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Canning tomatoes for the winter If the description of a particular tomato variety says about its canning purpose, you need to clarify what the manufacturer means. The fact is that preservation in this case means both traditional whole fruits, drenched in a fragrant marinade with herbs and spices, and delicious sauces, preparations with tomato pieces and fruits in their own juice.

Housewives know how difficult it can be to put beautiful large fruits in a jar. And even if this succeeds, such tomatoes often burst either when pouring marinade, or when trying to get them to serve. Therefore, for canning whole tomatoes or their slices, you need to choose varieties with medium-sized dense fruits, in which the seed chambers are small, and the seeds themselves are small. Today, tomato varieties with elongated fruits in the form of pepper, cream or pear are popular. If you find varieties that bring fruits of different colors close in weight and ripening time, homemade preparations will delight you with both taste and a rainbow of shades enclosed in a jar.

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Canning varieties for whole fruits

What are the best varieties for canning today? It is not easy to make a choice, because gardeners have more than one hundred and even a thousand varieties at their disposal. In order not to be mistaken, you should pay attention to whether this or that variety is zoned for cultivation in a particular region, to the timing of ripening and to the characteristics of the fruits..


June tomatoes An early fruitful variety forms bushes no more than 50 cm in height. Plants do not feed, while they give amicable abundant harvests. Red rounded fruits with a dense, non-cracking skin weigh from 100 to 130 grams, have an excellent taste and are suitable for making homemade canned food, and for obtaining juices, making vitamin salads.

Early ripening periods make it possible to use the fruits for assorted cucumbers and other vegetables.


Medium ripening variety GazpachoA medium-ripening variety with undersized, strong bushes and red cylindrical fruits. The weight of the tomatoes is 40–80 grams. Their peel is dense, not cracking, the taste is rich, sweet. Besides pickling, these tomatoes are good in sauces, juice and tomato paste, and are also ideal for fresh consumption..


Early grade ValentineAmong the early varieties suitable for canning, it is worth highlighting Valentine’s tomatoes. The variety forms bushes of medium height, which are moderately stepchild and must be tied to supports. Fruits in the form of elongated, even cream are colored in red-orange tones, have a good sweet and sour taste and do not crack during mass ripening of tomatoes.

An average tomato weighs 80–100 grams. The pulp is dense, there are few seeds and they are small enough. The variety is not afraid of dry periods and bears fruit very amicably..

These tomatoes are versatile and are equally good salted, pickled or fresh..

Lady fingers

Tomato variety Ladies fingersThe low bushes of this early variety do not require pinching in the second half of the summer, decorated with elongated dense fruits of red-pink color. Tomatoes are formed in place of racemose inflorescences. The weight of one fruit varies from 50 to 70 grams. The tomato has a pronounced sweet taste and there are few seeds in the sugary pulp. Ideal fruit for all types of home canning, pickling and juicing, pasta and sauces.

Amicable return and an abundance of harvest is promoted by the variety’s immunity to most diseases of the garden crop.

De Barao group of varieties

Tomatoes De BaraoVarieties of medium late ripening periods are very popular with Russian summer residents. Indeterminate bushes can reach a height of 3 meters and require an obligatory garter. The fruits, depending on the variety, are pink, dark red, crimson, black or yellow in color. In this case, the shape of tomatoes is correct, oval. The mass of tomatoes is 80-130 grams. The dense skin ensures excellent preservation of the fruit in the marinade, and the sweet pulp guarantees excellent quality of canned food. Record shelf life of fruits removed from the bush.

Balcony Miracle

Tomatoes Balcony MiracleSmall cherry tomatoes popular today are ideal for assorted vegetables. Ort Balkonnoe Miracle can be considered an example of an unpretentious tomato with ultra-short ripening times. The tomato is suitable for growing both outdoors and in containers. With a bush height of 50 cm, a mass of small, round fruits weighing up to 50 grams is formed on it. Bulk-ripening sweet tomatoes are good in pickles and fresh salads.

Tomatoes for sauces and pasta

Tomatoes for making sauces and pastaFor the preparation of tomato sauces, snacks and pasta, it is better to choose varieties that form the most fleshy sweet fruits with a small amount of small seeds. In fact, for these purposes, you can use lettuce tomatoes with thin skin and a deliberately good taste. The sweeter the tomatoes are, the richer the taste of the product will be..

Undoubtedly, when choosing a variety, gardeners pay attention to the protection of plants from diseases and pests, as well as to the complexity of agricultural technology. Today, the number of worthy options is not even hundreds, but thousands..

The most famous are Bullheart, Big Beef F1, Mikado, Wild Rose, Raspberry Giant, Pink Flamingo and many other varieties..

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