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Tomato varieties for open ground

blank The agricultural technology for growing tomatoes in the open field and in the greenhouse is very different. If you want to get a good harvest of tomato in open beds at your summer cottage, you need to make a careful selection of seeds. The main requirement is the resistance of plants to temperature extremes and a short growing season. What tomatoes are best planted outdoors, we will tell you in this article, as well as read when it is better to plant tomato seedlings!

Early varieties of tomatoes for open ground

A selection of an early variety of tomatoes for open field with good taste and a bountiful harvest, not too large.


Variety Riddle This amazing super-early variety will delight any summer resident. The fruits appear amicably and very early. The bushes grow very quickly and within 85 days after sowing the seeds, you will see the first tomatoes. You do not need to tie them up. True, you have to tinker a little with the removal of the stepsons. There are a lot of them, but do not rush to throw them away. By planting stepchildren in the ground, you will receive additional bushes of excellent tomatoes..


It is better to form a tall bush immediately into 2 stems. The harvest is abundant, from one bush to 12 kg of ripe tasty tomatoes.

Crimson giant

This variety is distinguished by large fruits, as evidenced by the name of the variety. The weight of one tomato can reach up to 700 g. The variety is resistant to diseases..


Roma varietyThis Dutch variety will delight you for a long time with its amazingly tasty cream fruits. The bush grows up to 1.6 m high.Fruits are great for both salads and canning.


An excellent variety for lazy gardeners, which does not require special treatment from diseases and pinching. Grow it for canning.

It is best to plant tomatoes with different ripening periods in the beds in order to provide your family with delicious fruits until late autumn.

Medium varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Among the varieties of medium ripeness, the choice is much greater. Fruits come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and flavors. Large fruits in Giant 5, the Pink Elephant. The Ogorodnik variety is famous for its small sweet fruits. The variety Matroskin has striped fruits.


Mid-season variety Hybrid 35A variety of tomatoes for lovers of a large harvest, combined with good taste. It rarely gets sick and does not need special protection.

Large-fruited grandee

Refers to undersized tomatoes for open ground. The height of the bush is only up to 70 cm. The fruits are heart-shaped and can weigh up to 1 kg. An excellent variety for fresh consumption and for winter preparations.

Pickled delicacy

Sort Salted delicacyTomatoes do not burst during preservation. Fruits are elongated, fleshy, dense, weighing up to 100 g. Bushes grow up to 1 m.It is advisable to pinch and tie this variety.


Small compact bushes up to 70 cm high will delight with a harvest of fruits weighing up to 150 g of an elongated shape. The variety is resistant to disease and does not need pinching. Good for fresh consumption and preservation.

Sevruga tomato

The height of the bush is no more than 1.2 m. Excellent for fresh consumption and various preservation. Does not get sick, grows in any weather conditions. Large fruits with good taste.

Popular late varieties

In late-ripening varieties, the yield is lower than that of early-ripening and mid-ripening ones. The shape, color and weight of the fruits are different and the choice is large.

Wonder of the world

Lemon-colored fruits weighing up to 100 g. Especially tasty marinated from their own juice.

De Barao

De BaraoThis variety attracts the attention of gardeners with a variety of ripe fruit colors. Having planted 3 bushes of each color on the site, you can surprise your friends with a beautiful and tasty seaming. For cultivation, you will need a special hedge. The height of the bush sometimes reaches 4 m.


The height of the bush is up to 50 cm. Fruits with excellent taste. The variety resists a complex of diseases. Great for canning with whole fruits.

How to properly grow tomatoes outdoors

In the southern regions of the country, tomatoes are planted in open ground in mid-May. The time for planting tomatoes in the beds in central Russia starts from May 25 and lasts until June 5. But the planting of plants in the heated soil of the northern regions can be started only from June 5.

Soil preparation

blankThe landing site must be well protected from the wind. For tomatoes, sandy loamy soils rich in humus and light loamy soils with neutral acidity are best suited.

It is not recommended to grow tomatoes in the same garden for more than 3 years in a row. You can only return to the old landing site after 4 years.

It is advisable to start preparing the beds for tomatoes in the fall. Clean the soil from weeds and dig up to a depth of 30 cm, after applying organic fertilizer. 6 kg is enough per square meter. For clay or loamy soil, you will need rotted sawdust, per 1 m2 1 bucket. In the spring, treat the garden bed with a solution of copper sulfate. Add a tablespoon of vitriol to 10 liters of water. This mixture is enough for 5 m2. Dig up and leave the soil to warm up.

Planting tomatoes in open groundAfter 2 days, plant strong seedlings in open ground. Tomato seedlings for open ground should have up to 9 healthy leaves, a stem up to 1 cm thick and one or two flower clusters.

Before transplanting seedlings to the garden bed, water the soil in pots with plenty of water, which maximizes the preservation of the root system.

Choose a planting scheme and prepare holes. The depth of the hole should be at least 15 cm, and the diameter up to 30 cm. Pour a handful of humus into each hole and mix well with the ground. Pour in 1.5 liters of water. Plant tomatoes.

Care and feeding

blankTo grow a good harvest, you will have to fight pests, pinch the bushes, loosen the ground, and apply top dressing. The soil in the beds with tomatoes should not be covered with a crust so that the water-air and temperature regime of the plants is not disturbed. The usual mulching with humus, straw or peat will help to avoid the appearance of a crust..

You need to start feeding tomatoes two weeks after planting in the garden. For 10 liters of water, 10 g of ammonium nitrate and 15 g of superphosphate. This solution is enough for 1 m2. As soon as the first ovaries appear, prepare a solution of 10 liters of water, 10 g of ammonium nitrate and 15 g of potassium sulfate. A solution of organic fertilizers will help you get a good harvest. The concentrate is prepared from 1 part of poultry manure and 20 parts of water. A bucket of solution is enough for 20 tomato bushes.

blankNow you know how to properly grow tomatoes outdoors in order to get a good harvest with good taste. Perhaps you are planting other varieties of tomatoes at your summer cottage. Share your experience with us by leaving comments on the article.

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Tomato varieties for open ground – video

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