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Growing parsley for sale

Growing parsley for sale The demand for spicy vitamin greens is stable throughout the year. However, in summer many people can grow parsley for sale and for their own consumption. Therefore, for commercial production it is necessary to choose a year-round cycle. In the off-season, the demand and price for vitamin greens is much higher.

Features of the parsley business

Clean and fresh greens are on sale When drawing up a business plan for growing parsley, it is necessary to take into account, the costs will pay off and become profitable if a number of conditions are met:

  • summer area for parsley at least one hundred square meters;
  • a place for the sale of fresh herbs has been prepared in advance;
  • the greenhouse was built in winter version with heating and lighting;
  • allocated area in the apartment with the necessary arrangement;
  • seed material of own production or bought in bulk;
  • there is a specialist in growing vegetables.

A stable supply of green mass can only be ensured with knowledge of the agricultural technology of the plant. In mass cultivation of greens, the leaves must be healthy and attractive to buyers before cutting. The parsley must be delivered fresh. It can be stored in a cool place for no more than a week, while losing its aroma. In order to get big profits, you need to achieve a high speed of growing parsley in the greenhouse..

Business will be more efficient if, at the same time as parsley, you are engaged in forcing onions, growing early-ripening lettuce and dill. Comprehensive supplies at sales centers are valued more.

Plant agrotechnics

Parsley fieldParsley is of two types, leaf and root. Greens from both types are equally useful, but root parsley additionally has a valuable root vegetable. Leafy varieties are smooth-leaved and corrugated. In the off-season, smooth parsley is in great demand, it is believed that it is more fragrant..

Parsley seeds are tough-like. For rapid germination, they need to be brought to the stage of hatching and then sown in prepared nutrient soil. In the future, under favorable conditions, the greens will grow until the first harvest for two months, and later the gradual harvest from one bush can continue for a month. How quickly parsley grows for sale depends on compliance with the development conditions.

Seeds germinate at a temperature of 3-4 0, and the seedlings can withstand a decrease to -9, but not for long. Comfortable temperature for plant development is 15 degrees. After 20 it develops worse, so in summer parsley grows well in the shade. At the same time, the soil should be moderately moist. The composition of the soil is prepared as a loose and fertile mixture with the addition of vermicompost. At the same time, you should be aware that parsley does not tolerate fresh organic matter and nitrogen fertilizers should occupy a small part in fertilizing.

Greenhouse for growing parsleyTo obtain early greenery, you will need to use greenhouses in the spring, and greenhouses in the fall. In such shelters, it is better to grow leafy early varieties, since the root is not in great demand. The resulting root crops in the fall should be stored in the sand and used the next year as testes and for forcing green mass at home..

Parsley harvest for saleWater the plant sparingly, but often. When grown in winter, it is required to illuminate with special lamps with the spectrum necessary for plants..

Growing parsley in a greenhouse

Growing parsley in a greenhouseIn order to make fuller use of the expensive circuit heating and lighting, the best way is to grow in several tiers on racks. In this case, it is important:

  • accelerate seed germination by preliminary germination;
  • sow to a depth of 1 cm and leave a row spacing of 30 cm;
  • thinning with a distance of 5 cm bushes;
  • moderate watering;
  • feeding twice during the growing season with complex fertilizers.

The favorable temperature for growing parsley in winter is 18 degrees..

Before you cut the green mass per day, the plants need to be watered well so that the greens are juicy. Plants can be kept for a longer time if removed from the roots and put in a plastic bag.

How to grow parsley at home

Growing parsley on a windowsillTo grow parsley at home, you need to stock up on a light substrate with nutrients. In addition, special containers and racks will be required. The best way would be to distill a parsley leaf from root crops harvested in the fall..

In this case, it is not necessary to use the entire rod. It is enough to take half of the floor with the top. When planting, you need to take care of drainage so that there is no stagnant water in the containers. When watering parsley, you cannot pour water into the middle, and the root crop itself should rise slightly above the ground.

Getting parsley seeds yourself

Parsley bloomsIf you take parsley roots from last year and plant them, then within 45 days, in addition to the leaves, a flower umbrella of parsley will appear, reminiscent of dill. Within 120-130 days, seeds will develop and ripen in it. Parsley seeds are small and fall off easily. At the same time, they can be removed only in a state of full ripeness. A photo of parsley seeds shows how difficult it is to collect them..

All about growing greens – video

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