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We grow pickled tomato varieties in the country

Homemade pickling tomato Amateur gardeners and professionals involved in the cultivation of tomatoes and their selection, claim that there are several tens of thousands of varieties and hybrids in the world, and work on new ones does not stop. Is it really not always possible to find tomatoes to your liking and taste among such a variety??

Today summer residents and farmers have a wide range of plants at their disposal. Some reach a height of three meters, others rise only 40-50 cm above the ground. In addition to traditionally red tomatoes, yellow, raspberry and pink, black and even striped fruits ripen in the beds. Tomatoes differ in weight, amount of sugar, juiciness of the pulp, thickness of the skin, yield and ripening time.

For lovers of homemade pickles, it is important that the fruits tightly packed in tanks or jars do not deform and do not burst both at the time of preparation and already during storage. This means that the most dense tomatoes of the same degree of ripeness and size are chosen for pickling. In addition, they must be sweet, otherwise the appetizer will not turn out as tasty and spicy as the hostess would like..

How to choose tomatoes for pickling?

Not very large dense tomatoes are chosen for salting. How to select from the available variety of tomatoes those that will show themselves better than others in winter? The complexity of the choice is that from the moment of pouring the brine to the full readiness of the fruits, it takes 1–1.5 months. And in case of a mistake, the hostess simply will not have the opportunity to make pickles again until the onset of winter.

How to find tomatoes that are obviously suitable for pickling according to the description of the variety? Pickled varieties of tomatoes can be recognized by their fruits:

  • medium size;
  • with firm skin,
  • with firm sweet pulp.

This guarantees an attractive appearance of the appetizer, uniform salting and good taste. Therefore, it is better to give preference to zoned varieties and take into account the features given in the description of varieties..

Tomato varieties for pickling

Tomatoes, excellent in salting, do not stand out in size, like salad tomatoes, but they are aligned in size and shape. It is important that they ripen in large quantities on the bush..

Pickled delicacy

Sort Salted delicacyThis determinant medium-ripening variety can be grown both in greenhouses and in open beds. Shrubs of one meter height moderately stepchild. Fruits in the form of medium-sized, weighing about 100 grams, the cream does not crack. Elongated cream, dense, smooth, at the stage of maturity, rich red color, distinguished by a beautiful bright red hue, excellent taste and decent pulp density.

Cheerful gnome

Tomatoes of the Merry Dwarf varietyThe variety, which forms bushes only 40-50 m in height, belongs to the mid-early. Dense plum fruits weigh 70 – 80 grams, when ripe they have an even red color. With mass fruiting, tomatoes do not crack and do not shrink by the end of the growing season.

Baby sweetness

Tomato baby sweetnessEarly ripening tomatoes are suitable not only for pickling, but also for other types of preservation and fresh consumption. The bushes are low, up to 70 cm high. With moderate pinching in most regions, it is possible to get an excellent harvest. Fruits are medium-sized, even red, weighing from 50 to 70 grams.

Ladies’ man

Variety Ladies' saintA productive early variety intended for cultivation both in the open field and in greenhouses. Large bushes are stepchild and tied up. Elongated tomatoes have excellent commercial qualities. They are attractive in appearance, aligned, have a dense pulp and excellent taste..

The weight of the fruit leaves 50-60 grams, which is convenient when using homemade pickles and provides the fruit with proper strength when storing snacks.


Buratino tomatoesCylindrical tomatoes with a spout weigh from 100 to 150 grams, are distinguished by an interesting sweet and sour taste and a uniform delicate texture. Using the variety for making homemade products provides snacks with an original look and decent quality..


Verlioka tomatoUnpretentious, early fruitful tomato hybrid is perfect for pickling, fresh consumption and preparation of any canned food. On bushes from 1 to 1.5 meters in height, round dense fruits are formed and ripen in large quantities. The weight of this variety is 80-90 grams..

Among the advantages of the variety is resistance to common crop diseases that reduce yields at the end of summer..

Summer resident

Tomato variety Summer residentOne of the earliest and most amicable in fruiting tomatoes for greenhouses and open ground. The variety is unpretentious to growing conditions, is distinguished by long-term fruiting and evenness of ripening fruits. Tomatoes are red, round, with a dense skin and a pleasant sweet and sour pulp taste. Fruit weight 100-150 grams.

In addition to pickles, they can be used to prepare fresh salads, marinades and excellent sauces.

De Barao

De Barao varietyToday, this variety of tomatoes is well known to most gardeners. Unpretentious, tall and very productive plants form many clusters of oval fruits weighing from 70 to 90 grams. Breeders offer several varieties of De barao.

Therefore, not only red tomatoes are available for pickling and canning, but also excellent fruits of yellow, black, pink and even striped color..

The height of the bush is 2–2.5 meters. The fruits are sweet, stable, not prone to cracking. Plants are resistant to many tomato diseases.

Tomatoes used for picklingThere are a lot of pickling varieties of tomatoes, and each of the summer residents has the right to choose those that grow better on his site and please his household. In addition to the varieties listed above, the following varieties should be noted: Salting ground, Novichok, Mobile and Irishka, as well as hybrids Kaspar F1 and Ira F1, Cherry. Yes, cherry tomatoes show themselves great not only in salads, but also in any kind of canned food. The same applies to pepper-shaped tomatoes, including the Pink Icicle, Pertsovka and many others.

Video about salting a tomato in a barrel

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