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Protection against the Colorado potato beetle drug Prestige

Colorado potato beetle Growing potatoes involves not only proper care of the crop, but also protection from various pests. Prestige from the Colorado potato beetle is recognized as one of the best drugs in this area. The insecticide has a strong enough effect on pests, but, unlike other means, it is relatively safe for people.

Purpose and composition of the drug Prestige

prestige against the colorado potato beetle The beginning of the summer cottage season makes most gardeners think about protecting vegetable crops from pests, of which there are many in nature. Most of all, the potato is of concern, since it is the organisms that are considered the most common that negatively affect its growth and yield, in particular, the Colorado potato beetle..

There are many ways to combat harmful insects. These are both folk methods and strong chemical compositions, but the Prestige remedy for the Colorado potato beetle occupies a leading position. The drug is used to treat tubers before planting in order to protect the plant and its future harvest..

Prestige belongs to the group of insectofungicides – it has a destructive effect on both pests and various fungal bacteria.

The composition of the product includes 2 substances:

  • pencycuron – a pesticide that has a detrimental effect on fungal bacteria and increases resistance to adverse environmental factors;
  • imidacloprid is a short-term insecticide that destroys harmful insects.

The drug Prestige from Colorado beetles is produced in the form of a concentrated solution that requires preliminary dilution in water.

Scope of the drug Prestige

insectofungicide PrestigeThe tool is most often used to prevent attacks from the most common pests, while the poison from the Colorado potato beetle Prestige has a fairly wide spectrum of action.

The substance will help in the fight against the following destructive organisms:

  • aphid;
  • bear;
  • wireworm;
  • beetle larvae;
  • small fleas;
  • cicadas;
  • mole.

In addition, the product is very effective against rot, mold, and is also suitable for preventive measures..

Instructions for use

processing of planting materialYou should start processing with Prestige from Colorado beetles immediately before planting young tubers in the ground, only in this case the drug will fully exert its effect. Additionally, the substance will disinfect the planting material.

Before spraying, the tubers should be checked for cuts – if the whole shell is broken, potatoes cannot be processed.

Detailed instructions for using Prestige from Colorado beetles include the following steps:

  1. Dilute 50 ml of the concentrated preparation in 0.6 l of water. The resulting solution is enough for about 50 kg of potatoes.
  2. Place tubers on a film-covered surface.
  3. Spray tubers evenly with a specialized spray no more than 1 day before planting.
  4. Dry the tubers for 2-3 hours.
  5. Plant the processed material in the ground.

after treatment with prestigeAfter the seed potatoes are buried in the soil, moisture will spread the substance, which will create a protective layer on the tubers. In the process of growth, the tops will gradually absorb the components of the product and become toxic to pests. When the components of the solution enter the insect’s body, the paralysis effect will work – the pest will lose the ability to act, and then die.

The action of the drug continues until the beginning of flowering. On average, the protection period is about 30-35 days.

In addition, the use of the Prestige from the Colorado potato beetle is also permissible for seedlings of eggplant, tomatoes and other nightshade crops. To do this, the concentrate is diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 100 and the roots of the seedlings are soaked for 8 hours. Then they are immediately planted in the ground..

Harm of the drug Prestige

potato harvest after treatment with prestigeOf course, summer residents are interested in the question of the presence of any harm from the Prestige from the Colorado potato beetle. It can be noted here that in the crop, in other words, in the tubers, toxic substances are not observed already 50 days after treatment. During this period, the molecules of the agent dissolve in the soil, and the residues of the drug are neutralized. Accordingly, potatoes can be safely eaten..

The disintegration period of the toxic substances of the Prestige preparation is 40-50 days, therefore, early potato varieties cannot be treated with the agent.!

Since the drug belongs to toxic substances, the pre-planting treatment of tubers should be carried out in a mask, goggles, and preferably in a special dressing gown or suit. The procedure must be carried out outdoors..

After the end of spraying, take a shower and wash clothes.

The prestige from Colorado beetles is really considered one of the best options for dealing with all kinds of pests. The drug is harmless, and the degree of its protective functions is quite high. Before using the composition, you should carefully read the instructions and act in accordance with its instructions..

Protecting potatoes with Prestige – video

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