chemical poisoningThe duration of the etching procedure should not exceed more than 3 hours, especially in hot weather. It is hazardous to health.

Also, during spraying, it is prohibited:

  • smoking;
  • food intake;
  • drink.

After the event, hands and face are washed with plenty of water using soap. The insecticidal product is stored in its original sealed packaging. A room with minimal humidity and no access to sunlight is chosen for it. Compliance with these recommendations is mandatory.

In the fight against insects, we use the Iskra preparation with a double effect – video

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