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The drug Kemifos (instructions for use) will not leave pests a single chance

Kemifos preparation instructions for use In the hot spring time, summer residents usually do not have time to protect the garden – all their strength and precious time are devoted to planting. But the pests are no longer sleeping, they warmed up in the sun and worked up their appetite properly. In the conditions of spring time pressure, the drug “Kemifos” will come to the aid of the gardener, the instructions for use of which will help to avoid an overdose and other troubles.

The composition and principle of action of the pesticide

composition and principle of action of the drug Kemifos Kemifos differs from other pesticides in its broad spectrum of action. It combines the qualities of an insecticide and an acaricide and is effective against many garden pests – various types of aphids, moths, leafhoppers, thrips, scoops, weevils, leafworms and ticks.

The active ingredient in Kemifos is malathion. It is an organophosphate compound that is successfully used in agriculture, medicine, sanitation and home pest control. The drug has a contact-intestinal action. In an insect that has taken a dose of malathion along with an appetizing juicy leaf, irreversible changes occur in the body, which leads to the rapid death of the garden aggressor.

With regular use of the drug, an addictive effect of pests is observed – new populations appear that are insensitive to malathion. Therefore, the use of “Kemifos” must be alternated with pesticides of another group, for example, with pyrethroids or neonicotinoids..

packaging of the drug KemifosMalathion is a moderate poisonous substance. To exclude accidental poisoning, drugs based on it are marketed with fragrances that have a strong unpleasant odor. It is produced in the form of a concentrated emulsion, which is diluted with water. For warm-blooded animals and humans, it is much less dangerous if you use the drug “Kemifos” according to the instructions for use.

The manufacturer positions the product as universal for early spring treatment of the site and recommends using it only before the formation of ovaries..

The high efficiency of the pesticide application is achieved due to three components:

  • early dates of treatments, when the pests have not yet begun to multiply en masse;
  • significant activity of the active substance;
  • fast enough decomposition of the drug in the soil, which allows you to get an environmentally friendly harvest.

The product is available in packs of 2 or 5 ml. Shelf life – no more than two years.

The drug Kemifos: instructions for use with explanations

Kemifos preparation instructions for useThe working solution is prepared for all plants in the same way: 10 ml of the product is diluted in 10 liters of water and used immediately. The frequency of spraying and the consumption of the solution depend on the cultivated crop and the harmful object. The work is carried out at a temperature of 12-25 ° С. The final treatment must be completed no later than 3 weeks before harvest.

Plantings are sprayed early in the morning or at sunset. The mixture is taken into a sprayer and evenly moisten the insect habitats.

The drug is effective even for the eggs of parasites, therefore, the areas of clutches should be especially carefully treated – cracks in the bark, tops of branches, the remains of tops.

For each tree, depending on its size, up to 5 liters of working solution are consumed.

During the season, at least 2 treatments of the garden are carried out with an interval of 18–20 days. During this period, the larvae of the pests that survived the first spraying have time to hatch..

How to use Kemifos in the garden and in the garden

garden treatment in springAll vegetable or field crops are sprayed during the growing season, waiting for the time of mass egg-laying of the pest, which must be eliminated first..

Regulations for the use of the drug “Kemifos” provide for the following consumption of the working solution per 1 sq. m. plantings:

  • cereals (including peas and corn) – 50-120 ml;
  • fruit trees – 100 ml;
  • strawberries – 100-180 ml;
  • grapes – 100 ml;
  • cabbage – 60-120 ml;
  • cucumbers – 240-360 ml;
  • tomatoes in the open field – 60-120 ml;
  • tomatoes in the greenhouse – 240-360 ml;
  • melons and gourds – 40 ml;
  • tobacco – 100-180 ml.

For each bush of currants, gooseberries or raspberries, 1–1.5 liters of diluted Kemifos are consumed. Flowers and ornamental shrubs are processed at the rate of 1.5 liters per 10 sq. m.

Following the instructions for the use of “Kemifos”, the gardener will be able to cleanse the area from the following pests:

  • cherry flies, weevils, leaf rollers, moths and scale insects on fruit trees;
  • sawflies, gall midges, moths, moths, raspberry beetles, and moths on fruit-bearing bushes;
  • worms, ticks, whiteflies, aphids, leafhoppers on grapes and citrus crops;
  • flying locusts on cereals;
  • spider mites, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle, aphids in vegetable beds.

If necessary, Kemifos removes bed bugs, cockroaches, ticks from animals and human lice.

Analogues and compatibility with other pesticides

remedy for a complex of pestsIf you could not get the right product, you can always pick up similar ones for the active substance. There are many analogues of Kemifos.

These are well-known drugs:

  • “Anti-tick”;
  • “Fufanon”;
  • Iskra M;
  • Fufanon Expert;
  • Fufanon Nova;
  • “Karbofot”;
  • Aliot;
  • “Karbofos”;
  • “Bunchuk”.

All of these drugs will produce an effect similar to Kemifos if you follow the instructions for use in the garden..

Precautionary measures

safety measures when working with pesticidesMalathion-based preparations are volatile, therefore, when working with them, you must use protective equipment – a respirator, goggles or visor, latex gloves. If the substance accidentally spills on the ground, it is deactivated with any alkaline solutions, then, if necessary, collected in a bag and disposed of.

Cases of drug poisoning are extremely rare, but the first symptoms should be known. The initial signs of intoxication develop after 40-60 minutes and are expressed in lethargy and depression. After half an hour, a period of motor excitement begins, salivation is noted, sometimes vomiting. In such cases, you should immediately call a doctor and show him the pesticide packaging..

It must be remembered that with strict observance of the instructions for the use of the drug “Kemifos” nothing threatens the health of the gardener, and gluttonous pests will forget the way to your garden for a long time.

The choice of a drug to protect the garden and vegetable garden from pests – video

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