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Potatoes Luck – description of the variety and rules of care

potato luck Planting potatoes is a laborious process. During painstaking work in the country, everyone strives to get a bountiful and tasty harvest. Before choosing a variety, many pay attention to potatoes Luck, because unpretentious care and easy adaptation to any type of soil leaves no one indifferent.

If you want to get a rich potato crop, the Luck variety is an excellent solution..

An early ripe variety easily adapts to any growing conditions. It is not afraid of drought and heat, provides a plentiful and good harvest. Resistant to high humidity, not afraid of viruses, rhizoctonia and late blight of tubers. In case of mechanical damage, it does not deteriorate and grows well in the future.

The only disadvantage of such potatoes is susceptibility to nematodes, late blight tops and Alternaria.

Potato Luck – variety description

productive variety Description of the potato variety Luck is significantly different from other food types of potatoes. The shoots of the vegetable are sprawling, lush, medium in size. It has many leaves on each bush, rich dark green hue. Inflorescences are small, white. Light sprouts of a spherical shape, which is painted in a red-violet hue.

large tubers of the Luck varietyThe tubers are rather large, sometimes round, oval in shape, have a thin beige skin, covered with a large number of sprouts. Pulp – white, starch content from 12 to 14%.

If during the cultivation of potatoes luck the plant is fed with potash or chloride dressings, then during the cooking process such a vegetable can change color closer to dark.

This variety has proven itself well among farmers and lovers of summer residents, because the cultivation of such potatoes has enough positive aspects, but also, like any vegetable, its disadvantages are inherent..


Planting the Luck variety is no different from the standard process.

Unlike other types of potatoes, the Luck variety has:

  • high yield and long-term keeping quality;
  • has an excellent presentation;
  • does not require special care rules.


Like any vegetable crop, the luck variety has a disadvantage in the form of a peculiar taste. Some people quite like it, and some try not to resort to planting of this kind..

Main characteristics

excellent harvestOne of the distinguishing characteristics of the Udacha potato is its high yield despite the growing conditions. During harvesting from each bush, you can get from 10 to 20 tubers weighing 120-150 grams.

During state trials, Luck potatoes were tested for maximum yield. From one hectare of land, this variety gave more than 45 tons of vegetables..

digging up potatoesPotato growing season Luck is approximately 85-90 days from the moment of planting. With early harvesting, for example, 50 days after the shoots have formed, you can harvest a good harvest – up to 20 tons per hectare.

Growing and caring

potatoes in the countryAs mentioned – Luck potatoes grow in all types of soil. In order to harvest good tubers during the harvest season, the soil must be prepared in the fall. The best predecessors of this vegetable are legumes, cucumbers, cabbage and melons..

It is not recommended to plant potatoes in the same place for several years in a row. Thus, the soil accumulates pests, which will be more difficult to deal with every year..

How to prepare the soil

soil preparationFor the tubers to grow well, the soil must be loose and soft. To do this, you need to dig up a site in the fall and apply nitrogen fertilizers..


planting potatoes of a variety of luckBefore planting, the seed is treated with potassium. After that, the potatoes should be well dried and left to germinate..

Potatoes are planted according to the standard scheme. Tubers are placed at a distance of 20 cm, between the row at least 35 cm.

ash introduction before plantingIn each well, it is necessary to add 100 g of rotted compost, which is mixed with wood ash 1: 1. It is necessary to plant a vegetable crop taking into account all planting rules.


If frosts are predicted, such potatoes must be covered, but this is only if the first leaves began to appear on the plant.

Potato care is carried out with the following rules:

  • timely weeding from weeds;
  • loosening the soil around the bush;
  • self-irrigation during severe and prolonged drought.

Top dressing

fertilizer for potatoesPotatoes of the Luck variety are very fond of nitrogen fertilizers. It is recommended to apply top dressing during loosening, carefully making sure that the composition does not get on the leaves and trunk.

For feeding potatoes, you can use wood ash, eggshell.

Disease and pest control

potato pest controlAt high humidity, Luck potatoes are easily affected by late blight of roots. Therefore, for those who are engaged in the cultivation of this variety, it is recommended to always have special fungicides with them, such as: Maxim, Ridomil Gold, Metaxil and others..

But the fight against the Colorado potato beetle is much more difficult. Usually, experienced summer residents destroy the pest manually, using folk remedies for spraying.

Regular spraying of the tops with a special composition will reduce the risk of fungus damage to the plant, get rid of insect pests.

Potato Luck is an absolutely easy-to-care variety – it is not afraid of drought, partially resistant to insect pests. To choose this variety for planting or not is up to the summer resident to decide, perhaps for someone its specific taste will even seem a highlight.

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