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How to use horse manure in the garden

horse manure Horse manure is a remedy that is recommended for use in flowering flower beds and garden beds. What’s the difference between one manure and another fertilizer? This question is often asked by novice summer residents. There is a difference, and it is significant. Stable waste has a number of differences. Which ones, you can find out below in the article.

Why horse manure is useful as fertilizer

concentrate of nitrogen compounds, phosphates Horse waste is a concentrate of nitrogen compounds, phosphates, and minerals such as potassium and calcium. They include a lot of organic matter. Such a complex composition is able to increase the nutritional value of the soil, activate plant growth..

There are always two opposite points of view on any remedy. Horse droppings are no exception. Opponents criticize such feeding for a sharp nasty smell, the need to breed and accurately dose. Moreover, this type of humus is not available to everyone. It is much easier to purchase mineral fertilizers at the nearest store and feed them your favorite plants..

Horse manure, which is mixed with sawdust, is effective..

Horse dung supporters consider it to be an almost miraculous substance, for which there is no equal replacement.. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but the long-term use of horse-breeding waste has proven their positive impact in agriculture:

  1. This type of manure is lighter, which means that it rotates and decomposes faster..
  2. Using it for feeding garden plants, as well as garden plants, significantly increases their productivity..
  3. Plants are distinguished by their hardiness in relation to natural conditions and resistance to pests, infections.
  4. This type of manure is not susceptible to infection by pathogenic microbes..
  5. Waste products of horses are able to conserve heat for 6-8 weeks, cooling slowly.

Fertilizing beds with manure significantly increases soil fertility. No other fertilizer compares to it. After all, horse humus loosens the soil, enriches it with carbon dioxide. It resists soil acidification, provides good water and air circulation, and is a nutrient supplier.

What is horse manure

There are several types of manure. All of them differ in the degree of fermentation (decomposition), have their own characteristics for use, are used in one form or another.


semi-rotten horse manureThis type of horse breeding waste is characterized by a dark brown color. It crumbles easily. Half-rotted humus is great for feeding flowering plants and crops in the garden. He will like cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini take such top dressing well. The next season, after digging it up with the ground on the site, you can cultivate potatoes, the rest of the root crops (beets, carrots), as well as tomatoes. From berry crops – strawberries. Rose beds are often mulched with partially rotted horse manure. It is spread evenly before digging. The second option is the use in a diluted form as a semi-liquid top dressing.

Rotted horse manure

rotted horse manureThis species is very dark in color, almost black. It is a substance that is homogeneous in structure. Rotted waste is twice as light as fresh excrement. This type of manure is used to enrich the soil under tomatoes and early potatoes. Rotted horse manure is used for flowering plants, garden trees.

Often rotted manure from horses is used as a substrate for growing seedlings.


humusIt is the final stage of fecal fermentation, the most useful variety. Humus can be used as a source of nutrients for absolutely all crops, both in gardens and in garden beds. Its presence in the soil stimulates the growth of crops, has a positive effect on their taste. For example, onions and radishes grown on soil fertilized with horse humus will never be bitter. He is good in the role of mulch, fertilizing for fruit trees, berries.

Liquid manure

horse manure extractYou can get semi-liquid slurry only directly at the stable. It is a source of nitrogen. Most of all, liquid horse manure is used as fertilizer for tomatoes. It should be applied to the site when the plants are just starting to grow. In its original form, liquid waste from stables is unsuitable for use; 5-6 volumes of water should be added to it. Only then should the plants be watered in the evenings and even the foliage should be sprayed..

Manure in granules

horse manure in granulesWaste from horse farms in natural form is not the most convenient option for transportation and storage at a summer cottage, especially if the area is small. Moreover, this option is not suitable for fans of urban flower beds. Therefore, granular horse manure is increasingly found on sale, which can be used to fertilize indoor flowers..

One of the most popular and presented in stores is “Orgavit horse”. This fertilizer can be used to improve the garden or vegetable garden, it is suitable for indoor flowers. There are no weed seeds in the granulated compost, they die when dried. Its nutrients are of natural origin. It is an excellent alternative to mineral complexes, which often contain toxic impurities. To use “Orgavit horse” should be according to the instructions.

Feature of fresh horse manure

fresh horse manureFresh stables waste is the most rewarding option. But they have one caveat: they get very hot, which is why they can destroy the plants. Therefore, it is better to use fresh horse manure in the fall, when the garden has already been dug up. During the long winter months, complete decomposition of substances will take place. In spring, plants will receive all the components important for their growth in an easily accessible form..

There are several options for applying fertilizers from horses in the spring:

  1. In greenhouses and greenhouses as biofuel: it will heat the beds with early cucumbers and zucchini.
  2. Mix horse manure with other organic waste. The ideal variant is its composition with peat. Another available method is mixing with chopped straw. Grass, sawdust, fallen leaves can be added to manure..
  3. Dilution of fresh manure with water and obtaining liquid fertilizer from it.

How to use manure correctly

Humus from horse farms is well accepted as a source of nutrition for many crops; it enriches any soil. Here are some recommendations on how to use it correctly at their summer cottage.

Using horse manure for potatoes

use for potatoesThis culture reacts favorably to this type of feeding. Fresh fertilizer is distributed in the beds where it is planned to plant potatoes in the fall. A more convenient option is to use partially rotted manure. A similar organic concentrate can be used in the spring at the rate of 5 kg per square meter. To get large tubers, you should put a little rotted manure directly into the holes for the potatoes when planting it, mixing it with the soil.

Fertilizer for roses

mulching rosesIt is better to feed the shrubs of these beautiful flowers with horse manure twice. The first time in the fall, when the plants are spud up for wintering. This will help the bushes overwinter. During the winter, manure will turn into humus, the roses will only have to absorb all the useful components. The second time, the flowers are fertilized with horse manure already during the opening of the buds.

Before using horse manure to fertilize roses, remember that you only need to use a fresh mixture..

Fertilizers for berries

fertilizer for berriesHorse waste products are an excellent fertilizer option for all berry crops. Strawberries and its relative, strawberries, love him more than others. For both berry crops, a liquid obtained by mixing 1 volume of horse waste and 10 volumes of water is used. Such a mixture must first withstand a day, and only then water the beds.

Another way to enrich the soil is to apply dry manure directly to the beds before planting the plants. The dried waste is mixed with small straw or fallen leaves, a mix such as mulch is used, filling the passages between raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, strawberries. The layer should be between 5 and 10 cm.

How to “warm up” a cucumber garden

horse manure solution for cucumbersUsing horse manure for cucumbers in a greenhouse is an opportunity to get a plentiful and high-quality harvest.. To make a warm bed in a greenhouse you need:

  1. Create a trench, its depth should be about half a meter.
  2. Fill half of this depth with horse manure, fill the rest with earth.
  3. The bed is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. It should be pink and cooked in warm water..
  4. Additionally, add a mixture of fertilizers per square meter: ash 1 glass and 2 tablespoons nitrophoska.

Such a bed creates ideal temperature conditions for the aboveground part of the plant due to the film, and manure provides nutrition and heating from below. Cucumbers quickly grow with a rich harvest.

Horse manure, due to its composition and properties, is able to provide a high yield in the garden and lush flowering in the garden. He is loved not only by potatoes, but also by spinach and celery. Melon crops grow faster with such fertilizer.

Horse manure compost – video

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