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Chili peppers on the windowsill – we grow the seasoning at home

chili on the windowsill Chili peppers on the windowsill are a real decoration of any room. With proper care, the bushes will always have a neat look and beautiful spicy fruits that can be eaten.

Chili pepper on the windowsill: plant description

homemade chili Homemade chili peppers have the appearance of a bush, the height of which reaches 60 cm. The leaves are elliptical in shape, with slightly pointed tips. The flowers are large. Depending on the variety, they can be either white or gray. At the end of flowering, elongated fruits appear. Most often they have a deep red color, but there are peppers of olive and yellow shades..

All types of chili peppers are contraindicated..

The fruits of early ripening chili species are suitable for consumption after 90-120 days, and mid-ripening ones – 140 days.

Popular varieties:

  1. “Tabasco”. The pulp is incredibly hot. This variety is grown not only at home, but also on plantations. It is especially popular due to its early maturity.chili peppers Tabasco
  2. “Firework”. This is a dwarf variety. The height of an adult bush reaches 20 cm. The fruits are large enough. They are cone-shaped and directed upwards. Peppers are distinguished by a strong aroma and pungency..hot pepper of the Salyut variety
  3. Aladdin. The variety can be grown both at home and outdoors. The plant is popular due to its abundant fruiting and unusual shade of peppers. As they mature, they change their green color to cream, purple or red..chili peppers of the Aladdin variety
  4. “Bell”. The fruits have a deep red hue. They begin to ripen 150 days after planting in the soil. The peppers are fragrant, but the pungency is not evenly located in them..bell peppers

In addition to the above species, other varieties are also suitable for growing at home. These include “Aquarelle”, “Treasure Island”, “Firstborn of Siberia”, “Dwarf”. All of them are unique in their own way, and with proper care they can please with beautiful and tasty fruits..

Planting and collecting seeds

picking chili seedsFor planting chili peppers, you can use both purchased seeds and harvested yourself. Grains should be harvested only from ripe fruits. The pods should begin to dry out, and the tip should change color to brown.

quality chili seedsGently cut the plucked fruits into two parts, then shake thoroughly and select the grains. It is recommended to carry out all work with gloves, as dust can get on the skin and cause irritation.

Choice of capacity

planting in separate cupsYou can sow peppers at the end of February or in March. It is best to use pressed peat containers. Medium-sized flower pots are also a good option. For seedlings, many summer residents choose plastic containers. Place a drain ball on the bottom of each container. Its thickness should be from 3 to 4 cm. Expanded clay, crushed slate or charcoal can be used as drainage.

Chili soil and seed preparation

nutritious soil for chili peppersTo grow seedlings at home, ordinary purchased land from a store is suitable. You can also cook it yourself..

To do this, connect:

  • turf soil 2 parts;
  • 2 parts of humus;
  • peat 2 parts;
  • 1 part vermiculite.

You can also put a small amount of sand in the soil mixture. But before using it, it should be thoroughly roasted in the oven. Instead of vermiculite, any suitable component that can properly retain water in the soil will work..

To accelerate germination, the grains must be properly prepared. To do this, take two cloth napkins, previously soaked in water, and put seeds in one layer between them. In this state, they are kept for 5 days. As soon as the first sprouts appear, the grains can be sown into the soil..

How to sow chili peppers

First, grooves of about 0.5 cm must be made in the soil. Two prepared grains should be placed in each of them. If a wide container was chosen for planting, then the intervals between the seedlings should be from 5 to 6 cm. Fill all the holes with soil, and cover the vessel itself with transparent polyethylene. Put the flowerpot on a window that is well warmed by the sun.

Potted Chili Pepper Care

chilli care

After the first shoots appear, the mini-greenhouse must be removed, and the container itself must be rearranged to a cooler place. The optimal temperature indicators are +200 C – +220 C. Daylight hours should be within 16 hours. This can be achieved by installing a table lamp near the flowerpot..

In order for the seedlings to be beautiful and healthy, only large pepper seeds should be selected for planting..


It is necessary to transplant the pepper into separate containers after two full-fledged leaves appear. It is not recommended to pinch the main root during a dive, as this can lead to a slowdown in growth.

Containers for seedlings should be taken with a diameter of no more than 5 cm and a height of about 10 cm. Plastic cups are a good option. Before diving, the soil must be well watered. This will allow the seedlings to be removed along with the earthy clod. After planting, it is recommended to irrigate all plants abundantly with water with the addition of root.

Subsequent transplants are carried out as the peppers grow. It is recommended to change the soil if the container becomes small. In this case, the “transshipment” method is used.

Irrigation and fertilization

compact productive bushWater the plant only with warm water. Excess liquid can harm the pepper, so it is recommended to pour water from the tray 30 minutes after the procedure. In the summer season, it is recommended to spray the crop. This should be done only with settled water at room temperature..

In order for the bushes to have a rich leaf color, it is necessary to use mineral fertilizers with a high percentage of nitrogen in the composition. During the period of bud formation, plants are fed with potash mixtures.

As you can see, it’s easy to grow chili peppers on a windowsill. Anyone can cope with this task. The main thing is to adhere to simple recommendations and a sequence of actions.

Step-by-step cultivation of chili peppers on the windowsill – video

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